Police Nabs Journalist’s Brother

SaidykhanThe junior brother of an exiled Gambian journalist, Abubacarr Saidykan, has been arrested by Gambian security in Banjul on Tuesday afternoon. Ousman Saidykhan was arrested while waiting to collect three  passports meant for his mother, junior brother, and elder brother in Banjul.

Investigations revealed  that Ousman Saidykhan, who was said to have filed four different applications at the Immigrations Department in Banjul, wanted to secure a passport for his family members. He was seriously cross-examined about the whereabouts  of his elder brother journalist Abubacarr Saidykhan, whom the officers felt that still lives in the Gambia. Ousman was reported to have informed informed the security officers that his journalist brother is in Nigeria. “The police never believe in his statement,” said a source. “It was then that the police transferred Ousman to the Immigration post at Babun Fatty, Jeshwang, for more questioning.

Sources said Ousman’s family is reportedly making efforts to secure bail for him. Communication are currently ongoing to find out from Banjul as to why the Ousman was arrested.

Ousman Saidykhan was previously arrested by Gambian police after Abubacarr  fled into exile the Gambia for exile in 2012. He was granted bail in the sum of 50, 000 Dalasi without any


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  1. This is crazy, Gambia is currently recording history.

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