Media Leaks Anger CORDEG

Dr. SaineThe newly elected Executive of the Committee for the Restoration of Democratic to the Gambia (CORDEG) has angrily reacted to the leakage of its foundation document(s), describing it as “a gross breach of trust.”

In a press dispatch, CORDEG fell short of naming any online media for the leakage.

“As CORDEG strives to build a democratic organization to serve the interests of ALL Gambians, we categorically condemn this irresponsible act, and take this leak seriously, and as constituting sabotage,” the body’s Chairman Abdoulaye Saine stressed.

“We, the Executive Committee of CORDEG, demand that the person(s) responsible halt these corrosive activities that were intended, but will not succeed in tarnishing CORDEG’s image. The Executive, as well as CORDEG’s membership are unwavering in their commitment to doing the peoples’ work, and no distractor now or in the future, can take any action, no matter how small or large, that will detract us from our central vision and mission of working with all pertinent stakeholders to restore and maintain democracy and the rule of law to The Gambia.”

CORDEG also saw it as “both misplaced and provocative” for anyone to compare the body’s “careful and democratic deliberations to Yahya Jammeh’s draconian and autocratic rule.” CORDEG, the body tasked with providing support to the opposition on the ground, said the media this time around violated “all sense of fair-play and professionalism.”


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