DUGA Lobbies Senegalese Artists

Coumba Gawlo Seck/Hibar

Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA) has sensitized Senegalese artists on the dangers of singing the “praise of the most brutal leader in Africa.”

During their recent trip to Senegal, DUGA wrote open letters to Ouza Diallo, Thionne Seck, Coumba Gawlo Seck and Youssou Ndour bringing to their attention the blatant insensitivity displayed to Jammeh victims and their families.

“We appealed to artists who have earned the support and adulation of fans in The Gambia, to be mindful of the painful impact their words of praise, heaped on one of the most oppressive leaders in the world, Yahya Jammeh, has on the multitudes of Gambians whose voices have been silenced, by death, threats and fear,” DUGA wrote in a press release.

DUGA’s Senegal campaign, which targeted citizens, the press, human rights defenders, diplomats and government officials, was aimed at exposing the Jammeh regime’s gross violations of human rights and its effect on Senegal.

“It is DUGA’s view that Senegal has a vital role to play in putting an end to the criminal activities of the Jammeh regime. It is an open secret that Jammeh has been the main sponsor of the MFDC, and a destabilizing force in the Senegambia region. It is in this vein that we are convinced that the Senegalese population must be sensitized, and its government be held accountable for not more forcefully engaging Jammeh on his criminal activities in Senegal.”

DUGA officials also held a joint press conference with Y’en a Marre, an activist group that has been at the forefront of Senegal’s recent political crossroads.  “An understanding was reached between the two parties to form partnership and create a working platform, ENOUGH, for continued sensitization and other activist methods,” DUGA said, expressing gratitude to Article 19, Y’en a Marre, Amnesty International and all those who strive for the restoration of democracy in the Gambia.

DUGA called on all Gambian civil society organization to collaborate and cooperate in their quest to tackle the monumental task of achieving a free Gambia.

The activist organization is planning to commemorate the callous and senseless assassination of 14 Gambian students and maiming of many others by the Jammeh regime on April 10 and 11, 2000, “DUGA is proposing a 14-14-14 global Campaign with protests throughout the world, in cities wherever Gambians are found, from Atlanta to Zimbabwe. To give this the respect and impact it deserves, we are calling all civil society groups to collaborate and make it happen.”


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