Oscar Pistorious Headed for Jail!

 OscarBy Dida Halake, London, UK

There are two Golden Rules accepted in all civilised jurisdictions for fairness and justice in criminal trials to prevail.


The First Golden Rule is that every accused person must be presumed, by the court of law, to be innocent until proven guilty (“presumption of innocent”). Oscar Pissstoryus is no exception to this Golden Rule – a rule which White South Africa and the Caucasian West, including the USA, tend to bend when the accused happens to be black.


The Second Golden Rule is that the accused does not have to establish his innocence. It is up to The State, the prosecutor, to establish guilt (Burden of Proof).


Your Ladyship, we have an exception here!


In Oscar Pistorious’s case, it is my humble view that the “burden of proof” shifts onto his shoulders (he is allowed to sit in court to shoulder the burden – and before you scream at me, he is the one who has made a big deal of his “stumps”! “Stump” or no stump, “Though Shalt Not Kill” I say!).


The Screaming Crucial Fact


Oscar Pistorious did shot his girlfriend four times and kill her – that he accepts.


Excuses for killing!


But Dear Oscar says he killed her because he thought she was a burgler (of the dangerous black variety that all white South Africans are scared of!). He says he expects us to accept that lame excuse (no pun intended!) and let him go free – afterall, he is a disabled South African athletic hero! The sub-text we are all intended to understand but forgive is that Our Tragic Hero killed his girlfriend out of jealousy, like the Heroic Othello, and like Othello we must have sympathy for our Tragic Hero Oscar! Please pass the bucket … I feel sick!


Formidable Black Woman Judge (Triple Whammy for Poor Oscar!)


Unfortunately for Oscar, he is not making his case to a white South African jury (who are all ready to forgive his “mistake” because they too are all scared of the rampant blacks in the new South Africa). The fact that Oscar has, okay may, have killed a defenceless young woman in cold blood seems not to matter to white South Africa – even to the white women (I was chatting with one in the school staffroom the other day and you should have seen how sweet, diplomatic and proper I was – what a hypocrite – you would have asked for the bucket if you had seen how smarmy I was!).


Unfortunately for Oscar, he faces a formidable South African Black Woman Judge who is going to go by facts and facts alone.


The facts so far:


  1. Oscar Pistorious did shoot and kill his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.


  1. Witnesses have testified that Oscar and Reeva had a fight before the shootings.


  1. Witnesses have that there were screams from a woman just before the shootings (Oscar says they were asleep!).


  1. There is no evidence whatsoever, from all the many cameras and the security personnel at this well-guarded and exclusive residence, of the dangerous black burgler that made Oscar shoot his girlfriend by mistake.


  1. Oscar has told the court that he and Reeva were in a “loving relationship”. But it appears that she was infact afraid of him and a few weeks before he shot her she sent him the following text: “I can’t be attacked by you, the one person I expect to protect me”. His answering text? Hidden away! “I have forgotten the password to my i-phone”, he told the police and they have not been able to access his phone text messages to this day (Oscar’s i-phone sent to Apple Inc. in USA for help). I bet the South African police will get the i-phone back with the killer evidence un-encrypted … just after Oscar has finished giving his “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth evidence”. His lawyers will “object” to the tendering of the i-phone evidence … and the Judge will over-rule the objection and allowed the evidence (that will happen in about two weeks time!).


  1. Oscar was/is a “trigger happy” man. He accepts shooting in a crowded restaurant a month before he shot Reeva – and lying about it. Also fired out of his car in anger when stopped by police. In the Apartheid South Africa of just 20 years ago, white boys would have been taught to become deadly shooters by the time they were ten – to safeguard the white race against the black hordes. “Trigger happy” and guns are part and parcel of Oscar’s – and white South Africa’s – psychological upbringing.


Well, I am utterly convinced that Oscar Pistorious is guilty and will be found guilty by the Honourable Lady Judge. My friend remarked: “But Oscar’s people have money, they can bribe the judge”!! They may try, but that judge has a fierce reputation. And she does not look like someone to whom money has that much meaning. Infact she looks like a fair, firm and upright African High School Principal. I bet money means nothing to her. But if I am wrong, Oscar’s millions would be peanuts, compared to what she would earn on the US and World Lecture Circuit as “The Woman Judge who put Oscar away and stood up against Male Violence”. She will be a Heroine world-wide. Oscar’s Team have only one hope … and I hope the Lady Judge is given full security by the South African State during this trial.




The Third Golden Rule is that journalists must not judge the case – though they may report it! This piece is, therefore, for publication outside the South African jurisdiction only: UK and South Africa have a strong Extradition Treaty and I would _ _ _ _ myself at the very thought of standing before Oscar’s Judge to face an Aggravated Contempt of Court Charge (“Aggravated” because I already know the Third Golden Rule!)


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