‘Respect The Mighty Pen’

Imam Ceesay
Imam Ratib of Detroit Islamic Center

A Gambian born Imam Ratib of Detroit has exhorted pen pushers to be always mindful of what they write. Imam Momodou Ceesay describes the pen as a very respected and mighty creation of God.

“God stresses the power, respect and value of the pen in the Quran where a special Surah is named after the Pen [Suratul Qalam],” Imam Ceesay, also the Editor of Islamic Affairs at Kairo News/Radio, said. God swore about the mightiness of the pen in the Quran.

The respected and well versed but humbled Muslim cleric made the statement in his opening statement during the launching of Kairo News and Radio on Tuesday.

“Respect the power, value and mightiness that accompany the Mighty Pen,” Imam Ceesay advised journalists. “Your mission to educate, develop minds and shape lives is noble and very rewarding. However, people expect a lot from us, which is why we must strive hard to serve their interest.”

Imam Ceesay would not complete his statement without talking about the dangers attached to the pen. “The pen is more powerful and dangerous than the atomic bomb. Whatever a pen destroys is doomed. Let’s therefore use the pen as an instrument that brings peace, education and foster relationships instead of destroying communities.”


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