The Contradictions Around Controversial Atlanta Based Imam Gassama: Was He A Torturer And Executioner Or Both?

 Imam Gassama of Atlanta

By Dr. Binneh S. Minteh

The testimony of Baboucarr Mboob before the TRRC was a shocking revelation to most followers of the Atlanta, Georgia based Imam Lamin Gassama and the Gambian community in particular. Mr. Mboob did not only take responsibility for his involvement in extrajudicial executions, but clearly outlined a pictured perfect involvement of Imam Gassama as one of the two Soldiers who intentionally shot and killed Sgt Fafa Nyang under the auspices of Captain Edward Singhateh.

Evidently, the TRRC is indeed bringing to light the realities of our minuscule nation’s dark chapters as the unexpected becomes the expected, shadows are lightened up, and two decades of events behind curtains are becoming public. What a sad tale for our onetime beacon of Peace and Hope!

Perhaps Imam Gassama’s involvement in extrajudicial executions in the Gambia, and his community role as a religious leader who leads congregations in prayers, brings to light some of our challenges and contradictions as a people.

In the midst of the growing fray, what happened on November 10th and 11th, 1994 was an egregious violation of human rights. To ensure that our Never Again campaign is deeply rooted across our communities, those responsible for such heinous crimes must be held fully accountable for their actions, irrespective of their status or role in the community. Imam Gassama must be called to account for his sojourn or journey during the periods of the November 11th, 1994 atrocities.



  1. Dr minteh and all those who abandoned their responsibilities to defend our democracy during 1994 military coup are cowards who are now shifting blame to other military officers . Dr Minteh and his entire platoon allowed Jammeh and his criminal gang to march to statehouse without any fight. Lack of resistance led to 22 years of military dictatorship. Allegation against Imam Gasssama are product of lack of resistance, so Dr minteh should first blame himself before blaming Imam Gassama . The entire platoon at Denton bridge gave a free ride to Jammeh and his gang of criminals. That was the beginning of disaster for our country in last two decades.

    • The same thing continued with some of our politicians. One of them is currently being tormented with the name “Mandela” when in actual fact he is the opposite of everything “Mandela”. He runs to the American Embassy whenever the going gets tough.
      In fact on the day Solo Sandeng (RIP) was arrested, he was disowned by most of his party leaders. One of them was even interviewed by the papers and he denied authorizing or being part of the demonstration. He also said that the demonstration was neither discussed nor authorized by the UDP executive. it was only after the rumor of his death started circulating that most of them were literally forced to participate in the parade to demand for his release, death or alive. Those newspaper interviews are available for any one interested in knowing the truth.

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