Ben Refuses Jammeh’s Offer

Ben JammehGambian president’s offer to reconcile with his former trusted ally has backfired.

“Ben Jammeh has declined to reconcile with President Yahya Jammeh,” sources told Kairo News. Ben fears Jammeh will silence him permanently to prevent his narcotic dealings to become public.

Ben Jammeh was the Director General of the National Drug Enforcement Agency until he fell apart with President Jammeh last May. Ben jumped bail and has since been on residing in Senegal.

Our sources said President Jammeh has been making efforts to reconcile with Ben, assuring him of his safety if he returns to the Gambia.

“Ben Jammeh can never trust President Jammeh. The President betrayed and lied to him,” Ben’s close associate said, expressing how the execution of the nine death row inmates shocked the former police chief to the bone. “Based on Jammeh’s catalogues of atrocities, Ben is convinced that the President can waste anybody’s life without thinking twice.”

Kairo News also learnt that Ben was assigned to investigate into financial irregularities at the University of the Gambia only to be betrayed. “After painstaking findings, his report was dumped because President Jammeh was happy that Professor Muhammadou Kah was mass producing degree students.

“President Jammeh just want to use the University of the Gambia for political purpose, nothing else. This is why, with all the financial scandals hitting the University of Gambia, Jammeh will continue to look the other way, Prof Kah cannot do any wrong so long as he produces degree students.”


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