‘Our Institutions Are Killing One Another’

Speaker of National Assembly Abdoulie Bojang

The opposition leader of parliament has complained about what he described as “institutions killing one another.” Hon. Samba Jallow, the member for Niamina Dankunku said this is a non-starter.

“This is not the proper way of management. If institutions are going like this, I don’t think we can achieve our goals,” Hon. Jallow said. He was responding to the NAWEC debt crisis.

The ruling party member for Serekunda West also fumes with rage. Hon. Sulayman Joof said the parliament “cannot sit back and watch government institutions kill each other [financially].” Mr. Joof wants parliament to bail out the cash-strapped NAWEC. He calls on local government authorities to repay their debts owed to NAWEC. “Let us help NAWEC so that it can recover these debts,” he adds.

Other deputies, including Abdoulie Kanagie Jawla and Sainey Mbye, members for Sandu and Upper Saloum, respectively, tout a bail out for NAWEC from its position of dying.

“We should not allow NAWEC to die. Everybody is talking about clean drinking water and electricity, so those who are providing that are critically in a position of dying,” Hon. Jawla concurs, tasking NAWEC officials to keep updating the Parliamentary Audit Committee on its debt situation.

For the Speaker, it was about time that NAWEC debtors were pressured to repay their debts. “We will call them and ask which one is better for them, whether to cut them off, but even if they are cut off they are going to repay the debts,” warns Hon. Abdoulie Bojang. He said there is no sector in the country that can go without electricity.



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