UDP Youth Secretary Acquitted

By Yaya Dampha

soloEbrima Solo Sandeng is acquitted and discharged of the charges level against him at the Brikama Magistrates Courts this morning. Sandeng was standing trial for “giving false information to a public officer and for holding a political meeting without a valid permit”, charges he pleaded not guilty since the start of the trial. The kangaroo witch hunt against Mr Sandeng stem from the UDP youth camp retreat in Tanji, Kombo South two moths ago.

After several adjournments and a few prosecution witnesses were called at the trial,  the prosecution could not substantiate the charges the opposition youth leader is facing. Consequently he was acquitted and discharge, Sandeng walked out of the Court a freeman once again. The defense Lawyer, Ousainou Darboe last week put it to the presiding Magistrate that, “Sandeng has no case to answer, because he did not break any law and never acted contrary to laws and constitution of the Gambia”.  Mr Darboe therefore urged the Magistrate to “free Mr Sandeng, citing the police for wrongful involvement in politics and acting on the orders of APRC Kombo South militants”.

In a brief telephone conversation with his lawyer,  Ousainou Darboe who is also the leader of the opposition United Democratic Party, he said “Sandeng is acquitted and discharged this morning”. Darboe could not go further as he was running to another court session. Sandeng himself was called and asked what his reaction is but he only said “am a freeman once again. I shall give a press interview soon.”

Ebrima Solo Sandeng is the youth Secretary of the United Democratic Party and a very influential man in Serrekunda. Kairo news will provide a detail analysis later.


  1. Mr keep the good job

  2. Justice is served.

  3. Abdoulie darboe

    Justice has been served!Udp supporters on ground you are not a lone,thank you guys for alway standing for the love of your motherland.we give thank to the most high Allah!

  4. Solo’s wife also gave birth last Friday. We will make it a celebratory naming inshalah…He is a committed die hard UDP, always dedicated.

  5. kebba b ceesay

    He should not have been brought to Court in the first place.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      I feel ashamed that while these UDP are in The Gambia standing up to this bullish regime, I am many other Gambians are sitting in Europe and America drinking our orange juice and blaming the opposition back home for almost everything. It’s time for reality check. Bravo UDP. I won’t blame you again. I will blame myself instead for grumbling too much and doing almost nothing.


      • Lafia, don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you realize where we in the diaspora err. Hopefully we can all learn something from your position. The opposition on the ground especially UDP are doing a good job and with a little help from the diasporan community, we can dislodge the Yaya Jammeh nonsense from us.

        • Lafia Touray la Manju

          Thank you Lamin. I happen to have a good reflection today only to realise the kind of risk these UDP youths are taking in terms of their personal safety. I then look at the comfort I am living in here in Europe with orange juice always at my side. All I was for is opposition bashing particularly the UDP. I have been dead wrong and I have realise that I am not the patriot I thought I am. That patriot is Ousainu Darboe and his UDP youths. I am just the lousy pen pusher who contributes nothing to the struggle. All I have been good at is talking down those who are risking everything on the ground. I salute you lawyer Darboe; I salute you the UDP youths. You are the ones standing for the country.

          Diasporan Gambians are selfish and insincere.


  6. Lamin Touray

    The police were acting on the orders of dictator Jammeh. It was silly to take Solo to court for exercising his God giving and constitutional rights. The time and money could have been spent on something better. Hope the prosecution team learns a thing from this.

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