CORDEG Chair Reacts To Kairo

Dr. SaineThe Chairman of the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy to the Gambia (CORDEG) has reacted to an open letter by Kairo News Editorial Board. Dr. Abdoulaye Saine thanked Kairo for taking the time to write and share with us your concerns over CORDEG’s Evolving vision statement. Read Dr. Saine’s reaction verbatim below.

Dear Musa,

On behalf of CORDEG, let me thank you for taking the time to write and
share with us your concerns over CORDEG’s EVOLVING vision statement.
As we continue to deliberate on this important document, I want to
assure you that your views, and suggestions will be given the
attention it deserves.

CORDEG is a rules-based, democratic organization where we encourage,
and in fact, have vigorous philosophical debates before a consensus is
reached- this is very healthy. Once a consensus over the vision
statement is reached, we shall share it with the press and other
interested parties. But until then any document you may have seen was
only a PROPOSAL and not a finished and agreed-upon document. Stay

With best wishes,
Abdoulaye Saine



  1. Kairo,,,you guys need to stop and you need to stop now, we have a monster doing harm to our people and whatever organisation is out there trying to do whatever little thing they can let them do it.
    Whatever your concerns are at this point is not necessary all we need is to be seen as the people with one single vision and that is to remove an idiot who is taking all of us on hostage.

    Anything seen as our differences is a distraction and we don’t need it,,let people form whatever political party anything,,as long as is a way to get rid of Jammeh we are okay with it.

    Dr Saine, please don’t waste your time to distractions we have a huge task ahead of us.

    Thank you

  2. Abdoulie darboe

    Bass give us a break!Kairo news have right to raise their concerns,no body can manipulate gambians folks,not even those who suffered in the evils hands of the monster jammeh.We have heard Dr saine,Banka, Sigga raising their concerns over issues even before the birth of CORDEG.Lets us not raise a roof over issues just like that.Am sure Dr saine reply is accepted in good faith.In this struggle only the truth is going brings us victory and then we can make history but not lies or dissembling.
    in the service of humanity.

  3. Abdoulie ,Just because you have the right to say something does not mean you should when is not helping the struggle.
    I believe Kairo has the right to say anything but that’s not my point, my point is there has been so many divisions over the years whenever we have hope in any association and mostly is base on minor stuff when we have a bigger fish to fry.

    Yes I believe no one should have the chance to manipulate us anymore but we have to understand that there will be time for cleansing among us after we collectively deal with the tyrant.

    Thank you

  4. I wonder when shall we Gambians be prepared for democracy, truth and human rights. It’s myopic for anyone to say we have to wait solving our problem until Jammeh is booted out of office. That means our problem will balloon to a level we have not expect. That in itself means we are not prepared to take our country out of the woods. I support Kairo News for fully playing by the book. I am equally disappointed that Professor Saine is not willing to share a document that is meant for public consumption. Then it means CORDEG is hiding something from the public. Let’s remember that transparency is too vital to be ignored in a democracy. Kudos to Kairo, ASN, Freedom and Maa Fanta for your selfless efforts.

  5. Wake up CORDEG leadership! You are losing public confidence. Kudos to Kairo News. This is what we expect from a credible, reliable and informative media. May you guys live longer. Mama Gambia needs you.

  6. One thing eveyone must understand is this, if you are thinking of holding a public office in The Gambia after Yahya Jammeh’s removal, you must be ready to be very honest and fully open to the public you are serving and getting paid by. During the time of the prophet Muhammad PBOH and time of those who understood the responsibilities of a leader,they use to run from been a leader and when one of them is been selected and got the news he feels like they place a mountain on his head and tries to escape.
    They used to be informed about the position people intrusted them with and by knowing what that meant,they never wanted to accept it.To be a leader means you are everybody else’s servant.Future leaders should know or learn something about those pious people who always remember Allah and the day of judgement and fear Allah The Almighty.The reward is great but only when you do the right thing which is very hard to do these days.May Allah guide our future leaders and make them good to the people of The Gambia.

  7. Abdoulie darboe

    Anyway Mr. Bass we in the diaspora have said too much against the political leaders in the Gambia, now let those who are selected to lead us try some degree of fair and balance like my horny used to say, transparency, press freedom. Come on after all almost all these people are American Gambians, they are the people who brought American style of politics. So let’s accept it this way. Lets us not worry we will get it one day, but only the truth shall be our guardian in our quest to liberate the motherland. Respect!