'Intellectuals Disrespect Our Cultures'

By Saiks Samateh

If any, it is the African intellectuals who have many a times disrespected African values and intellectualism, not knowing your history can at that same time render useless in the face of time.To argue that Gay and Lesbian acceptance is western values clearly indicates here that one is not very clear what actually values are, same sex relation has existed and accepted in Africa long before the grant parents of these hypocrites African leaders were born and the fact that even in Europe this relationship is not accepted, they are still in war with conservative and reactionary believes and behaviors. What is made legal in certain European countries is the right to get married and be accepted by the law as legally married couples. The problem in our countries in Africa is that Gay and Lesbian issue have never been an issue of such other than the social stigmitisation, which as said earlier, exist  in all countries in this world. Nonsense, the core values of “imperialism” is not about who you go to bed with, it is about the control over capital .We must stop this lies that it is an issue that is been imposed on us,it is a question of human freedom and rights,a gay is a gay and a lesbian is a Lesbian, they are all human,it is this that get the shit out of people when people with their whole brain intact try to tell me that I see the human in them because of the Whiteman demanded it. The western countries reacted when poor African gays and Lesbians became the scapegoat of failed  governance, they were subjected to physical abuse, murder, illegal arrest and detention and now in some countries threaten with years of imprisonment for having same sex relation .Why should we even wait for  the so-called “imperialism” to tell us that this way of treating human being is cruel and inhuman.


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