Jammeh Leaves Gambia For Guinea

The plane carrying the Gambia’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh’s has just left the country for Guinea. The outgoing President’s departure superceded his decision to declare what would be his last public announcement on national television, agreeing to relinguish power. Yahya Jammeh lost December 1st presidential election, conceded defeated and congratulated his winner only to recant a week later after the electotal commission made some adjustments to the election results. Jammeh, who ruled the West African nation since he took over power by force, did everything under the hot sun to remain in power to no avail. The United Nations backed military intervention launched by the Economic Community of West African States would force Yahya Jammeh to carve out a ceasefire deal. It would take President’s of Guinea Alpha Conde and Mauritanian Abdul Aziz to convince the brutal former leader to blink. Jammeh left the country along with his family and his killer squad Jungular members.

A handful of Jammeh’s supporters were spotted crying at the Banjul International Airport as the plane took off exactly 9:15 PM local time.

However, Jammeh’s victims have been left in mixed feelings. They are happy that the brutal former leader has gone but they want to know when Jammeh will answer to his numerous crimes.


One Comment

  1. Although Jammeh is gone with his family and few of his supporters, we should not sit back and be naive and pretend that is all ok now. The security of the new government and security of The Gambia and that of the population is at utmost important.

    We don’t know what security threat is still out there hidden and waiting to surprise us at a later date. Therefore, we should take all precautions to make sure the country is safe in moving forward. The Ecowas forces should stay in the country for a while and help secure the country.

    I think we should set up an investigation team supported and back by the Ecowas to make sure no stone is left unturned for the security of the country. I’m not paranoid, but I’m not naive either. We just don’t know what is out there.