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President Ouattara

One may wonder why  Gambian President missed the opportunity to meet his Ivorian counterpart, President Lansana Ouattara? President Jammeh sent his envoy to meet Ouattara envoys instead of enjoying the comfort of flying, which he is known for. Since Jammeh’s office failed to issue any explanation, speculators have flew with the story, asking so many unanswered questions: does  he still harbour hatred against President Ouattara or his deteriorating health is preventing him from traveling far and wide.

Speculation goes beyond the borders of the Gambia as African diplomats are also in speculative mood, wondering why Gambian President has been missing big photo opportunity occasions. For them, this pattern is bizarre considering President Jammeh’s love for limelight. Some are worried that the maverick military-turn-politician must be hiding something.

Find below a statement by the Ivorian government. The statement, issued in French, recognized the presence of Gambian Foreign Minister in Cote d’Ivoire.

Google translate of the script:

COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT Union – Discipline -Travail
BRIEFING / N ° 552
(Abidjan, March 10, 2014 )

The Head of State received two emissaries of the President of the Gambia.

The President of the Republic , HE . Alassane Ouattara , was received in audience this Monday, March 10, 2014, two Special Envoys of the President of The Gambia , namely MM . Aboubacar SENGHORE and Kebba TOURAY respectively Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of Economy and Finance.

In the statement after the meeting, President Alassane Ouattara sent message of greetings to Gambian President His Excellency Yahya Jammeh. He added that he , in turn, instructed the two emissaries to convey to his Gambian counterpart , its ” thanks ” to the fraternal care and for all the prayers and blessings that have been made in Gambia for its prompt recovery.

Finally, the President of the Republic said his appreciation and that of the whole of government and his compatriots for this brand ” attention.”

Following the Head of State , the spokesman of the delegation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abubakar SENGHORE said Alassane Ouattara Presidents Yahya Jammeh together and share a lot of ” brotherhood ” . That is why the Gambian people prayed for the Ivorian Head of State during this difficult time. In the same context , the Gambian envoy added that the Côte d’ Ivoire and Gambia all share a number of common values ​​in the West African sub-region . Anything that says his colleague Kebba TOURAY , Minister of Economy and Finance and himself were mandated by their President to effect movement of Abidjan to transmit orally to President Alassane Ouattara , the same blessings and prayers.

Indeed, for Mr. SENGHORE , President Alassane Ouattara is a ” pillar of West Africa , and nothing can succeed in this region without him .” That is why he has said , ” have with us is a blessing for the West African nation .” Gambian Minister for their presence in Abidjan shows how President Yahya JAMMET attaches the ” price ” in this sub-regional fraternity.

Note that the Minister of State, Minister of Planning and Development, Dr. Albert Mabri Toikeusse and Consul of the Gambia in Côte d’ Ivoire, took part in the hearing.

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