Gambian Dictator Wants Moyes Fired


‘Fire David Moyes’ Says President Jammeh

The Manchester United fanatic, Yahya Jammeh wants the Manchester United board to fire manager David Moyes. In a private rant, Jammeh says, “Moyes’ records are atrocious and appalling. He should be fired.” Whilst Gambians suffer, President Jammeh is angry at the losing Manchester United.

Jammeh enjoys watching the stars of Manchester United every weekend. “I am like Sir Alex, I love to win, and Moyes is making us lose our pedigree.” Manchester United has a big following in the Gambia, however the youthful Gambian Manchester fans will be disappointed that, they share the same passion with the country’s dictator. Young diaspora activist will detest President Jammeh having love connection with them. However, Manchester United has a ruthless streak, which is to win trophies at all cost. They dominated English and European football with single-mindedness,  they buy big stars and the former Manager, Sir Alex, was said to be well connected.

The domineering tendency of Manchester United could be the connection with Yahya Jammeh. Hence, Manchester United fans should embrace President Jammeh’s love of the team since they all have one thing in common, loving to win, the football get sacrificed along the way. David Moyes who is under pressure will hate to know, a tyrant is after his head.
Earlier in the year, it can be recalled that, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, also express similar sentiment against Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger. Kagame too calls for  Arsene to be sacked.
Why are African dictators getting overly interested in European football? The late Libyan dictator Gaddafi also love to watch European teams. The Leader of UDP, lawyer Darboe is also said to be a huge football fan. He is a Barcelona supporter, it is believe, whilst his Administrative Secretary Ebou Manneh is a big Man U fan.
Will David Moyes and Arsene Wenger survive their careers, it is a wait and see.

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  1. ebou manneh

    Correction not a Msn. United fan
    Definitely not! I am Arsenal through and through.

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