Gloomy Coast Needs Bail Out

Lamin Saddam SanyangBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

Since the brutal regime of President Yahya Jammeh took over power by force, our Smiling Coast has become the Gloomy Coast.  From 1994 to date, only Allah (SWT) knows how many Gambians and Africans at large were killed or disappeared by President Jammeh and his bunch of criminals. It is only Allah who knows how many women were raped by Jammeh and his bandits. Our President claims to be helping or empowering Gambian women when he is actually destroying them and their future.

Mr. President, who do you think you are? Do you think you can fool us by controlling our feelings? How can you inflict sorrow on us today and promise us a better tomorrow? Who the heck do you think you are? You are nothing but a stupid and ignorant criminal calling himself a President.

We Gambians are sick and tired of your barbaric, cruel and brutal style of ruling. My brothers and sisters, please wake up from your sleep and open your eyes. How can you shout his name Jammeh Jilanka, praising him like your God when he continues to make life unbearable for you? Don’t you know that our so-called President is feeding Gambians with dog meat and feed his crocodiles with human flesh? I even wonder if Mr. President himself eats human flesh!

Our heartless leader is dishing out hundreds of thousands of Dollars to movie stars and musicians when more than 60 percent of Gambians cannot even afford their daily meals. These beneficiaries are richer than the average Gambian people. This means our President is looting the resources of poor Gambian taxpayers and giving them out to rich people while leaving the rest to the First Lady Zeinab Summa Jammeh to feast on.

I am once again appealing to all Gambians, especially those in the diaspora, to forget about their personal problems and differences and unite against getting rid of the idiot President. We need to free our brothers and sisters from the yoke of Jammeh’s slavery. We have to act fast before it will be too late. On a daily basis, we are talking on online radios and writing articles on how to weaken President Jammeh. If we all mean what we say or write, what then is stopping us from rallying behind one body and take our country from the brink of tyranny. It’s sad for us to keep saying united we stand, divided we fall and yet we fail to show the power of unity. Instead we are dividing ourselves everyday. In that case, we are fooling ourselves by arming President Jammeh with enough ammunition to strike us down.  Our success and failure lies with our ability or inability to unite against our common enemy.


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  1. Abdoulie darboe

    Great sadam,only the truth can safe the motherland!

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