How Musa Jammeh Rose to Prominence

Late Musa Jammeh, Yahya Jammeh and Late Tumbul Tamba!

Our State House revealer is back again with what he called “another dirty secret Gambians are not privy to.” This is about how the late Col. Musa Jammeh and Capt. Tumbul Tamba came to prominence.

The revealer said it all happened after the late Lt. Almamo Manneh, the Logistic and Ordinance Officer at State House, was liquidated by Musa Jammeh and his boys. “The essence of killing Almamo was to allow Musa and his Jola boys access to President Jammeh. Almamo was blocking their access to President Jammeh because he wanted them to follow the normal protocol,” the revealer disclosed.

The revealer added that Musa and Tamba were not involved in brutal assignments until President Jammeh felt disappointed by Saul Badjie’s ineffectiveness. Badjie’s coordinated assassination missions all turned out to be a total failure.  “One of Saul’s failed missions was an attempt on Lawyer Ousman Sillah’s life. Saul could not have the heart to finish Mr. Sillah after he was shot. Instead he went and stood over him and asked his team of assigned killers to leave the scene immediately. This angered President Jammeh to the core and kept mocking at Saul saying “even women are more courageous than some so-called military men.”

The revealer said it was then President Jammeh relied on the Musa Jammeh whose assigned missions bore fruits. Two of the missions involved the murder of journalist Deyda Hydara and execution of Daba Marena and co.

“Musa Jammeh and Tamba were soon promoted to become Personal Protection Officers of President Jammeh. Musa soon attained power at State House where everyone feared him. Saul Badjie was not happy with the rapid promotion of Tumbul and Musa but the President kept telling him [Saul Badjie] that promotion is based on loyalty and effective execution of assignments.”

The revealer promised to spill more beans. Kairo News will keep you posted.


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