Gunpowder Smell Terrifies Nyancho

Gun Power

By Bolonba
I’m cautioned every now and then
By a Nyancho scared of the gun powder smell
In the midst of ruthless tyranny, he recommends no confrontation
One wonders, what are the present priorities of this Nyancho son?

But then, oral history unveiled to us the three categories of Nyanchos:
The peanut case Nyancho, the actual peanut seed and the thin skin on the peanuts
This statement convey, the classes and ranks of Nyanchoya

Those who are warrior Prince, olden days governors, the second class fight in battles and the last class crown the Princely class. Hence, they are the non-fighting type.
Sannehs, Mannehs, Sonko, Sanyang, Konjera and Manjang are not all in the same class, some are peaceful!!!
If you are scared of the gun powder smell, Nyancho, gently hide it and be quiet with it.
It is a shame to call for peace, when a state of aggression is the order of the day..
If personal goals fulfillment gets in the way of the spirit of ‘Nyachoyaa’
The marabouts will soldier on…without your counsel for calm in the thick of battle


  1. Kebba Sanneh

    Touray Mandingmoorry, I guess you are are trying to wake the violent sleeping dog in the Nyanchos. We are not afraid, time has changed, democracy and Islam simmered us down. The temperature is lower now, but be rest assured, sooner than later, the NYANCHOS will come to the rescue of the Gambia…with your Prayers…The MOROLU…

  2. Kebba Sanneh, you are among the fighting Nyanchos, haha, This is why i provided the classes. You are a fighter. Keep up the fight. Islam too calls for standing up for Justice and fairness. You are on the money.

  3. Jason Miller

    Sountu please expand on your comment

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