Kora Star Talks To Kairo Radio

Kandara Diabateh
Kora Star Kandara Diabateh

Tune in to the detail chat Suntou Touray, the culture and tradition show host had with, Germany based Cassamance kora star, Kandara Diabateh in Tubingen Germany, Stuttgart last week. The program is on air now and will continue till 9 pm today. Kandara Diabateh is the son of legendary kora player, Baboucar Diabate who spent close to 30 years in Canada, touring and blending with native American and Canadian jazz bands.

Kandara Diabateh’s grand-father, the late Babou Diabateh composed the epic love story Kaddy Kebe. Kaddy Kebe is a young beautiful Sarahuleh girl whose fame brought her jealousy and hate. Kaddy Kebbe is an emotional epic narration filled with beautiful kora, and a sad ending.  Babou Diabateh played the historical love narrative on radio Gambia in the 1970s and early 1980s. Kandara Daibateh plays with a German mix male and female group, Afrikor. The group is dominated by Germans who admire the art of song composition by Africans. Kandara Diabateh spoke on several issues, including, the epic, Tiramankan song, Kaira, Lanbanwo, Allalake, Mali Sarjo, Kelefa Baah and Kelefa Sanneh, etc.

Don’t miss it all day today. The program repeats after adverts. Stay tune with Kairo radio, your value complete radio service. We will entertain, educate and provide authentic analysis on every aspect our culture, politics, religion and society as a whole. Also on air today, is the end of the Kelefa Sanneh adventure kora story by Fina Sherrifoh Camara. Tomorow, Muhammed Lamin Sillah will be back with his ‘Letter from Gambia’ making an eagle eye look at past and current events.


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