Jammeh’s Removal is GCC’s Mission

Dr. JobeOfficials of the Gambia Consultative Council (GCC) issued their strategy document, spelling out their singular and overriding mission of removing President Yahya Jammeh and his government from power.

“Recognizing the severity of the human rights abuses and the prevailing chaos in government in Gambia, GCC’s singular and overriding mission is the removal of Yahya Jammeh and the AFPRC military regime,” GCC wrote, expressing its readiness to work with a broad spectrum of like-minded Gambians, Gambia’s political establishment at home and abroad, international institutions, Gambia’s dissident military wing, and friendly governments around the world” to fight for the cause of restoring democracy and the rule of law in the Gambia by whatever means necessary.”

GCC ruled out any political change occur in the Gambia when the military is still in power. The organization recognized that Gambians have five primary options available to effect political change. These options are: outright military coup, forcible removal of AFPRC military regime by a civilian led military coup, popular armed resistance to force the deadly AFPRC regime out, mass popular uprising led by the political establishment in tandem with civil society and arrest of Yahya Jammeh, Isatou Njie-Saidy  and significant members of his cabal.

“The decision of which option to adopt in order to force political change and the removal of the military regime from power dependents on the decision of a constituted “Transition Council” comprising representatives from each political party, civil society organization, unaffiliated Gambians, and professional Gambians around the world in the employ of foreign governments and  international institutions.”

Kairo News will shortly publish the full detail of the GCC Strategy document.



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