Imam Ratib: Treat Your Wives Well

Imam CeesayThe Imam Ratib of Detroit has advised men to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammed by treating their wives well.

“Have mercy on your wives, care them well and make them happy,” Imam Momodou Ceesay preached as he delivered his usual Friday Islam Program on Kairo Radio.

“Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) asked husbands to feed, clothe and respect their wives,” Gambian born Imam said. “This is a necessity for a person who follows you wherever you go.  The respect for marriage has forced women to be loyal to their husbands.”

Imam Ceesay also tasked men to make their wives happy and proud. The respected Imam also urged men to desist from employing too much force on their wives, for they would not be able to handle enormous pressure. “This will affect them physically and psychologically because a woman is created from the man’s rib, which makes her incomplete,” he said.

Imam Ceesay cited the case of a woman who complained about women who, unlike men, would not reap the rewards of Jihad [holy war]. Prophet Muhammed said women too can reap such rewards when they are obedient, respectful and helpful to their husbands. “But Allah’s Messenger said few women are obedient to their husbands.”

Imam urged married couple to consult, listen and stand for each other in good or bad times.

Imam Ceesay also encouraged men to create time for leisure with their wives. “Even Prophet Muhammed used to joke and play with Aisha, one of his wives. Life is not all about seriousness.”

The Muslim Cleric also appealed to “women to play their role of comforting, respecting and helping their husbands, especially during their days of stress or difficulty.”



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