‘Daba & Co. Executed To Set An Example’

tumbul and musa
Late Musa Jammeh and Tumbul Tamba

Our State House revealer has returned to our news desk with yet another revelation. The revealer said the Gambia’s former Director General of the National Intelligence Agency and co “were executed to set an example.”

Daba Marena and four other security officers – Lieutenant Ebou Lowe, Lieutenant Alieu Ceesay, Regimental Sergeant Major Alpha Bah and Staff Sergeant Manlafi Corr – reportedly escaped during an automobile accident while being escorted to Janjanbureh prisons in April 2006. This came in the wake of a purported foiled coup aimed at dislodging President Yahya from power on March 21st, 2006. The alleged coup leader was Col. Ndure Cham, the Chief of Staff of the Gambia National Army. Col. Cham was last year captured by Gambian security in Southern Senegal province of Casamance. His whereabouts remain unclear.

“Tumbul Tamba confirmed to me that Daba and others were executed because they needed to set an example,” our State House revealer said. “He told me when I met with him at State House early morning in April 2006. Tumbul was dressed in a t-shirt and a camouflage uniform.”

Our source said the late Major Musa Jammeh and Captain Tumbul Tamba, both Personal Protection Officers of President Jammeh, led the execution of Daba and others. “They were desperately waiting for anything that would draw President Jammeh’s attention towards them.” Both Tamba and Jammeh died in mysterious circumstances.

Our State House source described President Jammeh as a person who does not hide his tribal tendencies. “The first thing he asked when told about the foiled coup was: how many Mandinkas were involved? That scares us to the bone, and were not surprised that Daba and others were executed in a rush.” Our source said Gambian security is still grappling with the harm caused by the aftermath of the purported March 21st foiled coup. “It has caused a lot of damage to the Gambian security. The reported coup has left security officers scared, boneless and disjointed.”


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