Lt. Col. Seckan At Last Freed

 A high ranking senior military official has been released from several months of detention.

Former Lt. Col. Saikou Seckan was recently freed from Mile II Central Prisons. His release was not without strings attached as Seckan has had his travel documents seized. He is also being put under security surveillance.

Lt. Col. Seckan’s family had earlier raised concerns about his disappearance. This followed his arrest by security agents. Seckan was reportedly subjected to torture by the Junglers after he had expressed disasatisfaction about his premature dismissal from the army.

Seckan, a native of Nuimi Tambana, was a Deputy Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF). He also served as a former Commander of the Joint Operations Centre of GAF. Seckan was among the four generals who were discharged from the army and redeployed to the Foreign Service. At the time of his new appointment, he was the Deputy Head of Mission at the Gambia’s High Commission in India.

Seckan was in the aftermath of the July 22 alleged coup and later released together with former Lt. Col. Sainey Bayo who now lives in exile. The two were reportedly tortured while in detention.



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  1. Wish him all the best. May Allah SWT end dictatorship in the Gambia.