Did Gambia Block Viber Calls?

VIBERKairo News has received a lot of complaints of many people’s inability to make free calls to the Gambia. Many people could not connect their families at home through Viber, the widely popular free internet phone provider. Some fear whether the Gambia government has finally block Viber calls after its earlier efforts to do so received backlash.

Many Gambian users of Viber have already started becoming suspicion, accusing the Gambia government of ordering the Gambia Telecommunications Services to block the free call provider.

Viber has been banned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while Egyptian government contemplates banning it.

An attempt to disband Viber in the Gambia would surely cause anger, pain and discomfort among Gambians at home and abroad.  The introduction of Viber was like a manna from heaven for most Gambians mainly due to the expensive nature of calls to the Gambia. Many Gambians have stopped using phone cards by opting for smart phone to use Viber instead.

The many internet apps customers use to make calls have been experiencing extreme poor network.

Kairo News will follow the sudden disruption of Viber services and update its listeners. Customers that experience Viber hiccups can email us through kaironews12@gmail.com.


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