GCC Launches Website

gccThe Gambia Consultative Council (GCC), recognizing the growing need for action, is pleased to present Gambians a platform for communicating and exchanging of ideas. The imperativeness of using all avenues of communications, in a fast changing media and communication landscape, cannot be overestimated. The GCC website will allow every Gambian dissident and non-dissident to freely express themselves and articulate their visions and ideas about how to return Gambia to a tolerant, multi-party and a society governed by the rule of law, The website is equipped with an online radio as well as social media features as Facebook, Youtube that can easily be shared instantaneously with friends around the globe in order to further broadcast the atrocious behavior of the Yahya Jammeh regime of death and destruction. The GCC website is a work in progress and ideas to make it even better is solicited from the public. The website will constantly undergo changes and updating to make sure it is user-friendly, but above all, that the sites is effective in disseminating useful information that can hasten to demise of a military  regime that has brought so much pain to Gambians over the past two decades. To link to the GCC website, clink the following link: www.gccfreegambia.com

The GCC, having been exposed to the visions of similar organizations working tirelessly to for political change in the Gambia, can attest to the objectives similarities with like-minded organizations, but must emphasize the existence of yawning strategic dissimilarities that have hitherto been a barrier to coalescing around a single leadership. The practical nature of GCC’s Platform, which has received widespread support, recognizes that as a society, Gambians are closer to seeing the downfall of Yahya Jammeh than ever before. In contrast, visions expressed in other organizations suggest the formation of an awfully long list of committees which may take a lifetime to establish operationally. The ideas of forming so many different committees made sense three years ago and perhaps even as late as early last year, but the winds of political change in Gambia are blowing so swiftly that the idea of forming committees is now out of sync with the times, but also fails to recognize the current political situation at home and the depth of the regime’s vulnerability. In an effort to move the struggle further closer to demise of the regime, GCC calls for the formation of a National Transitional Council (NTC) of up to forty Gambians nominated by their political parties, civil society organizations, Gambian academics and professionals around the world. The selected National Transitional Council would in turn elect a twelve-man Transitional Government from its membership to oversee preparations for national elections and the return to multi-party democracy and the rule of law. GCC, on its website, therefore, seeks contributions from Gambians to facilitate a Conference in London, this summer, to elect a “Transitional Government” from the National Transitional Council, represented by all interest groups; both political and civilian. By acting now, Gambians can preempt a political vacuum and the possibilities of lawlessness in the event of a change of government.




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