Deyda Jr: I Want My Security Back

The son of the Gambia’s assassinated senior journalist is claiming to get back his security.

Deyda Hydara Jr., an engineer in London, told the Abuja-based Economic Community of West African States Court to pile pressure on the Gambia government to allow him back in the country and guarantee his security. The teen’s father’s was gunned by unidentified gunmen less than 100 meters from the Police Intervention Unit on December 16th, 2004. Deyda Hydara, 54, died on a night he celebrated his marriage and paper’s 13th anniversary.

At the time of his gruesome death, Mr. Hydara was the Managing Editor of The Point newspaper. He also served as a correspondent for many international news organizations, including the AFP and Reporters sans frontières.

Deyda Jr., who was 11 years when his father was assassinated, testified before ECOWAS Court judges at Togo’s Supreme Court in Lomé on Friday. He represented the Hydara family in a case that seeks justice for the slain co-proprietor of The Point. The case was precipitated by the Gambia government’s refusal to either launch investigation into the case or allow external investigators to chip in.

The Hydara family and the International Federation of Journalist (IFJ-Africa) in Africa sought redress at the ECOWAS Court. Several media rights organizations, including the IFJ-Africa, Union des Journalistes Indépendants du Togo and Credo Tetteh, were represented in court.

The case resumes on March 11 for another witness to testify.

Though a signatory to the ECOWAS Protocol that culminated in the establishment of the Community Court, the Gambia government blatantly refused to comply with the court’s decisions in the past.


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