Gambians In NY Celebrate Culture

Dr. Momodou Tangara

Gambians in New York celebrate their country’s 49th independence in grand style in New York, United States tomorrow.

The program, the first of its kind, is organized by Alliance of Gambian Associations. The six organizing groups are Gambian Youth Organization, Gambian Society, Gambian Women’s Association; United Gambia and Sumpu Do Khathy.

“This occasion will bring all our tribes together to celebrate our country’s independence,” Momodou Sawaneh, president of Gambian Youth Organization, told Kairo News. “We want to use the occasion to showcase our rich cultures.”

The program officially starts at noon when there will be room for dialogue among Gambian parents on challenges of parenting in New York. There will also be a symposium in which officials from the Police, Immigration and Education are expect to present papers.

A former New York Congresswoman, Vanissa Gibson, a congresswoman in New York, will be the keynote speaker.

The program runs through the night when the Gambia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Momodou Tangara will present the history of the Gambia’s independence.

There will be an award ceremony for kids who represented the Gambia on African Day Parade in Harlem in September last year. “During this biggest African event in New York, our girls dressed culturally and danced well,” Mr. Sawaneh said.

“We will award them for making us proud,” he said. “We will also allow different tribes to showcase their cultural talents before wrapping the night with drum performance by Bissau Guinean entertainment.”



  1. Can you please use Ethnic instead of Tribe when referring to Gambia’s ethnic composition. (Plz consult an Antropologist for verification)

  2. I thought Momodou Tangra is no longer with Gambian government . I swear I read it in one of the online news papers that he was fired and no longer represent Gambian mission at the United Nation, after he had an altercation with demonstrators in New York City, is that not the case ???