APRC Lacks Case Against UDP 14

14 UDP youths facing Trial
Determined 14 UDP Youths  On Trial

Magistrate Dayo of Brikama has fined the prosecution representing the ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction party of President Yahya Jammeh for wasting the court’s time. The D700 fine was imposed after the prosecution’s slowed down the trial of the 14 United Democratic Party youths.

The police prosecutor is deliberately trying to delay the UDP continuing their activities, however, that is not deterring the willing youths holding regular weekly meetings. The trial was brought on to curb the rising tide of UDP activist in the Kombos, where the APRC has gain large votes in past elections. The open insult and attack on Mandinkas is said to be the catalyst for Kombo people. The United Democratic Party should not allow the trial to affect its house to house campaign and it’s continued youths engagement in all Kombos.’

Thursday, April 03, 2014
The opposition United Democratic Party’s 14 trial could not progress on 2 April at the Brikama Courts due to the absence of prosecution witness. When the case was called, police prosecutor Jammeh who stood for Inspector Sarr, said Sarr could not come to court due to ill health and that he was standing in for him. Jammeh then asked for an adjournment as his witness cannot be in court because he is sick and admitted at the hospital.

Defense lawyer for the 14 accused persons, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe objected to it and said on the last adjourn date the prosecution was asked to come in with many witness so that the case can move fast. At that date the 2, 7 and 8 April 2014 were the dates set for the trial. He then asked why the case should be adjourned just for the absence of one witness.

At this point after carefully listened to both sides, the trial magistrate Dayo said he will adjourn the case to the 7 April2014 but had to fine the prosecution D700 for wasting the courts time.

The 14 were arrested and charged for holding an illegal political meeting at Madiyana in the Kombo North constituency since the 10th of February 2014.

All the 14 accused persons were present together with their defense Lawyer, Ousainou Darboe. The principal magistrates Dayo adjourn the case to the 7 April 2014.

It could be recalled the 14 were arrested 2 February 2014 and since then the trial was on.

Author: Fatou .Y. Sanyang


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