'Jammeh Breaks Bodyguard's Ribs'


Jammeh with guards
Jammeh with guards

President Yahya Jammeh is accused of physically striking his personal aides to the extent of breaking the ribs of one of them.

“He would physically strike his orderlies with his hand or cane,” State House source said. The source said two of the Gambian leader’s orderlies – Ba Jerreh and Ali Jammeh – had become victims. “He once found Ba Jerreh and Ali sleeping on duty and decided to deal with them mercilessly. While he blew Ba Jerreh with a fist, he kicked Ali on the ribs, breaking one of his ribs. Ali, who hails from Kanilai has been in and out of the hospital.”

Our source added that Mr. Jammeh also ordered another orderly to be detained and severely beaten up at the National Intelligence Agency in Banjul. Lt. Yusupha Sanneh was accused of stealing money which turned out to be false.

Lt. Ba Jerreh Manneh, a former bodyguard to the Gambia’s First Lady, had earlier accused President of planning to kill him at all costs. The Brufut native has since fled the Gambia.

“President Jammeh is a dangerous person who is fond of maltreating people at will,” Lt. Manneh said. “He respects nobody, even his closest people. He beats and throws cold water on his guards. He is also unpredictable; he can laugh with you one minute and create hell for you another,” Ba Jerreh said, adding, “Jammeh poured cold water on me and started raining blows on me before I could say anything. His tortures left me so humiliated that I told him I could not take them anymore. I was immediately booted out of State House,” Ba Jerreh said.

Manneh was dismissed on April 30, 2012, only to be targeted for execution. “On my way going home after receiving the letter, I was being followed until I reached my home in Brufut. I had to use my military skills to evade Jammeh’s hit men who were hell-bent on shooting me to death. I was also informed to leave the country if I want to live. I had no option other than fleeting to Senegal to seek refuge,” he said. “I thought Senegal would be safe for me but that was never the case. Jammeh’s hit men stormed Dakar, looking for me until they burst my cover.”

“I know Jammeh, he can pay a million dollar for my head. I know his men are combing the whole West Africa sub-region,” Ba Jerreh added. He said he had been targeted for knowing a lot about the President’s dubious activities.


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