Jammeh House Arrest His Brother

Par934006The Revealer has returned with yet another dirty secret of Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh, accusing him of house arresting his eldest brother in Kanilai. “This was immediately after he had executed Haruna nd Marcie Jammeh in July 2005,” the Revealer added.

“President Jammahe had put Jalamang Jammeh under house arrest in July 2005. This happened immediately after he had ordered the execution of his brother and sister,” the Revealer said with emotions.

The Revealer said Jammeh’s house arrest order was meant to contain the already tense situation in Kanilai or the Jola community in general. “The ultimate purpose of the execution and house arrest were calculated attempts to set examples within the Jola community; Jammeh wanted them to understand that whoever stood on his way would be mercilessly crushed.”

Jalamang, who still lives in Kanilai village, is the eldest in the President’s family. Jammeh is the second youngest in the family. “Except Ansumana, everyone in the family is older than the president. His other brothers and a sister are Sainey, Arabiatou and Haruna . These people are President Jammeh’s cousins,” the Revealer said.



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  1. History of Niani (originally posted by my in-law Suntou!): A famous Mansa (King of Niani) who led resistance against foreign invasion was Kemintang Camara – (1770-1844) … successfully kept out the British colonial traders … Kemintang killed his uncle Namory Sabally King of Kataba to ascend to the throne (King Kementeng was said to have also killed both of his brothers to take power). He soon proved to be a thorn in the flesh of the British … In the subsequent fight, Kemintang defeated the British force which attacked his fort at Ndungusine and became the undisputed ruler of upper Gambia.