Gambians in Angola Cry Foul

Angolan police caging West Africans!

Many Gambian immigrants in the Angolan capital Luanda have complained about harassment meted out to them. They have since cried for help, accusing Angolan police of harassing, punishing and extorting money from immigrants.

“This place you see in the picture is called São Paulo, =where many foreigners pass through to and from work,” a Gambian immigrant, who prefers to remain anonymous, tells Kairo News.São Paulo is one of the most difficult routes to pass because you have police in every corner of the place waiting to arrest foreigners and seizing their money. “You have a choice of either parting away with your money or risk being escorted to Trenta jail. This worst jail on earth is packed with foreigners who must buy their own deportation tickets home.”

Our source said those who cannot afford to buy their own tickets home remain locked up in this very hard jail forever.

“There are two West Africans – Gambian and Guinean – inside the police cage in the picture. The one with the red T-shirt is a Gambian. They are arrested for not producing valid papers. How can you have papers when the government stops giving them out? Bu the same government orders police to arrest paperless immigrants.  The two West Africans in the police box will not have their freedom if they don’t pay 70,000kz, equivalent to $700 US Dollars,” our source said, calling on human rights organizations to come to the aid of immigrants in Angola.



  1. we need urgent aid from our goverment brcause the situation is gettin out of hand, yusuf marigo

    we need justice

  2. Concerned Gambian

    We surely need gambian goverment support? some of our brothers and sisters are suffering in the prison. We need our goverment support to safe our brothers life.