'We Shall Never Give Up'


With honor and humility the Executive Committee of NRMG wishes to express gratitude to all Gambians and friends of The Gambia for their solidarity and support. Many in the Diaspora and in the Gambia have pledged support in different forms and even inundated our mail box with requests for membership of the movement. To all of you, we say kudos for your commitment and dedication to the affairs of our dear country-which to this day remains beset by one of the worst kinds of brutal dictatorships in the world.

We believe that the Gambian people will continue to rally around the noble task of regime change by all means necessary, for without that, peace and progress would remain only a distant dream. Now we fully realize our inherent potential and resolve to take the bull by the horn and root out this wicked system in our country. The nepotism, tribalism, poverty, mismanagement, torture, incarceration, disenfranchisement, killings, bulling, disappearances, drug menace and state-sponsored terrorism, are the reasons why we must continue to fight to liberate our country. This is the moment of action, because action speaks louder than words.

As an organization we have put our case before the Gambian people and the world and satisfied with the way people responded to our call.This response is a reflection of frustration with the status-quo in the country. The NRMG is more than ready to lead in an effort to demolish this “Iron Curtain” that has descended on us. Let us unite, sacrifice and be prepared to pay the price of liberty, freedom and dignity. The NRMG shall never rest or give up on the Gambian people. Long live The Gambia!

Those who wish to contribute financially to the NRMG we encouraged you to visit:


God bless NRMG, and may God bless the Republic of The Gambia!



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  1. bako manso

    We are fed up with so call group , we the Gambians are only good in talking and web prostitution believe me how can some one interested in changes will tell his enemy that he is coming , what do u expect from him then believe in me or not any serious group will not be talking like no bodies business to media but would rather prefer action .Enough is enough we are tired of the like of sedia bayo , either we do it or leave it but god is not coming down to remove yaya for us so the big English will not take us anywhere but action rather

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