NAWEC Boss Hints Company’s Cancer

The managing director of National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has detailed deputies on the utility company’s major worries.

Ibrahim Sagnia said his administration’s previous efforts to recover arrears from their debtors, particularly local governments, have woefully failed. “No agreed method has so far worked as local governments fail to honour their agreements,” he told parliamentarians last week, accusing administrators of all the local government councils, except Jan Jan Bureh and Kuntaur Area Councils, of deliberating failing to comply with NAWEC. “The recovery bills arrears  owed to NAWEC continues to be a big challenge,” Mr. Sagnia said.

As of December 2012, local governments owed NAWEC over 260 million Dalasi, with Basse Area Council racking up D159, 437, 912.11 followed by Brikama Area Council’s arrears of D61, 209,586.54. Also owing NAWEC are Banjul City Council Kanifing Municipal Council D42, 716,399.02 NAWEC D23, 269, 162.92, Kerewan Area Council D12, 736, 466.53 and Mansakonko Area Council D6, 196,777.04.

The utility director is also worried about the “escalation of rates, royalties, licenses and operational fees levied on NAWEC to offset bills.”


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