‘Don't Allow Others To Define You’

SallahChildren of Gambian descent have been advised to define themselves instead of allowing others to do so.

The advice was contained in a speech delivered by a distinguished Gambian professor in the United Kingdom. Dr Momodou Sallah, the award-winning educator of De-Montford University, has had huge experience in youth engagement and empowerment.

“No one can tell you who you are. You are the only one capable of defining yourself,” Dr. Sallah told children at a Special Independence Celebration in Coventry at the weekend.

“You have to answer who you are and what your values are,” he said, exhorting children to apply discipline, democracy and determination if they want to succeed. He said for kids to become proud leaders of tomorrow, they have to figure out when to study, do homework, play WII games and go to school. Dr. Sallah urged the children to show their determination by putting up several hours into good use.

He believed that nothing should stop the kids from what they want to be, despite being faced with a lot of challenges in their environment. “It’s about you the children in the diaspora who are beginning to have sense of being proud Gambians,” Mr. Sallah said.

He said these kids begin to look at how they look, think and see themselves in an environment where they can be seen differently.


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