Baba K. Jobe: Father Of APRC Regime

baba k jobeBy Max

President Jammeh’s God father and mentor (Baba Kali Jobe RIP)

Yahya Jammeh’s legacy of Military Dictatorship, political thuggery and oppression.

My attempt to write summary of the legacies of Mr Baba K Jobe was born out of thorough study of our Gambian military dictatorship which I believe was build on the ideas of Mr Jobe, through his extensive military training in Libya, significant knowledge and experience of dictatorship he studied when he was in Libya and elsewhere.

Baba Kajali Jobe was a Gambian citizen who hailed from Jarra Karantaba and he came from large extended family like most Gambians.  Baba K. Jobe spend large part of his youthful life in Libya where he had his extensive military training in Mathaba centre where revolutionary ideals or philosophy of former Libyan Dictator Colonel Gaddafi was taught. Like many Africans who had training in Libya, Baba Jobe became trusted and closed friend of Libyan leader and most of his senior officers. He was send on clandestine missions to South America , Cuba and other places. He had significant experiences of how military dictatorship works because of his personal relationship with dictators.

Here is why I think he is the chief Architect of military Dictatorship in our country:

Military Dictatorship
Baba K. Jobe was first consulted by Jammeh during the first two years of military junta. At the time Jammeh and his gangs of semi-illiterate officers were looking for a Gambian who would connect them to Libyan leader so that the junta could be recognized at international level as well as be able to secure financial assistance. To their discovery , Baba k. Jobe became their point of interest because he had excellent relationship with Libyan leader. After consultation with Libyan leader, Baba and Jammeh made agreement for him to return home to help Jammeh establish his vision and this was agreed upon by colonel Gaddafi.

This agreement included significant monetary benefits, political patronage as well as his personal security. Baba Jobe returned to The Gambia during the military transition period and he was first appointed as assistant secretary office of the president with the responsibility of helping the president to connect with Arab leaders who would help the president with Gambian economic situation.

It was during this time that a lot countries didn’t recognize the junta and British travel ban was in effect. Jammeh’s main aim to have Mr Jobe was to achieve his vision to follow the foot steps of colonel Gaddafi. Baba became the right person to help him achieve his ultimate goals. At the time , other members of the junta were not aware of this plan. This was why Baba K. Jobe became chief Architect of military dictatorship. During his tenure under office of the president , Mr Jobe had so many secret meetings with the president according to sources. He came up with an idea of Libyan style dictatorship which enable Jammeh to have total grip of the military and power. He also came with an ideas to help Jammeh to have members of security leaderships to be exactly like Libya under colonel Gaddafie.

Under this national security leadership structure, the security forces and its leadership will be divided into blood or closed family relatives of dictator jammeh, members of Jammeh tribe and also Allied tribes security members to Jammeh’s tribe ( these are officers in The Gambia military who formed allegiance to Jammeh). All these subsections of this structure can also be found in police forces, NIA and the military. This is why even today as we speak, all the head of security apparatus are headed by members of Jammeh’s Jola tribe. This will help Jammeh to have total control of security and any opposition military coup will be doomed to fail.

Baba K. Jobe also came with an idea of establishment of 22nd July movement which is like militia forces connected to the military and NIA. Gambians will recall that during the the early days of this movement , members of July 22nd movement mounted checkpoints in various parts of the country. There were significant number of members of this movement who had their training in Libya with the help of Baba K Jobe. The sole purpose of this movement is to protect Jammeh’s personal interest including his security and intimidation of political opponents . This is why I believe Baba Jobe is the Architect of APRC dictatorship because has help to laid the foundation of dictatorship which Jammeh has been enjoying for past 21 years in the form of security protection and intimidation .

Baba Jobe became chief political strategist in 1996 and 2001 elections. According to sources , He came with an idea that the president should have absolute power which gave Jammeh power to appoint and fire Chiefs , alkalo and even fire members of Aprc . This was done through constitutional provision approved by National Assembly which allowed the president to do this hiring and firing as well as Aprc constitution which also allowed the president to fire its members if they go against Jammeh’s will. All these dictatorial characters were advocated and supported by ruthless political operative , Baba k Jobe.

Baba K. Jobe became a majority leader in the National Assembly after 2001 election. During his tenure , second round of voting was removed from the constitution , presidential term limits was removed , and media commission bill was enacted which limits press freedom and freedom of speech. Baba K. Jobe epitomized political oppression , suppression of citizens constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and political association . These political prostitution resulted to out of wedlock child called 2015 election act amendment . This election act 2015 will give Jammeh constitutional monarchy .
Baba k. Jobe also help to establish National Patriotic student union after April 10, 2000 student demonstration. This new student union was established to undermine
Gamsu which was the umbrella student union and was powerful at the time . Through the influence of Mr Jobe and the president, members of this student union became NIA operatives , which therefore lead to the control of student union and political life of Gambian students in general . Jammeh also recognized that Baba K Jobe came from opposition stronghold , he therefore used him as his chief political strategist to win the support of prominent opposition members.

Jammeh gave Baba Jobe significant amount of money from youth development enterprise to tune of $5 million dollars for his political support and campaign . Baba Jobe used this money and intimidation to get support and was able to build strong political support for Jammeh in all the Regions of the country including opposition strongholds like Baddibu , kiang and Jarra . This idea of political patronage was agreed upon in Libya before he came to Gambia and it was in Libya where he learned this idea. This is because colonel Gaddafi gave millions of dollars to his closed political supporters so that he was able to have total control of his political opponents .

Baba Jobe mobilized green boys or 22nd July members as political thugs to attack opposition UDP Supporters across the country . This leads to Basse incident , Denton bridge and many frequent intimidations of his opponents with death, torture and arrest . This made Baba K Jobe a ruthless political thug who build the foundation of such political climate in our country . His flamboyant Styles , arrogance and firing of his perceived enemy from positions in the government is the testament of man who embody dictatorship . To be fair to him , he initiated scholarship foundation to help poor people of Jarra according to the report .
It is therefore fair to say that Baba Jobe was the true Architect of APRC dictatorship in The Gambia and the mentor of President Yahya Jammeh because he laid the foundation of our current predicament through the ideas and experience he learned from Libya . Most of the policies he advocated and supported are today making it extremely difficult to remove Jammeh from power. The current National Assembly is building on his foundation. I believe historian will see Baba as a face of terrorism , political oppression , and corrupt ruthless political operative who was used , dumped at mile two central prison and eventually eliminated from The Gambia political scene .

Rest in peace the God father of APRC and tutor of President Jammeh.



  1. Max, I agreed with you 100% about your article Baba K. Jobe, is the father of APRC and the main architect of this 21st century ruthless Dictatorship of our motherland country the Gambia. I am from JARRA but living united states but my own father is in Libya and knows Baba k. Jobe from his fingertips. I can recalled during my high school days in the gambia, my father used to remit money to me through this Baba k. Jobe when he and his entourage travel to Libya: then he was assistant secretary to the office of dictator president Yahya AJJ Jammeh. I have remembered through this Baba K. Jobe being a assistant secretary to the president, I was able to have a chance to enter state house first time to collect a money from him from my father. I wasn’t there to beg him money..Allah is my sole witness but rather collecting or receiving my money giving to him through my own father. I have never being a supporter of APRC and I will never be one because they bend with ruthless, oppressing and torture innocent people just like what Baba k. Jobe mentor dictator colonel Gaddafi did to Libyan for the 42 years of ruthless and inhumane ruling. Look at his ending horrible suffering and humiliation in hands of the same Libyan. I watched colonel Gaddafi ruthless killing and I was not sad even little bit of it and I applaud Libyan government to allow his rotten dead body laying down in the container freezer to allow Libyan people to march pass his ruthless ungodly dead body not in the show of paying respect to him but happily jubilation. The same will happen to that bastard dictator monster Yahya AJJ JAMNEH and his co. To be honest with you, I have never once sympathize demise of Baba K. Jobe and even when he was in prison. Because what goes around always comes around. My own father wasn’t surprises about his imprisonment and last ending he has. A lot of innocent people suffer by the hand of Baba k. Jobe, Sana sabally, Yahya AJJ jammeh, Alhagie kanyi, Lt. Kawsu Camara, the pardoned prisoner and others who cannot name them all. Hell fire is waiting for you all.

    • Edi, You are well and sound mentally, but a typical liar, believe me you made me laugh! Allow me to clarify the pulling out gun saga, because you are standing on the wrong side of the bridge, I will politely explain to you what happened on that very day at the Airport. Please, take your time and read my comment very carefully.
      It was May 1999, one of our cousin engaged a physical fight with one Senegalese guy in Amsterdam, unfortunately the Senegalese guy hit him with an iron stick on his ribs, and few month later, he died from his injures, may Allah bless his soul, I was the one who took the remained back home. Baba came to the airport with Ambulance to carry the body to the Hospital in Banjul, the guy was only two years older than us. He was our closest friend in our child wood, the tension was very high and the desperation was visible everywhere around us, Family members waiting outside. Baba came to the plane and receive me, the widow and her children we went inside the terminal building, Baba too our Dutch passports from us and gave it to one of the emigration officer to stamp it, and thereby he told me, the widow and her two kids to follow him to the quick entrance to avoid the queuing, on our way out, the security officer stop us and ask us to go back to the right way provocatively, there the argument started between Baba and the officer, I was holding Baba’s left hand and he is a left handed, and he had a bunch of keys in his right hand, he tried to put his keys in his pocket, maybe wanted to use his hand to hit him. Frankly speaking, Baba did not need to gun down that officer, he can easily use his hand knock him down! I know he was a physical fighter. But as the Dutch psychologist said, attitude of a human being start at Birth. Based on my personal knowledge of that particular officer, woooeps! I will stop from there. And I hope Idi will find out the fact before coming back and introduce himself as Jarraka. With all respect..Peace!

      • Yankuba, you might be right about the incident in Europe but you lied on the gun pulling episode at Yundum Airport. I personally confronted Baba Jobe about the gun issue and this is what he told me ” How if I have to defend myself?” and I told him he was wrong because the people he wanted to pass through as VIPs were not and it would have been more easy for him to simply beg the officer to let go and case close. But being a dictator himself, he uses force on most occassions simply because JK was on his side.

        • I don’t want to mention the name you attach yourself with, I will leave him in peace, I wish you are calling yourself another funny name, then, I will engage with you too. I am here to defend the defenceless. you like it or not. I know Baba, he does need gun to fight.

  2. Edi boy , thank you very much for your insight . The liberation of Gambian is collective responsibility , we must not let those who careless about The Gambia lead us astray. I have a cousin too who was in Libya who knew very well. personally , I have seen him in Gambia at the time he was co-president . People were worshipping him and he arrogantly passed by me with his entourage. Baba Jobe history and legacies of political thuggery , corruption and intimidation is here to stay .

  3. Maxs? Please, seek help and get rid of what is bothering you and stop assassinating your own lying character to the public, based on your so called sources say this and say that, try and find out the facts without relying on your [RADIO KANKANG] in Mandinka saying.

    Baba Jobe; May Allah bless his soul and all those before him and after him.
    Maxs wrote: [Baba Kajali Jobe was a Gambian citizen who hailed from Jarra Karantaba and he came from large extended family like most Gambians. Baba K. Jobe spend large part of his youthful life in Libya where he had his extensive military training in Mathaba centre where revolutionary ideals or philosophy of former Libyan Dictator Colonel Gaddafi was taught. Like many Africans who had training in Libya, Baba Jobe became trusted and closed friend of Libyan leader and most of his senior officers. He was send on clandestine missions to South America , Cuba and other places. He had significant experiences of how military dictatorship works because of his personal relationship with dictators.]

    Yankuba Jobe said; Based on my knowledge, Baba left the Gambia in 1976 to Baida, Libya for further studies, after completion of his higher education in Baida he proceeded to the university in Tripoli, Libya. This university was called University Fatah? Whereby, he studied Agriculture- food, nutrition and water irrigation system. Before his final returned to the Gambia to worked for the Government at Yundum Agriculture Department, he had been arrested several times by the PPP Regime under Jarra. Ousanou Darboe was one of his legal lawyer to secured his released from Mile 2 prison, simply because he opposed the rotten- corrupt system of the PPP Government. I left Libya in 1983 to Israel, whereby I have worked and studied a principle of management, which consist human psychology in a private school. Based on my knowledge, during my stay in Tripoli from 1980-1983, Baba Jobe has no connection with the late Ghadafi, and I think many Gambian students or workers can easily verify that simple fact. Be young 1983, I have no clue what was happening in Libya, because I was not there, so stop lying [Sam Sarr no: 2.

    Political violence in the Gambia:
    The Attack on the UDP supporters in 2001? Was very wrong, even though I was not there, but when I heard the incident I condemned it in a strongest term, unfortunately, I could not do anything about it! It seems to me that, such a political violence in the Africa became part of their culture, unfortunately! It is happening in Senegal, Guinea and the other part of Africa, thus, it has not being a new case to me unfortunately. I can still remember few incidents took place in Jarra during the UP,PPP and the NCP. The first Election between PPP and UP one man was beating severely and few years later died in his injures, that was not Baba Jobe and his [Geen Boys], and another incidents took place in my village in 1976 or 1977, I couldn’t remember the exact year, when the PPP Candidate Alhagie Yaya Ceesay won Kemesseng Jammeh, the Truck loaded with PPP youths supporters from Sankwia and Kanikunda village heading to Jarra Jappine village specially to intimidate the NCP supporters. When they arrived in Karantaba, they found young men sitting under the tree, and most of them were NCP supporters, they started picking up the raw mangoes and threw at them regardless of their age, that was not Baba Jobe and his so called Green boys. Were they? I have never said Baba Jobe had never made mistakes during his term with the APRC, of course, he did some mistakes as a human being, no doubt about that, but he is no longer here with us, therefore move on and rectify the mistakes he or anyone else made, if you are in control of your mental stage. This is one of my reason why I’m taking this opportunity to engage with you, while you still hiding in your little hole. May Allah Guide you and heal you, if you are sick!
    Thank you.

    • Foday Lang Sarr did win the in Jarra.Ayuba Ceesay contested against him as an Independent candidate. He was very popular at the time..On many many occasion Baba tried to convince Ayuba not to contest against the APRC including offering him a ticket to the USA and handsomely reward him. Ayuba stood his ground and turn down the offer claiming that he has every right to contest the election and that he is not moved by bribes.He went ahead and contested losing narrowly to Foday Lang Sarr in an election marred by violence and intimidation.After the results were announced, the same night Baba mobilised the Green Youths who went to Sare Dewayea(ayubas village) and burnt down the entire compound of Aybas family,some of his family members fled to Cassamance, South Senegal, which is just 2km from the village. On that day 3 compounds were set ablaze.It does not matter,Yankuba what Baba is to you but by all definitions he was a Terrorist and a murderer.I can go on an on to write about the atrocities, the division Baba caused in Jarra but i am not the type who swims in the rivers of peoples misfortunes/misdeeds.Yes he is no longer with us here but MEN die and their EVILS lives after them. All you can do as a Muslim is to pray from him and all the Muslims Ummah.You may even go to the people of Jarra and apologise on behalf of Baba,what your brother did. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

  4. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Now, this is a good historical and informative essay Maxs! Stop the personal fighting and give us more like this! (Of course, I have a more sympathetic take on my friend but your take is equally valid).

  5. Dida , I don’t involve in personal fighting because this is national issue. What I always do ,is to point out statements which are lies , dishonest and double standard and some people don’t like that . They think jamneh is the only one who should be called out. In my book every one is a fair game. I don’t have any personal issues with anyone in this forum and I have never supported or worked for Jammeh , that doesn’t mean anyone who worked for Gambia government is bad person . I am here to fight to expose anyone who lie, distort truth , oppress citizens , committed crimes against Gambians and helped to entrench dictatorship .
    Yankuba Jobe , please don’t take this write up as personal issues , I don’t have any personal issues with your brother . I am simply presenting my views and facts I learned about , so it’s your responsibility to write a rejoinder to educate readers as to what you think is accurate so that they can make their own judgements . Writing legacies is part of human civilization that is why we should be aware of what we are doing in case we are not in that given position. Whatever I am writing here is part of my legacy because one day when Jammeh is gone, I can publicly contact kaironews and tell them I am maxs who was exposing Jammeh and his enablers , they can make their judgement about me. This is how civilized people behaves because it help us to learn about history . Alright my dear friend . I know in our politics , if someone talk bad about our relatives , we feel disrespected , agitated , annoyed and even think of fighting but we always try to remember that the person is talking about national issues about which an individual did wrong . Do you think Jammeh and his family like to be called dictator , murderer , sexual predator and so on ? We called him those names because he committed crimes as a public official .
    Yankuba Jobe , you have stated that “beyond 1983, you have no clue what was happening in Libya because you were not there “, that is the bottom line . Baba Jobe Was engaged in other things you were not aware of because you were not there as you said. Stop being defensive or playing the card of nepotism .
    I know you always said that I am sick or mentally imbalanced , for your information , I am very healthy , intelligent , decent guy with great career. I live here happily , thank God.
    Please let’s us focus on national issues.

  6. Yankuba Jobe, please save us your feeble attempts at re-writing history.

    Baba Jobe and Yaya Jammeh are the twin devils most responsible for plunging our nation into this mess that will take us generations to cleanse and undo. The evil that men do live long after them.

    All of us who were in Gambia have seen and heard first hand accounts of how this uncouth pseudo revolutionary terrorized and maimed our citizenry. The idea that a head of state will have trained militia outside of the realm of constitutional sanctioning that are tasked to carry out extrajudicial killings at nite and melt right back into society at dawn is the brainchild of Baba Jobe. That by itself alone is enough for perpetual condemnation and loathing of your brother. That concept was as alien to us Gambians as a slice of pizza would be to an old man in Jarra.

    These columns do not have enough space to enumerate Baba Jobe’s reign of terror and coercion/manipulation of parliamentary baffoons to destroy our society.

    Comparing NCP and PPP rivalries that we all witnessed to Baba Jobe unleashing his secretly trained killers on unsuspecting civilians engaged in their constitutionally guaranteed freedom to assemble is taking us for stupid……please try again.

    Jawara gov’t had very good reasons to arrest & detain Baba Jobe as he was engaged in reconnaissance missions in anticipation of their plans to carry out mass murder in Gambia. He was still afforded an opportunity to defend himself, a concept that would become totally alien to him just a few years later. What irony that you claim Oussainou Darboe helped secure his freedom!

    You can claim to have been in Holland till the cows come home, but no one is fooled that you were not privy to Baba Jobe’s activities in Libya…..all that agricultural education is what is referred to as a “convenient cover”. God knows Baba Jobe could not even spell agriculture with a gun on his head.

    May the souls of Baba Jobe and Yaya Jammeh’s victims rest in eternal PEACE.

    • Lol! Mohamed I can’t stop re-reading your posting…you are so right brother. We need people like you to set the records straight. Thank you.
      Down with dictatorships and from whoever it comes JK himself says ” let them go to hell”

  7. One of the worst Mandingos that helped Jammeh suppress his tribe. History will not judge him favorably. No one felt sorry for him in his last days. What goes around comes around.

  8. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Baba Jobe created the mess we’re in today. He was the go between yaya evil jammeh and Devil Ghaddafi. I know of people who were in the same camp called Mataba with him. He was a tribalist and a person who don’t hesitate to pull out a gun to threaten his adversaries. The likes of Ramzia Diab were all torture victims of Baba Jobe. He was the Enforcer in a nutshell.

    • Based on what is publicly known and witnessed, I think any attempt to defend indefensible will only expose flaws.

      Baba Jobe’s deeds and those of other enablers of the status quo are well documented by the living and the dead. As a late person, I would also pray he rest in peace which he didn’t appear to have had while here. His flaws should be lessons for others.

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Pimpo, you have swallowed WESTERN PROPAGANDA hook, line and sinker!

      Gadafy was one of the BEST Revolutionary Leaders Africa and the Arab World EVER had. Africa and the Arab World would not be in the MESS that we are in today if OUR LEADERS HAD STOOD UP LIKE REAL MEN AND DIED HEROICALLY LIKE GADAFY.

      Please think about that for awhile while you chew on your MacDonald’s Beef Burger!

      • Ghaddafi loves people like you to kiss his —. this is exactly how it looks like; Pakistanis and Lybians pretend to hate Macdonald beef burgers but everyone of them is trying to acquire a United States visa and i wish I’m able to get one myself. Every Lybian and Pakistani youth wants to say, ‘I WAS IN THE UNITED STATES once( or in the west)
        Macdonalds burgers have done harm to many heads guess. I am not vulgar and I think thats a pretty good behaviour of me to save late Ghaddafi of my insults.

      • Scarlet Pimpernel

        Didactic are you serious? Ghadafi being a revolutionary is like calling Hitler a Saint. Yes he built his country and did wonderful things for his people but behind those achievements lies a lot of atrocities . He was a megalomaniac ,dictator who was meddling in the internal politics of countries.
        For your information , I’m not a fast food fan😄. Meanwhile, have a great day in your little flat in Nottinghill. Looks like you missed the company of the Banjul elites.

  9. Luntango, I am curious to know your own relationship with Baba K Jobe. From what i know. Baba was working to correct his misdeeds. He wanted to stop Jammeh but he too like others was betrayed. How was Baba as a person?

  10. Not true. We the military were the power behind the change of government not Baba Jobe.
    Max, get your facts right. President Jammeh is a bloodsocker and master traitor. He foolishly takes credits for our hard work and sacrifice. What God Father. We are the true God Fathers. Rest my case.

    • Sana Bairo, Maxs never said Baba Jobe was behind the change of government. Are you reading with your feet? you must be dizzy. Of course Maxs said Baba came after you, comrades and Jammeh killed democracry in our country. Baba therafter came and helped Jammeh entrenched brutal politics lawlessness and iron fist rule on poor Gambians.
      If you are the real Sana Bairo Sabally we know, then you better prepare to face the November 1994 comrades you massacred cold blood after death? They are surely waiting for you to go on God’s trial.
      Now what happen between you and Jammeh is none of our business, if you feel Jammeh betrayed you then load your pistol, or AK47, go after him and unload a bullet in his donkeyhead, that way you might earn maybe a half simpathy from gambians for helping us get rid of Jammeh.

    • Sana Bairo, president Jammeh is a BLOODSOCKER but Mr. Gibril Sey was not. He was a good man and a soldier of a kind.
      DO YOU KNOW THE MAN??? Good men live on in the hearts of people.

  11. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    HASSAN Wageh, I think I answered your question under the Sam Sarr Disgraceful piece, Peace.

  12. Maxs, you still can’t persuade me about your mental state, because you have lied about me for several occasions on your past comments, without any justification, and based on your previous comments about the other political parties in the Gambia, who you usually attacked them based on their tribes, now you twisting and turning things to your typical style of self-expression, which gives no recommendation neither to you nor to your allies. Therefore, as being the 7th t0 8th generation of the Gambian origin, just to start from there, maybe much longer, I feel responsible to stop you and Sam Sarr type of so called Gambian if I could, in order to avoid the mistake made by Baba Jobe [RIP]. He could have stayed in his Yundum office, but unfortunately, during those days many Gambians were desperately crying for regime change in Banjul which included my little self, thereby the whole thing went wrong! No time of individual screening or Background checking process, they just went on forming an APRC party led by Yaya Jammeh whose two biological parents were not even born in the Gambia according to the information from the people of Foni origins, true or false, God knows the best, but what is now certain to the Gambians is that, Yaya Jammeh went through lot of humiliations during his child wood, which has a negative impact in his life today. The Dutch psychologist predicted, a human being’s attitude start from the Birth, that’s why we are following the so called Gambian nationalist hiding in their holes and want to be recognise by the public to evaluate their mental health in advance. You are one of them Maxs!
    Absolutely not with you Maxs! Until you come out and identify yourself to the Gambians, then, we can take from there, otherwise let’s keep hammering each other until we reach to the common interest for the Gambians.
    Regarding your intelligence as you claimed to be, I have no objection to that, but cautiously, these days, there are many Doctors who are very intelligence but still killed their patience whom they supposed to cure. Just recently, a German pilot came down with 150 passengers on-board and killed all of them, you want to tell me that you are intelligent than the pilots? Education does not make anyone fit mentally. Please, keep writing, we will keep evaluating!
    Thank you friend..

    • Yankuba, I have been following your threads with Maxs and came to conclude that you love to read Maxs and nothing else. So being the case be honest enough to give the devil its due instead of treating him with names just to make him teach you more. Maxs is coherent, sound, articulate and frank.
      Beating around the bush just to make someone repeat himself is dishonarable. There is no half truth, its either true or false. Unfortunately your brother Baba Jobe was on the wrong side of history. If there is one that owes an apology to Baba, it is certainly James Junkung Jammeh whom he has given his ALL. If if there are individuals who should ask for mercy from the people of the Gambia they surely are Baba Jobe and AJJ Jammeh and Co.
      History is very stubborn and cannot be undone lest you behave like an angry ostrich.

      • Deyda Haidra, I hope you are not the honorable Deyda Haidra may his soul rest in peace, who was killed in cold blood, which was very unfortunate and sad, let your hero and my mentally disturb maxs come out and identify hemself to the Gambians, then i have a message for him, to go after Amadou Samba and the others in Banjul and leave the deaths in peace, that is not defending someone? Does it? I know you are another aly of maxs, but i don’t care. The Gambia is my country, and i will stay on my ground without moving an inch!

        • Yankuba, we will not live Baba in peace, we refuse to be brainwash by nonentities by only going after the living. The enemies of Prophet Mohamed pbuh are constantly villified and chastized by muslims the world over yet you approve. Your Baba Jobe was a no brainer, he was just impulsive and self centered reason why he regretted why he associated himself with a traitor but halas! it was too late he ate what he sowed.
          As for Amadou Samba don’t worry he will suffer the same faith as your brother Baba Jobe. His time will come. He tasted a little bit of it in Dakar in the hands of the security agent of
          He said and I quote ” please leave me alone JK is the killer not me” lol.
          Evil that men do will follow them right.
          As for Deyda Haidara mhsrip, I adopted his name in the spirit of keeping his legacy alive, he was an honorable, honest upright and fearless journalist.
          Now as for me I will not devulge my identity because you might sell me to the NIA crocodiles. No no no until JK is gone you will not know who I am. So keep Sherriffa in the dark, the issue about Baba and not Sheriffa.

  13. Thank you sana Bairo for your contribution, I welcome you here to have substantial debate which I hope you will continue to take part.
    Here is what you said :
    Sana Bairo: ” not true , we the military were the power behind the change of government not Baba Jobe ”

    Sana , if you read my statements very carefully, I NEVER say Baba Jobe was the power behind the change of government. I absolutely agreed with you , it was the military. What I emphasized was , Baba Jobe brought in experience , ideas , knowledge or strategies to build Jammeh’s vision of military dictatorship. This was why I stated that baba became the right person to help him ( jammeh) to achieve his ultimate goal . I went to say that ” at the time , other members of the junta were not aware of this plan “.
    Sana Bairo , are you aware of plans to get rid of you as Jammeh’s number two or vice chairman? I am sure , you are not , otherwise you would have taken actions. Some of you who took part in the coup did not know about Jammeh’s plan. Jammeh is intelligent criminal thinker. What was your personal relationship with Jammeh before the coup and after the coup ? What did you know about Baba Jobe when he was in Libya and when he returned home ? I think the answers to these questions would be vital to dispute my claim that Baba was the chief Artichect of military dictatorship in The Gambia.

    • You Lying again here maxs! [Baba Jobe brought in experience , ideas , knowledge or strategies to build Jammeh’s vision of military dictatorship. This was why I stated that baba became the right person to help him ( jammeh) to achieve his ultimate goal]. Stop lying Sam Sarr number 2…What about Amadou Samba and the many, many of them in Banjul, still aiding [helping] Yaya Jammeh to continue his killing and unnecessary detention of the innocent Gambians, that’s why i said, go after those who are still alive and leave the deaths in peace, if you are not mentally sick? You are hiding something in yourself, but all your plans will be faild misreably. Keep writing, we are evaluating your thoughts.

      • Yankuba Jobe, here you displaying your nepotism. Why go for Amadou Samba? Oh because he is alive and Baba is dead?
        This scrap of not saying the bad legacies of dead people is a non starter. Hilter is dead we speak of how bad he was. Enemies of Prophet Mohamed pbuh are dead but yet we muslim preach their bad legacies in Gamos and even the holy Coran speak bad of them.
        My friend if you are stuck in the head let Maxs enlighten you?
        Also be ware that you are not the costodian of insults, we can hail nasty insults at your face but we perfer to remain humble and civilized. So mind your chosen words and argue with respect.

        • But Did the world go after all Germans, todays Germany become a shelter for millions of immigrants, so they have rectify the past from bad to good. I am not singling anyone out of the equation, i simply said, let us focus how to build a future for our children. I know, you are not a family member of the late honorable journalist, you are too far apart from this honourable family, and it is even unfortunate that, you are attaching yourself with them. May Allah Bless his honourable soul. Ameen

  14. My in-law….Did you say “historical essay ” ? Not for me…Very informative but lacks the required authenticity for historical relevance…Verifiable sources have to be cited for some of the information produced here to meet that criteria…Hot stuff though.. very, very hot stuff…

    Personally, I know for a fact that there are many people, some dead and others still alive, who have contributed in varying degrees (some as much as late Baba Jobe or even more than him) in the emergence of Yaya Jammeh on.our political scene, the creation of AFPRC/APRC as instruments of governance and the consolidation of the regime in power…

    Notable among these people are officers and men/women of the GNA in/around 1994 who overthrew the PPP Government and installed Lt.Yaya Jammeh as chairman of the junta and Head of State, having known him and what he is capable of very well ..;

    Pro junta civilian activists, who conducted secret meetings around the width and bredth of the country,with bags and bags of colanuts, informing the country about the desire of Captain Jammeh to contest the elections, as well as canvassing for mass support for him;

    Religious, political, opinion and community leaders who converged at State House to prevail on Captain Jammeh not to hand over to anyone but to himself, by contesting and of course, winning the elections ;

    The endless badge of draftsmen/women, who conjured up and constructed into law, decrees of varying magnitudes for the Junta, which became the instruments of governance, or (more likely), of terror against the people ;

    Last, but by no means the least, are the politicians and officials of the first republic, who created, nurtured and perfected a system of government based on nepotism, favouritism, sycophancy, corruption and complete monopoly over state apparatus by the ruling party..


    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      My in-law, History is contentious. Look at China and Japan today – one wrong word about events 70 years ago threaten to lead to war! I am a UK trained teacher of History, but I reject the British approach of writing out of History the ORDINARY peoples’ narration as “lacking evidence”. That is why the British wrote Africa out of History. They don’t accept our History as told to us by our Griots (such as Maxs – lol). But even our great researchers such as Walter Rodney (How Europe Under-Developed Africa) are rejected.

      The best British approach to History is Professor E.H. Carr’s WHAT IS HISTORY – but his fellow British Professors HATE that little book!

      In short, I think I would accept Maxs’ narrations as “historically useful” – if his narration makes sense (which I submit is “subjective” but so is much History).

  15. Yankuba Jobe , to be honest I am not interested In personal fight with you . Please if you really want to defend your brother , write about the good things you think he did then we can debate that . You are continuously lying about me and lying about every thing you said here. I know you are desperate and angry but don’t blame me , I am simply talking about the implications of policies , political thuggery and terrorism your brother inflicted on Gambians and dictatorship he supported. Can’t you recognized that you are the only one here who is defending him because you are a relative . Tell us how good he was for The Gambia? Stop lying that I attacked other political parties based on tribe . I am here on record speaking against your friend Lafia touray who accused halifa Sallah of tribal sentiment. I know your efforts is to describe me as anti-mandinka but that is not going to work because I don’t have any bigotry against any tribe . Please try not to involve tribe in your brother defense. I am a Gambian citizen who speak different languages and I respect each tribe .
    Genetically, you are no different from your brother if you know what I mean. Can you tell us who is sheriffba Jobe?

    • If you really want to know who is Sherefba, just come out of your little hole and identify yourself, then, I will tell you. Is that clear? otherwise, you can drink your 1000 bottles, you will not get a word from me, Mr. Sam Sarr no:2!

    • Maxs

      can you tell us who you are ?

      what is your brothers name ? and where did you work in the gambia ?

      let us know you first.. otherwise you just a ghost writer hiding behind completely ignorance.

      why are you hiding and finding about people ? hell fire will fry you

      i wonder why fire is burning inside your stomach.


      • Lol! Admiral you are too phoney, why dont you tell us who Admiral is Han! Are you an NIA crocodile? Tell us who you are.

  16. A system that categorised opposition to its rule as ungodly,dismissed the opposition as irrelevant and anti progress and reinforced the erroneous belief of “Allah is responsible for all”,through their clergy and so called religious leaders,in the national psyche of a largely illiterate and ignorant population…

    Yaya Jammeh’s dictatorship is flourishing because the fertile ground for it has already been well and truly established by his predecessors…That is why I maintain that those who target individuals for exposure for their role in this nightmare are not wrong to do so, but they are missing the point…

    It is my view that if the intention to expose these individuals for their various roles in this ” fairy tale drama” is to serve as a means to an end, rather end in itself,then there are more than enough individuals alive today for that purpose…Attention should be on those individuals whilst the dead are left to rest in peace…

    What should be of paramount concern to us all is how to end, once and for all, the culture and system of politics and governance that has created Yaya Jammeh and his regime and has the potential to create another “Yaya Jammeh”, if unchanged…

    There is no doubt that mistakes have been committed by many people including the departed…We can learn lessons from the tragedies of the likes of late Baba Jobe, late Saddibou Hydara, late Almamo Manneh, etc but it is better that we move on because they have gone for good and can no longer influence anything or respond to any allegations or charges against them..


    • Hello Bax, please allow me to interject here. What you term as the main problem is for the mental state of Gambian to change direction and certainly that is the ultimate and permanent solution to truly democratize our minds, country and politics. However this is will take a long time to acheive and can only be acheive when the current crop of bad leadership are thrown in the dustbin of history. Until then we have no other choice but to attack individuals, official and non-official, institutions and groups who are helping the status quo for selfish gains. Once JK and cohorts are out, we will embark on trying to untie the mental state of Gambians for a better Gambia. We will of course continue to educate Gambians online but mass education can only take place when the state media is in good hands.

  17. Max, without doubt Baba did a lot of ‘things’ when he was embedded in the system…the rest is history (which you are trying to tell). In doing that however, you need to get all your facts right. For example you said under Baba’s tenure as Majority leader, Presidential Term Limit was removed. This is erroneous, in 2001 no such Presidential term limit existed for Baba to be able to remove it

    Secondly, you mentioned that he helped set up National Patriotic Student Union (NAPSU) – well it is not a Union but an Association – these two are very different. Do further research on how NAPSA was formed and who was the brain behind it, you will be surprised it was not Baba, but someone who is currently a serving minister.

    • Thats a fact Bubs. Max the hitman needs to verify informations on individuals though I still urge him to sharpen his pencil.

  18. Max, please don’t waste your time responding yankuba Jobe comment. Baba Kajali Jobe was up to NO GOOD and he dies without good legacy to talk about but being our Jarra and the entire Gambian thug and ruthless arrogant enabler of dictator Jammeh. At the Yundum International Airport, the same Baba k. Jobe pulled a gun on innocent civil servant for disobey his dictating orders. Tell Yankuba Jobe that I came from Jarra as well, what Baba k. Kobe and his Green Boys did in his native Jarra was still a history. President Jawara and his administration did a wonderful job putting him behind bar for trying to commit crime like late Kukoe Sanyang did in 1981. The same Baba k. Jobe was defended by Lawyer Ousainu Darboe when he was arrested by ppp but he turns against the same lawyer Darboe during 2001 presidential campaign that he and his green boys want to ambush Lawyer Darboe and his entourage on the from Basse to jarra. He Baba k. Jobe want to kill lawyer Darboe in that incident or ambush plot. Baba is nothing but ruthless terrorist and thug. Yankuba, Gambians are not fools.

  19. With reference to Sana Bairo (assuming it is the same Sana Bairo of AFPRC), I would be grateful if you (or any other person here) could “outline the hard work and sacrifice” you have mentioned.

    You call President Jammeh – the Professor – “Traitor”; but lest I am mistaken, your characterisation seems to represent the pot calling the kettle black!!

  20. I also think that the culture that breeds the kind of impunity we are facing should be the sole target of our efforts. People any where deserve the leaders they have. The other day some of the people alias pardoned and shamelessly paraded, blame Allah for their imprisonment and thanked their jailer for his mercy. So you see that what Bax is alluding to, is very prevalent in our country. Especially the majority group to which I belong, must start to lead the cultural transformation like the one we are seeing being spearheaded in Senegal by that countries majority cultural group. The theme is enlightenment! Away from everything happening being stamped “will of Allah”. Equally important is to free up energies bundled up in petty family or kabilo [clan] scuffles. The freed energies must be guided towards national development. It means our generation must muster the courage to question simply outdated beliefs and preach the separation of religion from the state among others. The likes of Baba Jobe will always be at hand but the majority must be the guidance of common sense.

    • Spot on Kinteh.
      We must also attack the staunch enablers of JK as we move on to educate people and change our mindset in a truly democratic and all inclusive and tolerant society.
      Thank you.

  21. Bax, I think what you failed to understand is that sometimes sources have to be protected to avoid adverse effects especially in the case of Gambia where we still have military dictatorship. It is the same reason you and I are hiding our identities. It also doesn’t mean that the information is not true or is not historical relevance when the sources are not cited.
    You have explained well all the ingredients which made Jammeh to contest for election and subsequently became the president. I also agreed that people who did the change of government is not baba Jobe but the military. Baba Jobe was the chief architect of the ideas , knowledge and experience of military dictatorship as evidenced by the policies, political thuggery, corrupt practices, as well as helping Jammeh in implementation of those ideas . Tell me a single Gambian who had experience military training in dictatorship, first hand knowledge of dictatorship, had excellent connection with dictator anywhere and had personal friendship with dictator , came back to Gambia and worked closedly with Dictator jammeh?
    Before dictator Jammeh, There was no dictatorship in The Gambia . Gambia has one of best human rights record in west Africa or Africa in general.
    Bax, history is very important in our lives because it help us to learn and this is why we talking about the policies mr Jobe supported. You can bring your religion beliefs to defend your belief that we shouldn’t talk about dead but I careless about that and I think majority careless about it too .
    The legacies of baba Jobe has big influence on you and I , that is why we are hiding behind our keyboard to write . Remember, he supported media commission bills which lead to communications 2009 bills amendment which prohibits writing any thing negative about the president on the Internet.

  22. Bubs, I think you understand that I am referring to NAPSA which is the student union or association whichever you might call it , that was set up to undermine Gamsu . NAPSA was set up after the April 10, student demonstrations.
    Another points , you and I disagree is the removal of two terms Limits or presidential term limits , well I want to refer you to commonwealth report right after the 2001 election. National Assembly amended the constitution to removed second round voting together with two term limits which was in the constitution. The problem is when you have criminals in charge of the country, people don’t know what was happening. Can you please tell us who do you think was the brain behind NAPSA other than baba Jobe ?

    • Maxs a point correction here to be precise. The term limit was removed after the referendum and just before the constitution was inacted into law and publish in the Gazette.
      We know the individuals who influence or accepted to be influenced by JK to remove that clause and Baba and other legal advicers were the ones behind the killers of the terms limit. In fact every time we on the ground see this legal loud mouth in town, we always remind him that he killed us and he agrees and regrets.
      Notwithstanding Baba was the main propagandist of all the bad policies and unconstitutional acts exported from ditatorships around the world and imposed on Gambians and JK loves it. Lol!
      That is why when one votes or enacts a law one should think twice because these same laws can come back and hunt and hurt you.
      Dictators are not intelligent they are simply brutal and heartless, period.

  23. “What should be of paramount concern to us all is how to end, once and for all, the culture and system of politics and governance that has created Yaya Jammeh and his regime and has the potential to create another “Yaya Jammeh”, if unchanged…” Bax.

    The above sums up the whole dilemma of the Gambia’s political predicament. And Bax has also detailed an incisive narrative of the political evolution from the first to the second republic that firmly established what Gambians now have to deal with.

    It also underscores the fact that the trajectory of the whole opposition political struggle, as well as the diaspora struggle, has to change to impact meaningfully the desired changes that will lead to the consolidation of the democratic and republican values that should have been the hallmark of our republic in the first place.

    All these partisan political posturing is not going to cut it. We are talking about a political reality and a political power base that is entrenched and consolidated. It is only a concerted and unified political effort by all the stakeholders that can feign the political leverage and power necessary to at least force a compromise.

    Politics is an evolutionary process. It evolves. It moves from one stage to another. Within this process it has its own inherent contradictions which can be resolve either peacefully or violently. If there is a break in this process it creates its antithesis which is an act of a revolution. Such an act can be spontaneous; disorganized, misguided and violent and may defeat the noble objectives of building a democratic and republican value system.

    On the contrary, the inherent contradictions within this evolutionary process can be resolved peacefully. And that means there should be no break in the process to create its antithesis. The process must continue to evolve.

    This is the reason why those who are cognizant of this fact are calling on the executive to consider “life after the presidency” rather than ” a presidency for life”.

    At this point I believe that the person who occupies executive power can be magnanimous and do for the Gambian people what has not been done for our republic for the last 50 years.

    To continue with the evolutionary process and not allow it to break to create its antithesis which is an act of a revolution, the executive as a compromising gesture and to guide the process to the attainment of a democratic and republican value system can do the following:

    a) make a definitive commitment and public announcement to the Gambian people that it will not seek reelection after the 2016 elections.

    b) immediately after this announcement start the process of creating a constitutional consultative committee that will look into the constitution to make recommendations as to what needs to be amended or abrogated to make it conform to our democratic and republican values and to entrenched a two term limit to the presidency and a second round of voting. This process can continue well after the 2016 elections depending on its time frame.

    c) If the executive should win reelection in 2016, it should ensure that the constitutional consultative committee continue its works, and once all the mechanisms and institutions have been put in place to firmly entrenched a two term limit to the presidency and the second round of voting, the executive can then publicly declare to the Gambian people it desire to resign the presidency before the end of its mandate so that it guide the process to elect the next president.

    In my opinion this is one way in which the executive can help the process of democratization in the country. It can minimize the power struggle which can ensue if there is a political power vacuum in the event that something unforeseen happens.

    Notwithstanding the above, the opposition political parties can continue to do what they are doing. And the expectation is that in the end they will do what everyone wants them to do.

  24. @Maxs….”According to sources , He came with an idea that the president should have absolute power which gave Jammeh power to appoint and fire Chiefs , alkalo and even fire members of Aprc….”

    Comment….I think your sources have misinformed you, as far as the “absolute power” of the chief executive is concerned..

    The Gambia’s chief executive (President) has always had “absolute powers”, bestowed on the office (of president) by provisions that were lifted from an older set of laws designed for an absolute ruler : The Monarch of the British Empire..

    The provisions dealing with the powers of the President,under the 1997 constitution, may literally have been lifted from the same provisons in the 1970 constitution, which were themselves a “carry over” from pre-independent Gambia…even if not in words but definitely in spirit…The Governor General of colonial Gambia enjoyed absolute powers that were exercised under the authority,and on behalf of,the Monarch of the British Empire..

    Sir Dawda Jawara enjoyed similar powers, though he used them reservedly. ..He could hire and fire officials without giving reasons or explaining to anyone…If he had wanted,he could have ordered officials to do whatever he liked and nothing would have come out of it…It reminds me about an.observation a blogger made once…That the difference between dictatorships is only due to the character of individual dictators..

    The Gambia ‘s (ruling parly) “dictatorship ” today is different from yesterday’s because the current “dictator” is less qualified and has a more aggressive personality than the former “dictator”…

    Indeed, draconian laws were passed at different stages of this dictatorship,under the guidance of different individuals, either as central government officials or parliamentarians, but again,we need to look beyond these individuals to understand the problem we are facing in this regard..


    • Bax here you are ABSOLUTELY right.
      Even today some senegalese opposition members are calling Macky Sall a dictator. Lol! Yes african presidents have absolute powers which only IRREVOCABLE term limits can perhaps correct. In that, they will think twice knowing they will leave office one day and might face their past treacheries and dictatorial actions.
      Just look at the recent attempt at instituting within ECOWAS term limits and behold that protocol is not subject to voting but when it comes which president should represent them as Chairman of ECOWAS…oh they must vote for it.
      Double standards isn’t it? This goes to show that african presidents in general are mornachs in reality and spirit.
      JK will NEVER taste the chairmanship of ECOWAS because he is not trusted by his pairs despite being the doyen of the presidents. Lol!

  25. Let’s reflect our minds back to 1981 or thereabout….Soon after the Senegalese helped to foiled the attempted government take over by late Kukoi and his comrades, the PPP decided to take the country into a confederation with Senegal…

    No consultations were done with the public or other stake holders…The then PPP dominated Parliament simply “debated” the proposals, in their usual sycophantic manner, with each member trying to outdo the other in.praise singing, without actually looking at the substance of what they were debating, and ratified the agreements,thus creating the Senegambia Confederation..

    Not long afterwards, was being repeated brought to their attention, they realised that they may have compromised the sovereignty and independence of the country by ratifying the confederal protocols…

    They attempted to seek amendments of the protocols but this angered the Joof administration so much so that he unilaterally pulled the plug and ended the confederation unceremoniously, leaving Jawara exposed and unguarded one fine morning, because he relied on the Senegalese troops for his security…

    So individuals could be.singled out for blame,as much as we like,but the practice to protect government or ruling party interest in parliament or national assembly, was and still is an institutionalised one…

    We could have been talking about BB Darboe (as head of government business in the house) or Tamsir Jallow or Fabakary Tombong Jatta…Individuals may change but the story is the same…

    Of course,it is worse under the APRC but that’s only because they have a worse leader…The culture of how we run our institutions must change otherwise it will be the same “story” played by different “actors..”

    • Bax, making laws is an EXTREMELY important exercise in which one should think thousand times before drafting it, passing it and enacting it. It will have a LASTING effect and will take the return process to UNDO it.
      This is different from indivuduals or groups making mistakes or mis-judgments that do not necessarily affect society in a way laws do.
      I would suggest you put in article so we can have an indept debate the defunct senegambia confederation.
      I prefer to stay focus on Baba Jobe and his legacy subject of this article.

  26. @Maxs…..”Rest in peace the God father of APRC and tutor of President Jammeh.”

    Really Maxs…! Really .! You tear the image of a deceased man into shreds, and then wish him to REST IN PEACE…Are you being serious. ..?

    This is the height of hypocrisy…The mother and father of all hypocrisy. ..You might as well wish him otherwise, if you know.what I mean..

  27. Thank Haidara , and Edi. Yankuba didn’t want to accept the truth. He want to use all kind of labels on me but it is not going to work . I am consistent , and pointing out the same thing to him. I think he is just fascinated by my postings because he confessed to be following me for a year. We need to educate him about Gambia in general. Next time, I will write very interesting article about someone inside Jammeh’s government and I want to see his reaction. This person is also very closed to jammeh. I have plan to do depth series of various players in Jammeh’s inner circle . That way Gambians would know what they stand for and did to oppress Gambians . Though I have my smartphone with 24 hours Internet access and even at work I can take a ten minutes break and post my comments. Our pens and smartphones are mightier than their guns . Papa yanks , don’t take things personally , Americans will say . I like to debate Jammeh himself because I learned he always browse Internet at night if he is not busy raping young girls . Jammeh used different names sometimes he pretend to be opposition sympathizers , that is why I don’t trust my good friend Bax lol.

  28. @Maxs…..”Jammeh used different names sometimes he pretend to be opposition sympathizers , that is why I don’t trust my good friend Bax lol.”

    Ohoooooo! That’s a good one..But no, be rest assured Maxs, that I am not Jallow Kaninlai..

  29. Kairo News

    I am deeply disappointed about the lies and fabrication of the highest form of hypocricy from your paper and more importunately the author of this piece about Baba Jobe. the guy wrote this should be sacked and never be allowed on your paper.

    it’s misleading and full of hate and lies. comrades such will never make us better but bitter. this author does not know baba at all and all his piece is nothing but hate as far as i can see it.

    Yankuba jobe knows baba from childhood to maturity and please ask him for facts and allow him to correct you if you are really looking and practicing good and fair so called journalism.

    Thank you and kind regards


    • Admiral, you behave like a dictator because you have no counter arguments or facts to present to the audience reason why you are mad and arrogant. Who cares? Kaironews is here for all (opponents and allies) alike to exchange points in this free world of the internet. If you want to sanction any views go to GRTS or Observer to do so.
      Yankuba Jobe is here to protect his brother with all his rights but we are also here to counter him and put the records straight and let the audience make their judgments. This is the fundamental tenet of the democratic and civilize world which we all want the Gambia to part of.
      Just drink some cold water chill and watch us debate. We have enough of dictators.

      • Deyda

        I am thinking to myself who the hell you are? are you truly a Gambian ? or do you hold some sort of envy against some ppl in Gambia ? or maybe you once worked for the same government , been kicked out because of yopur rotten behaviors or character.

        let me tell you that the article is bias and full of lies once again.

        baba was actually in the Gambia before the coup and was infect working for NARI.

        Baba never kill, and never took anyone’s property. yes he was powerful and he should be by all means looking at the position where he was by the time.

        saying he is ruthless is out of context , he will punch you in the face if you dare attck him face to face and you and i will do the same. Thats what jarrankas do… if you not aware
        Looking at your position as you might think you are clever or responsible because of the so called stupid and nonsense use of pen doesn’t make you vulnerable to be label a crazy hypocrite….history will tell us that you are a hater and lair by tarnishing people image and character for your own personal problem.

        Most of you just talk from your ass and doesnt make any sense to ordinary gambian. same old silly things that you have no idea what you talking about.

        Can you tell us where you get your sources of information from ?
        have you ever sit or speak to baba.
        tell us your experience

        politics is politics and its not religion. i believe Gambian people are peaceful and respectful except those of you encouraging hate and smear mongering to tarnish people.

        Did you know that we love reading your paper but honestly will never trust majority of you to run our country for the fact that we look at you as a someone who was once a member of the same regime and have abuse, accuse and use us….we no fools anymore and many who are silence knows what what am talking about.

        Gambian will untie but not from the angel where most of you thinks. Try heal the wounds not adding salt to injuries. dont lie against your own people if you love yourself.

        sort your mouth if you cannot motivate or encourage Gambians on good course.because you talking too much and all inflammatory.

        thank you and God bless good hardworking and humble truth speaking gambians


        • Admiral, you said Baba was powerful, yes, but not more powerful than the one who accorded him power, I name Yaya Jammeh. But let me tell you a factual story here, beleive it or not is not business. When Baba saw me going WILD at some occassion, he backed off and BEG me to calm down.
          You see only COWARDS display their arrogance and Baba was one of them. Baba had a big RESPECT for me reason why I confronted him about the pistol incident at the airport and he politely told me that he did it on self defence. I told him he was wrong and that as a leader he should show better example that he could have his way if he was polite to security officer who was doing his job. He accepted.
          My advice to you Admiral JK is instead of insulting people because they go against Baba, you will do a GREATER favor by telling the people the GOOD things Baba did for people. I know Baba did help a lot of people maybe including you. Where I have a beef with Baba is his support of the laws he help enact that are hunting all Gambians from then on. Those laws are only good for Jammeh and we see Jammeh acting above the law all the time. In essence Baba served only one man at the detriment of the citizens and I am sure he regretted it when he found himself in JAIL for 9 long years. As I said previously if there one person that should ask for forgiveness from Baba it is none other than Yaya Jammeh the traitor, the bully and the deceiver.
          Now get this in your arrogant brains. Stop being impulsive and disrespectful it will not serve you any good as thousands of people are reading your arrogant reactions.
          Peace and Love are my daily mantrafor those that know me but if I have to fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE I will do it without hesitations.
          My independence and freedom are not NEGOTIOBALE and I am prepared to die for it.
          Thank you.

    • Admiral, thank you for your views and opinion on Max’s article. You are free to present the facts as you see it. We at Kairo News don’t control the ‘Truth’ or ‘Facts’. This is an open platform where Gambians can engage each other academically and intellectually. We encourage Gambians to discuss and debate cordially and respectfully. If we are confident that, there will be no insults, the comments will flow freely. Please present your side of the Baba Jobe story to our esteemed readers. Thank you once again.

      • Kairo

        I want kairo and that’s a fantastic name. if you allow lairs and haters whose primary concern is fighting against people whom they have personal problems or editors. commentators or whatever name you called them to write nonsense we will strike back and i think you don’t want people to look at you as useless , bias and not good for the purpose you serve.

        I love your paper but honestly it looks like same people in the regime who where kick out for doing wrong and luckily get in Europe are talking shit .

        the whole story was a fabrication …baba was in Gambia before the coup , never kill, never put anyone in prison or take your properties….

        There most be some guys on your paper who knows better than this guy whose just write shit without knowing what he is talking about.

        i hope you will be more credible and recognise if you set the records straights than fighting and fabricating lies.

        Its disgusting to be honest to see gambian media how they present there cases.

        am sorry if i sound arrogant but we are all one and one for all.

        Thanks a lot


        • Admiral, again, you can object to what others say, however, no one should be censored if that what you are insinuating. Censorship is what dictators do. Baba is referred to as the ‘God Father of APRC and the Mentor to President Jammeh.’ Discuss those issues and avoid telling others what to think, or what to write. No amount of attack on Kairo News will deter it allowing Gambians the freedom to express themselves. If you follow the platform closely, members of Kairo News team were openly criticise here by writers and their views published, comments approved. Please focus on the issues raised, object to them but don’t attempt to tell us what to do. Thanks.

    • Admiral! Many of these young Gambians nowadays, especially in the Diaspora think, they can simply go to online radios and attack people without any justifications, which is wrong and rude! Therefore, I take the same opportunity to weigh, test and observe their unpredictable characters or abilities to know how many Yaya Jammeh and his kinds we have in the Gambia, from the past to the present, by doing so, I regard most of them as my [PROBATIONAL RABBITS] in Dutch language a [PROEF KONIJN]. I have no personal interest in any of theme’s affairs. I only expressed my opinion about what Sam Sarr was talking about the two gentlemen, Mr Ceesay and Mr. Jobe, I don’t know none of them from Adam! But put myself in these gentlemen’s shoes, what would I be thinking, if I am in their positions and what my children will think or go through with their mother? What I received in return from everybody’s [maxs]-Baba Jobe did these Baba Jobe did that, if it’s like Baba Jobe who took up Arms and overthrew the PPP Regime in 1994, and he did not stop from there, he went on and accused me of being trained as a Rebel in the past, later realised that, this was not Yankuba, but whenever I write a little thing regarding his mental health, he sees that as a character assassination against him or personal attack against him, which Democracy world he thinks, he is breathing? The same maxs did the same, when Sajor Fofana was release from prison, I only wrote a few comment to express my happiness for his released and warn him to stay out of politics. BOOOM!! The little maxs started personal attacks on me. You are the brother of Baba Jobe and Baba Jobe did this and that, am I Baba Jobe first place? That is my main reason to categorised him as mentally disturb person, and I will hold on to that ground until he gets help that he needed.


      • Oh my God!, you are really a phoney character…you write what you do not mean and are not who you pretend to be just to irritate Marx?
        I am done with you and would respectfully ask Maxs not to engage with a ghost in a debate.
        How dare you? damn nigger. lol!

        • Dayda Kairo should ban you from commenting…you are evil and full of hate.
          nothing good comes your dirty mouth and its a cancer for Gambians to be reading from your point of view.

          we welcome decent and humble good loving respectful Gambians to listen to not someone with a funny rotten character like you.

          please back off if you have nothing good to say…

          you don’t belongs to this KAIRO if they really mean what the name implies.

          Thank you !

          • Virtual dictators are harmless.
            JK is your enemy not me.
            My freedom of expression is not negotiable and virtual bullies like you can’t do a damn thing about it. Now if you are not happy go throw yourself in the sea or knock your head against the wall.
            Stop crying and man up.

          • Deyda! May Allah bless your soul. Ameen! But it is wrong to use someone else name to attack other people, take an example of your self. I think, Admiral is right about you hiding attitude, you will fail misrablly. We are looking for unity, not divison! If you are scared that, Yankuba Jobe will sale you to the NIA, then, stay away and stop using the innocent Gambian’s name to attack people. I AM A PROUD nigger as you call me.

            Jummuáh mubarak!

          • This shows that I am having an impact on your brains. I will teach you more keep reading.

  30. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs said: “Our pens and smartphones are mightier than their guns”.

    For your information Maxs “they” have smarter smartphones, mightier “pens” like Sheriff, Neneh, Grey Johnson AND they have guns too! That old saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” has become outdated once the sword-wielding rulers mastered the art of propaganda too.

  31. Admiral BD,
    Thanks for expression of your view. First of all, I am not a staff of kaironews but a regular commentator. I will be pleased if you could write a rejoinder to this article as to why you think the article is lies about mr Jobe . This article was thoroughly research from various reliable sources.
    Your suggestion that i should never be allowed to express my view is uncalled for and it is meant to infringe on my personal liberty to freely express my views. Freedom of expression is fundamental human rights guarantee in our constitution. You are entitled to your view just like anyone .
    The suggestion that Yankuba Jobe should be asked for facts and correction is itself concerning if you are looking independent and fair opinion . Why Yankuba Jobe who is a relative.? Don’t you think Yankuba Jobe could be bias when writing such an article since you are calling for fair journalism ? Yankuba is free to write anything and he has been doing that .
    Tell me statements that are lies in the article ?
    Given blanket allegations without providing any alternative is unfair .

    • Maxs

      You are a 5 star decorated liar. If you have issues with baba. thats your problem but don’t ever use your pen thinking you are clever when actually you are the father of hypocrites.

      society should ban people like you because you are evil

      baba works for the government and have helped Gambia and Gambian in times of difficulty…your mum or aunt or uncle might have been a beneficiary of babas generosity.and you know that.

      be more careful when you writing stuffs and don’t make it up to sound good .

      i am not saying you should not write but be just and speak the truth otherwise you will end up been ppl like SAM sarr…writing a book about someone and sudden said you lied…madness inst it.

      you might not like my advice but history will tell one day and we will write about you as well.

      God bless and open up your sight of seeing things in a positive way …peace

      • Lol! maybe you are Bulibuli Mansa in person because your thought process mimics exactly what JK tells him enemies when they subdue.
        You cannot have PEACE in the absence JUSTICE. Put that in your bloody dictator skull. I maintain my stances if you are not happy about truths and facts, then just put a bullet in your head and greetings to Baba Jobe. hahaha!

        • Deyda through what i can understand from your sense of humor as you write and laugh about it …seems you are not a good person of no standard.

          of Gambia have to listen or regard good people in society/media , you are none but a divider, hater and evil within.

          You really need reality check.

  32. The west know why they killed him Mr gaddafi was very good boy for the west the only mistake was see the truth wake up our shit African leaders tell them to be African to unite and stop the west to our resources 😭 Gaddafi is much better than me sarkozy Blair zapatero bush Obama all of them but the shame is we African can’t see the light

  33. Dida, the guns are meant for the protection of the greater innocent populace but turned upon, to rather oppress, molester, kidnap, torture, disappeared, maimed & kill the very people it’s supposed to protect, by the Murderous kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL & enablers…

    What everybody know including our very own Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Killer, IS the TRUE might belongs to the DEFENSELESS population; the Murderous kanilai Dictator, & the rest of you enablers have realised NO guns can prevent a revolutionary determined people like Gambians today…

    Gambians are being informatively exposed to the BARBARIC brunt of our Murderous kanilai KILLER which is gradually finishing the Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL off without resorting to firing of guns yet…

    It’s unfortunate for anyone person related to late baba jobe but the guy is part & parcel of the Gambian history for obvious reasons, so we can’t avoid mentioning him in death or alive…

    Dida, the evil Murderous Tyrannical kanilai Killer DEVIL always have EVIL mind for Gambians & friends including the very aid-abet agents, facilitators, etc etc etc…

    Baba wasn’t included in the “state event” where you mentioned Charles Taylor’s driver rushed at “breakneck speed”; the rush was created by the manipulative Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL, at last-minute, in ploy for a suppose motor vehicle accident, to eliminate baba & rest of you in the vehicle as collaterals, amongst other ways being worked out to make sure baba is liquidated at ALL costs…

    The thought of fear of Gadaffi coming after the Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL’s stinky backside, made EVIL yaya DEVIL jammeh not to kill baba whilst in incarceration, which was very easy decision after Gadaffi’s demise…

    The DEFERENCE between Murderous kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL & pre-dictatorship is the cold-blooded murdering, corruption & profligacy under the aprc which WEREN’T in Gambia at ANY time before…???

    Except for corruption, which was at LESSER scale before aprc; the general consensus on stop of WANTON DESTRUCTION & SAVE of LIVES & properties makes our Gambian situation MORE urgent to stop the Murderous kanilai Killer Beast in its destructive tracks by ANY means NECESSARY…

    Every other civic education, appraisals & awareness, will be quite effective under a JUDICIOUS atmosphere which is NEVER possible under the Murderous Tyrannical kanilai FIEFDOM…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  34. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    BAJAW said:

    “Baba wasn’t included in the “state event” where you mentioned Charles Taylor’s driver rushed at “breakneck speed” … the rush was created as a ploy for a suppose motor vehicle accident, to eliminate Baba & rest of you in the vehicle as collaterals … other ways being worked out to make sure baba is liquidated at ALL costs…”

    Luntango says: “Damn Bajaw, I am impressed … at your recollection of something I wrote ages ago … and at the Baba elimination theory”. But I must reject the “elimination” theory because we were genuinely held back well into the evening by the celebrations in Soma, well beyond the time we intended to be abck in the Kombos: hence the need for speeding back. Please remember also this was campaigning for the 2001 elections – when Baba was absolutely crucial to the success of the campaign … so the idea of anyone trying to “eliminate” him at that point doesn’t make sense.

  35. It won’t make sense to you, dida but knowing the murderous manipulations of the kanilai Murderous DEVIL yaya is cable of ANYTHING; just like those eliminated before & after, baba was becoming TOO influential for the Murderous kanilai Dictator’s liking, being referred to as co-president at time…

    The blood diamond & the Millennium Airline saga placed baba in the sight of the UN which was directly linked to the Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL; baba jobe was deliberately detained beyond “legal” sentence from kangaroo court, to finish him off, after the heinous attempt on lawyer Ousman Sillah’s life by the murderous kanilai killer devil agents…???

    Langtombong was reported to have refused to cooperate, coordinate a baba jobe assassination just like late Koro Ceesay type of elimination…??

    You attempt to deny the elimination plan; are you also denying the Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL ‘s agents’ murdering of baba jobe in his RVH hospital bed too…?

    The truth will eventually catch with the dictatorship & enablers; victory belongs to the oppressed genuine Gambians & friends; history is always in record.

    As believers, praying to God whilst trying is always rewarding…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  36. Look! Yankuba Jobe and co, this is the freedom of expression we are denied in the Gambia. So and other online newspapers are here to educate civil society about this issues that matter to us. So the truth cannot be hide your brother BABA K.JOBE has created himself a legacy which is horrible and ruthless legacy. Please are entitled to know the truth about his cruelty and ruthless things he has committed during his goody days with dictator jammeh. You have right to defend and make those claims right if you can but you cannot just think that we don’t have right to express our mind. Please take a break. This is western countries with freedoms that Allah has given to his humanity and animals to enjoy and we got to enjoy it here but not oppressive and dictator’s country gambia. So Yankuba Jobe and co, if you don’t like this online radio and newspapers, you have right to remain silent just like Sana sabally in Germany is doing.

  37. This article has open up old wounds. Allah knows what or who are suffered in the hands of Baba k. Jobe and his dictator boss Yahya AJJ jammeh. Yankuba Jobe, I think you should not attack and all other online newspapers for giving public our civil education or refreshing our mind the darkness day of the time Baba k. Jobe, Sana B. Sabally, Alhagie kanyi, Their evil dictator boss Yahya jammeh and co. Yankuba Jobe do you know that the owner of this paper Musa saidykhan was arrested tortured and imprisoned for no apparent reason just to express his Allah’s given freedoms. Where were you then? Max has wrote just a brief article about Baba k. Jobe who deserve no credit to praise but being ruthless, tortured, threatened innocent people lives, wrongful fired civil servant and etc. We all know the dead person deserve respect but not Baba k. Jobe’s case. Where were you Yankuba Jobe when late Baba k. Jobe wife and kids went to Lang conteh from Baddibu looking for a place to rent? When actually the same Baba k. Jobe is behind the Lang conteh’s firing from his previous job before starting working at gam patrol he is now. There are many victims of Baba k. Jobe that’s why when max wrote this article, it becomes very popular and attract a lot readers. Let me conclude my sincere contribution with this wise sincere advice to all of us, no matter what position, degrees and money you have, let’s not forget or think that you are perfect or above even the first human ever created by Allah. Let’s not be boastful arrogant and ignorant like Sana B. Sabally, Yahya AJJ Jammeh, BABA K. JOBE and Co but let’s term ourselves as a middle position as our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) advice us to be. He said if you term yourself to be in middle, you always have a sense of appreciation and grateful because if you look up and look down you will always said Alihammdulilah Rabbil Alamin. Only the sensible person will knows thus words of advice from our beloved prophet (SAW).

  38. Yankuba jobe, thank you for making the yundum airport incident straight. I was not there when the incident happened but a very clear source told me in our office in Banjul. Can you straight the ambush attempt or plot against lawyer darboe and his entourage on the way from basse while entering jarra? And for your information please we don’t want to know whether you possessed a Dutch diplomatic passport or not: so please keep it to yourself and don’t show off. But in fact you are boastful show off man indeed. A lot of people did remarkable Fisabillilahi sadaka without show off online that I helped dead body transport to Africa..thus and that. But look at you, narrating this dead person what you did and what Baba k. Jobe did. Personally, I don’t care all that, what I want to know is nothing but truth. Another information I know Baba k. Jobe even the way he walks, one can notice his arrogant and boastful and I think maybe that’s why that officer refused to bow down with him. Baba k.jobe used to come to our office, Bivac Gambia Ltd, 47 Leman st, Banju, anytime he came there he wants us to follow his commands or want us to who he was. Who gave F to him?

  39. Haidara . Thanks for explaining the removal of term limits . I read it on the commonwealth report 2011, that it was amended in 2001. Below is the title .
    “The Gambia Presidential Election 2011 – Commonwealth Secretariat” › files › documents.
    I think this confusion or misleading statement maybe given by the criminal regime during the last election . If you google it , you will see it under the report .
    As for Yankuba Jobe , I think we have to educate him , personally I don’t really care what he said about me .

  40. Yankuba Jobe and those defenders of Baba k. Jobe, the smartest thing you people should do if you truly love your brother Baba k. Jobe is to try to reach out to his victims you already knows and ask forgiveness on his behalf. He Baba kajali Jobe cannot ask forgiveness now but you the living loved ones can do that on his behalf but Baba, so many water passed under the bridge during his goody days with dictator Jammeh. Baba has so many victims who don’t do anything to him. If I said he killed someone before, I will be telling lies but I know he caused so many civil servants being fired , arrested and tortured. For his wife and kids case after dictator Jammeh forceful threw them away from Baba’s compound in kombo, they went to looking for rent at Lang Conteh’s compound which is around kololi area. Here is the answer Lang gave to his wife, if it was not the kids, I won’t allow you to rent in my compound because what your husband Baba kajali Jobe did to me personally. So this is a wake up call to all of us, no condition is permanent, so no matter how many billions or trillion dollars you have, no matter how many Phds you earned, no matter how many years of presidency or kingship like Pharaoh’s life span of kingship he live, one day it will all comes to an end. Nobody knows what tomorrow will be except Allah. But only boastful arrogant ruthless person like Dictator Jammeh, late Baba k. Jobe, Sana B. Sabally and Co don’t have clear sense and mind to think about that. Legacy and bad image of Baba kajali Jobe is real and always will be in the minds and souls of every innocent civilized human being. Yankuba Jobe and defenders if Baba k. Jobe, start going for forgiveness tour for Baba k. Jobe. I think that’s better for him inside his grave.

    • Edi, honestly you left me speakless. All i can say to you, stay bless and guided at all time! What do you think about that? You are reminding me that, we are living in the Western world, thank you for you great advise! Who was your Dad living in Libya, if I may know, because you put him in the picture. Be good..

  41. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bajaw, I like the respectful tone of the debating here. On your specific point, I can’t agree OR disagree with something that I don’t know about.

    Just to say that being a “Revolutionary” has its price and ALL Revolutionaries, from Karl Marx through to Nelson Mandela knew that: the question for them is NOT how they die – the question is how they live FOR their revolution. Looked at that way, I am sure Baba K Jobe would have no regrets, just as Mandela, King, X, Lumumba, Gadafy and others would have NO REGRETS. Of course, we are all entitled to evaluate their legacies and that is what we are doing here – but it would be silly to think our evaluation is of any concern to the departed Revolutionaries – the debate is from our own individual political positions today – not necessary an objective assessment.

  42. Hi yankuba Jobe, Am born and raised in jarra i know many thing that have gone wrong in jarra and baba jobe is dead but he did many dubious things in jarra, lots of people have been beaten because they they don’t support Aprc and he went on to dismiss many jaranka youths working under government because their parents don’t support Aprc..The youths of karantaba at that time give no regards to anyone but Baba Jobe ..You yourself know that during Baba jobe’s era their is no cooperation between jarankas ..And let me remind you of Saikou Jobe Aka secretary for his nonsense who insult police officers at the check point ..

    • Jarra Boy, thank you for updating me! I was not there, and even if I was there, I would not be able to do anything about it! Typical African political culture, it happened in Guinea and Senegal. Conclusion; I will not waste my time to engage with you, but i do respect your opinion and you can go ahead like any other person to express your grievance to the Gambian public! I will never defend those who are alive and well, I hope you may understand that and respect it. Let whoever you accused for insulting a police officer to come out and defend himself.
      Thank you Mr Jarra BOY!!

  43. Dida, I don’t expect you or any aid-abet agents or facilitators, etc etc, to agree to points of notification because they are blinded by cult-allegiance like blinding loyalty, to the almighty Murderous kanilai Satanic Devilish so-called leader…

    People like Langtombong & other facilitating elements will have lots to answer for EVIL kanilai Syndicate crimes against humanity in Gambia when the Murderous kanilai Killer DEVIL is captured…

    All true revolutionaries, contrary to what you said, are concerned with lasting positive legacies; I’m sure if baba jobe is to come back to life again, given the opportunity, he would have turn back the hands of the clock; he might not repent openly but baba surely regretted during the last days in incarceration, before his elimination; particularly after the demise of Gadaffi in Libya…

    Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY, so dictatorships are always power-drunken & tend to immense in utopia until awakened rudely…

    Evil Murderous Tyrannical kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL & aid-abet facilitators, agents & elements will also have their day of reckoning in Gambia, sooner…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  44. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bajaw, you said:

    “People like Langtombong & other facilitating elements will have lots to answer for …”

    Luntango says:

    Bajaw, you would be “hunting” virtually the whole of the Gambian Civil Service, Ministers, Businessmen, etc, etc, in that case! And what of the 60% or so of the Gambian citizens that VOTED FOR JAMMEH again and again? You gonna “hunt” them too??

    What is likely to happen, Bajaw, is that any new Administration Post-Jammeh will priortise National Reconciliation and Healing and will totally discourage the kind of witch-hunting that you suggest. And the priority will be the Rule of Law and Peace – rather than revenge.

    I am aware that many people such as yourself Bajaw have stories of suffering – and you have told yours gallantly and with dignity. But the national priority to avoid bloodshed and establish peace will over-ride your thirst for vengeance.

    “An eye for an eye simply makes everyone blind”.


  45. Yankuba jobe, let me tell you no matter how long it takes, truth shall come out and the lies will vanish into tiny air. Jarra boy and many writers will not accused the dead person like Baba kajali jobe like that without committed all those crimes mentioned by us. Before Baba kajali jobe was not passed away, I heard that he was on travel ban. During his goody days he did a lot of ruthless and senseless crimes to innocent gambians not only people from Jarra as Jarra boy mentioned. So please seek for forgiveness on his behalf to those who suffered from his ruthless heartless hands together with his so called 22nd green boys. Gambians populace will never forget ruthless heartless and senseless crime or tortured Baba kalaji jobe did to them. Continue defending him but nobody sensible smart person will buy or defend Baba kajali jobe. Period!!!

    • Edi Amin boy? Forgive him, if he had ever hurt you or any member of your family as a Jarranka, or else, wait for Hereafter, I will recommend you to forgive him on this world, because you never know where yourself will be! Jummuáh Mubarak to you, stay guided..

  46. There only 2ways in the politic or Dictator or Mafia ,, African and Asian are dictators and the west are Mafias as we all knows that unfortunately it’s

  47. “Luntango says:…And the priority will be the Rule of Law and Peace – rather than revenge…”

    Indeed….indeed…indeed… (my-in-law)… The establishment of a genuine system of government, based on the rule of law, with strong and interrelated but independent institutions, should be our priority…

    That is.not to say that individuals who are known to have committed heinous/serious crimes against innocent people, or suspected to have been involved in acts of violations (either against individuals or against institutions ) should NOT be held to account….

    This however, must be done in a lawful and civilised manner… not support the idea that simply holding High office under this regime, whether in the security/civil service should be punishable under a new dispensation..

    I think genuine commissions of enquiry (not witch hunting ones) should be established to look into various aspects of.the AFPRC/APRC Administration, establish what was wrong and who were responsible, determine the extent to which each individual was culpable and make recommendations for any actions to be taken… (including reconciliation and compensations)…

    The AFPRC/APRC tragedy is a painful phase of our history that we may never forget, but we must be.prepared to reconcile and move on…Otherwise, we risk leaving a legacy of bitterness, anger and a never ending desire for further revenge…because “revenge” leads to “revenge”..

    And if we are truly sincere in.our wish for.the dead (RIP) to “rest in.peace”,then we must discontinue this yap yapping about what they’ve done here or done there…because that will.only make them.”restless” and probably be “turning” and “twisting” in.their graves..

    May Allah (SWT) shower the dead (RIP) with.His endless mercy….May those who have suffered at the hands of the dead (RIP) have the heart to forgive….May Allah (SWT ) reward generously those who forgive in this world and the hereafter..


    • Hello Bax, since we are muslims let us reflect of what Allah says about evil dowers, Allah said they will rot in Hell whether we forgive them or pray for them. We humans have no control over that.
      Yes, those that are alive can be treated like you skilfully said and I subscribe to that fully.

  48. Bax, please majority care about accountability . Whether the dead twist or are restless in their graves , that is not the point or important because the dead knew that they have committed a crime before they died .
    Individuals who committed heinous crimes against innocent citizens must be punished and victim’s families be compensated . There should be geniune call for national reconciliation and as you indicated there should also be various commissions setup to investigate corruptions, and other human rights violations . Justices must be done so that it will be used as teachable lesson to those who think that they can do anything and get away with it.

  49. As for late Gaddafi, there is no doubt that he had made mistakes and had definitely stayed for too long, but you wouldn’t find a better leader for his people in Africa today…(in terns of where he found Libya and where he took it..) certain that the majority of Libyans today, if asked, would prefer life under a “repressive” Gaddafi, than the current chaos, lawlessness and complete failure, of a once, prosperous and wealthy country,where living standards were higher than even some “developed” countries..

    The irony though, is that those who “loved” Libyans so much, that they sacrificed everything to take out “evil” Gaddafi, are today spending millions to erect high security fences to stop Libyans (and others) from entering their countries…Some even describing them as “swarms” that want to destroy their way of life, forgetting that they have destroyed other people’s ways of life ( including Libyans) many, many times in the past…

    Plenty of reason for a people endowed with wisdom, to carefully consider appropriate options for change.

    • Bax world history teaches us that ALL races have through unimaginable atrocities, wars of all kinds before settling in a general compromise atmosphere base on JUSTICE, and EQUALITY for all. No one should be above the law. Europe and the US are typical examples of such. Therefor no justice no peace.
      As for Gadaffi we should remind ourselves that the oil revenues does not belong to him but to ALL lybians. He should not the one to determine who should get what and should not get what. This is the legacy of dictators, they think the country’s resources belong to them, the people belong to them, the country belongs to them. INJUSTICE is the mother of all evil. Intolerance breeds revolt.
      Didn’t Jammeh said live on TV that he owns the country and whoever is not happy can go to hell?. Of course Jammeh is looking for trouble and trouble he will get. Now whether change in the Gambia will take the form of peace or force only GOD knows. However I pray that Gambia takes the route of Burkina Faso for a change.

  50. Bax, the fact that there is chaos and instability in Libya after his demise indicated that Gaddafie was a evil leader. He has killed thousands of innocent citizens , exiled thousands , thousands in imprisoned and millions have their human rights violated . Do you forget about warslords in many African countries supported and financed . Our Gambian predicament was a resulted of Gaddafie support and financial assistant he rendered to establish military dictatorship . Stop blaming the west for stupidity of African leaders . You and I are sitting in the west because of lack of visionary leaders plus greedy , selfish , dictatorial characteristics of those leaders. Do you think building nice schools and good roads when you cannot think on your own is development or high living standard ?
    For human being to be able to freely think and acts without complete restriction is fundamental rights that everyone deserve . Please relocate to Saudi Arabia and see if you are going to enjoy the same freedom you enjoy in UK ?

  51. Thruth is, there hadn’t been any witch-hunt ANYTIME in Gambia, EXCEPT under the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical witch-hunt, molestation, oppression & murder of the innocent by the EVIL kanilai Syndicate & aid-abets…

    Langtombong is mentioned, & a source of interest for inquiries of Daba Marena & fellow detainees’ disappearances, etc; the honest genuine Gambians working genuinely for breadwinning have NOTHING to fear; but ANYBODY else, be it EVIL Murderous yaya DEVIL jammeh itself, agents, elements, facilitators, etc etc etc WILL account for misdeeds in atrocities against the oppressed Gambians & friends…

    Gambians will ensure the heinous crimes of the Murderous Tyrannical kanilai Syndicate against Gambians & friends is rightly handled; majority & the average Gambia has no “bad bones” to witch-hunt anyone but WHOSOEVER engaged in, facilitated, corroborated EVIL kanilai Tyrannical oppression & crimes against humanity in Gambia will ALL account; for TRUTHFUL genuine reconciliation & move on, for democratic Gambia…

    Dida, except for the universal sufferings of the general Gambian FRATERNITY affecting all Gambians, the torture, maim, incarceration, & murder of the innocent, my family members or I myself, have yet to suffer directly personally, contrary to your suggestions….

    Gambians can only have closure with the prosecution of the culprits responsible for crimes against humanity in Gambia; there can’t be any other way…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  52. Yankuba Jobe , I think it was good idea to ask Edi boy to forgive mr baba Jobe for Any crime he committed . Remember , nobody hate baba at personal level , we are just talking about his legacies and policies he supported .you should have asked forgiveness and acknowledged that he did a lot of horrible things. Trying to be defensive or playing the card of nepotism is not helping you anyway but it further expose you. I hope you take personal responsibility for your failure to accept the truth .

    • Maxs, read my English with care, if an hungry wolves came to me and bark for food, I will give him the food to get rid of him. Edi boy could be predictably maxs’s another plan to hide his identity by calling himself a Jarranka to varify his claims to the Gambian that, Yankuba is a nepotistic. throughout your comments from previously to recently based on lying upon lying. My sources said that and my sources said this. My advice to you is to go after the real threat, they are still walking on the street of Banjul daily. The typical Jarrankas, normally don’t hide their identities when speaking out the truth, therefore, predictably this is one of your allies, tell them Yankuba has no regret whatever he said and I will continue to defend the speechless! First time, I will gree you with Jummuáh Mubarak Maxs, may Allah guide you too.

      • a typical jarranka, a typical banjulian, a typical babibunka..typical aku, typical, typical…men are you serious?
        If a dog barks at you, you give him a bone and killed it after…really.
        Why are so obsessed about knowing people’s indentity? why? Oh I see, when you are given a textbook in school you demand for the authors presence before reading the book?
        Wake up, you are living in the 9th century jaranka dude. Lol!
        Allah Said to Mohamed pbuh “Kul” read. We all know Mohamed could not read and He Allah said to Him again “Say”..does this teach you something.
        You see Yankuba, theory without practice is EMPTY and practice without theory is BLIND. Reflect!

        • You can’t even spell [Baddibou] instead; a typical babibunka? You might not be a Gambian? Which university on the earth, you will be allowed even admission? The only university i will recomment to you is [TANKA-TANKA] where the mental disable people go. Keep silent, if you have nothing to say, may soul rest in peace.

  53. Admiral , I am yet to see your rejoinder to this article . If you are a civilized , intelligent , tolerant and respect other people’s right to freedom of speech , you won’t be calling for banning of anyone who express their views or facts . You have every rights to come up with your side of the story and leave the rest to Gambian people to make their judgement . But if you are siting in your in bubble thinking you can dictate and ban someone else from speaking their mind , you must be living in a dream world . Even Dictator Jammeh cannot do that and this is why his sexual life and corruption is expose every where. Your claimed to generalize that jarankas will fight ” face to face ” if attack is an ignorance statement . It show your limited understanding that human beings are different . There are thousands of jarankas who are decent human being who will never engage in physical fight .
    I think you cannot deny that baba was a ruthless political operative . If you deny that then you are not following politics in The Gambia . How can you claimed to speak good of international known terrorist who was even wanted by United Nations ? Are you not aware of baba involvement in blood diamond ? Go and get some education .

    • Maxs, what about those carried or the best word of it [drove] the killers to gun down Deyda]. Please, go and get them, it is you only who is thinking, he is living in a different planet than ours adn desperately looking for way out! Please, once again, investigate yourself, the hiding soldier would never reach his target, but just wasting your time for nothing productive.

  54. @Maxs…”He has killed thousands of innocent citizens , exiled thousands , thousands in imprisoned and millions have their human rights violated ….”

    Comment….I have stated quite clearly that “no doubt Gaddafi (RIP) made mistakes” and excusing him for those mistakes, but you got to be careful with the “information” you continually regurgitate here…

    Not everything you read out there or see on the “news” is what it is…There is a lot of propaganda out there…

    @Maxs. ..”Please relocate to Saudi Arabia and see if you are going to enjoy the same freedom you enjoy in UK ?”

    Comment….May I know why you made this suggestion ?

  55. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    @Maxs. ..”Please relocate to Saudi Arabia and see if you are going to enjoy the same freedom you enjoy in UK ?”


    It all actually depends on what you mean by “Freedom”. For example, for Julbrew-Loving Gambians and Imam Fatty Skirt Girls, Saudi Arabia will be hell on earth; but for Imam Fatty and many other devout Muslims, Saudi Arabia may seem paradise on earth.

    There is absolutely no question that for the VAST majority of Libyans, Iraqis and Syrians, LIFE WAS MUCH BETTER before Western Freedoms were unleashed on them. Black Africans, including Gambians, were not killed like DOGS in Libya during Gadafy’s rule. Actually, Western dastardliness in the Arab Spring thing is so bad that I do not even wish to discuss it farther.

  56. Bax, you may called colonel Gaddafie uncountable murders , human rights violations a mistake but majority didn’t see it that way. Those crimes were part and parcel of his regime for 42 years .mistake is an erroneous concept or belief . What Gaddifie or Jammeh did are deliberate actions which they were reminded before carrying out those actions . So it wasn’t a mistake. A mistake can be ignorance of laws due to erranous belief . I hope you won’t called Jammeh’s illegal detention , disappearances , murder or even killing of death row inmates a mistake.
    Bax, when I stated ” please relocate to Saudi Arabia and see if you are going to enjoy the same freedom you enjoy in UK “. I am suggesting to you so that you will find out the value of freedom or how it is like to live in free society like UK .

  57. Yankuba Jobe apology accepted. I am not here to tarnish the image of dead person but I will not hide or scared to tell the truth either when I know or see it. I used to work at Bivac pre-shipment at 47 Leman St, Banjul from 1999 to 2002 at the old NTC complex. Your brother Baba kajali Jobe used to come there every time and even caused some of my colleagues get trouble or arrested because they failed to obey or follows his dirty ruthless way of doing thing. I am not going to name my sources from my previous comments because they still living in the Gambia. I have nothing to get from this comments but to shed light to what I have seen and the arrogant Baba k. Jobe era. You have every rights to defend him anyhow you like but we are also entitled to tell nothing but truth. I have a heart and I have forgive him and I hope his other victims can follow the suit and forgive him as well. But so many water went under the bridge during Baba kajali Jobe goody days with dictator Jammeh. I remember during he Baba’s goody days with dictator Jammeh, even in kombo, serrekunda, and Banjul everybody saying Baba Jobe, Baba Jobe, Baba Jobe and he walks with boastful with the show off in front of him like he was above the laws. That’s why his boss dictator Jammeh didn’t waste anytime to eliminate him. Yankuba Jobe, you name few people you believe they did heinous things like dead Baba k.jobe did, so please write something about them if your claims are true. Why hiding or scare to tell the truth? One thing I agreed with you is that there are a lot of ruthless heinous dictator jammeh’s inner circle living people walking on the street of Banjul and the Gambia as a whole. We have rights to expose them too. You name Sam sarr, the idiot foolish and coward so called Gambia deputy un representative who recently lies about two Gambian American disappearing in the gambia. Sam sarr is nothing but opportunist ungodly hypocrisy damn liar.

  58. Sam sarr is nothing but traitor liar betray and damn liar who recently lies about the disappearance of Alhagie and Ebou in the Gambia just to please his boss Dictator Jammeh. The same samsideen sarr author a book and later revised some of its contents just to please Dictator Jammeh. He is worse than Baba K. Jobe because samsideen sarr lie in a broad daylight about this two innocent Gambian Americans disappearance is so pathetic. I have no regards for him but to see him on the trap of Dictator Jammeh and then finally show him in mile 2 prison.

    • Edi, that sounds very Islamic, and I preciate that, may the rest of us receive guidance from our Lord. Ameen!

  59. Yankuba Jobe , those who killed Deyda Hydara or anyone including Baba Jobe (RIP) will be accountable as soon as Jammeh is out of power. Remember that these are criminals who are still protected by Jammeh just like baba was protected till he fell out with Jammeh. We are continuously exposing them and if you are following online papers or commentaries you see that all the killers of jugulars such as General Borry Kolley , Lt Micheal corea , Rambo , sana manjang and others are exposed already . Anyone who committed a henious crime will be exposed and made famous so that every Gambian will know who they are and the crimes they committed . I am sure you are very well aware now that I am not targeting your brother but stating the facts as evidenced by various commentaries I learned from in this forum. This is because I don’t know all the crimes mr Jobe committed . It is also your rights to expose anyone who committed a crime so that people will know who they are. This is not about Baba Jobe alone . I hope you get my messege . I am sorry if you feel bad about your brother’s legacy but this is his legacies .

    • Maxs, Baba Jobe [may his soul rrest in perfect peace] is no longer accountable in this world! as you have mentioned on your own comment (RIP). I am not going to carry on institutional in-fighting for the sake of pupolarity, it is merely childish. I am not going to expose anyone, just because sources said that and sources said this, nonsense! I must have concret evidence, and I have few, when you come out to debate on Baba’s legacies, you will be told! And Banjul will go on fire! I am proud that, none of your commentators ever mentioned in their comments that Baba Jobe has killed someone, the only RADIO KANKANG incident was at the airport, which I came out and clarified it to you readers, the rest are, because of him, my Dad was sacked from his position or the incident around Base with the UDP. During the PPP era, lots of innocent Gambians had lost their jobs simply because, they were NCP supporters, which is guite common in African politics. Please, come out with something new to me, then, you will find me a good listener or reader, otherwise, you will be wasting your time echoRing you own voice, and I will be sitting down here controlling your mind like a Drone operator twisting it any direction I like, then you will end up agitated! The old days are paased and gone, will never ever repeat again in our country after Yaya Jammeh whom you and your friends are impatiently waiting to meet at Senegambia for drinking party, while Yankuba will be working on his farm at Jarra Karantaba! We shall see!! The hiding soldiers are activily shooting at everyone paasing by, but never suceed! This is my opinion in Maxs’s Democracy world. Thank my teacher!

      • Hello VIRTUAL drone jarranka farmer Lol!
        Baba Jobe will not rest in peace least ALL the people he has wronged not “killed” as you refer pardon him. The bad policies that Baba helped put into law is affecting all of us up till now.
        Whiles you will be working in your jarranka farm I will be teaching in universities and online classes and forums.
        By the way correct english word speakless as you wrote is “speechless” lol! read and study brother, knowledge has no price.
        Happy Juumaa

  60. Dida, please don’t blame west for what is happening in Libya ,Syria or Iraq . All these countries had evil leaders who care less about their citizens just like your country Ethiopia where there is continuous human rights violations. For your information , there are a lot of Gambians who were killed in Libya during Gaddafie’s time because of lack of respect for black lives . You have countless others who worked for Libyans and they refused to pay them . I personally knew people who were killed simply because they are black and their bosses see them as slaves , refused to pay them . In your counter argument , you might indicate that black lives doesn’t matter in USA but that is not true . The good thing here in USA is that , there is continous demonstration , protest about police brutality and due process . But who protest or demonstrate in The Gambia about Jammeh’s brutality or NIAs torture or disappearances ? Nobody period.
    In terms of freedom you mentioned about imam fatty skirt girls , I think they would have more freedom in UK than gambia or Saudi Arabia . Bax as a black Muslim will have more freedom in UK to practice his religion than Saudi where Islam started. Please Bax , make research or find out from those Gambians who went to Saudi for pregrimage about their experiences with Saudi citizens and how they are treated . Each of these countries I mentioned lack basic civic liberties and fundamental human rights . So the indications that Libyans have better living conditions and they totally approved that standard is false . Libyans wanted to have their fundamental human rights respected and that was why they started to fight colonel Gaddafie . UN came to prevent massacre which Gaddafie threaten . I think it was excellent ideas to create no fly zone , drones were send for surveillance and finally tomahawk cruise missiles were send to destroy his air defense mechanism . Dictator has nowhere to go but was trapped . For Jammeh , I just want what happened to Sani Abacha to happen to him so that there will be peaceful change of government .

  61. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs, people like you are dangerous because you are cynically willing to justify GENOCIDE by the West against the Arabs for your own political ends.
    You are DOUBLY dangerous because you are a very intelligent man.

    I would personally prefer a solution that peaceful Gambians at home find for themselves – rather than the cynical war-mongering from the likes of you and Mathew Jallow – remember the debate on Jollof News when he was calling for Gambia to burn just after Libya? He got Dr Amadou Scattred-Janneh and others locked up.

    Like I say, I prefer peaceful change in The Gambia – yes, peace at any price because the alternative would be cynical and cruel savagery.

    As for the USA, “demonstrate” as much as you want bro, but the police red-necks will continue shooting your black arse as they wish because Black Lives DON’T matter – read Ice-T on Daily Beast yesterday. If you think you are more down to earth on the subject than Ice-T and the NWA crew then that is cool with me.

  62. Admiral, I have indicated that I have no personal issues with mr jobe When he was powerful and influential. He passed by me once and that was the first time I saw him in person . Let me be clear to you , I have never work for Jammeh and never supported him. My family and I never received any benefit from Jammeh, baba Jobe or any politicians .For you to indicate that my family may have receive benefits from baba jobe is the greatest lie you ever said. If you have receive benefits from him, please make it known to everyone. Baba jobe’s political thuggery , arrogance is known to majority . One thing I would like you to do , is to write a rejoinder to this article and present your case as to why baba jobe was a good politician and good citizen. Please do that for us . If I am lying you will see the reaction from the public. This is very simple thing to do . My commitment is not to expose baba jobe Alone , I have been exposing Jammeh in many of my write up and I took it upon myself to expose anyone who helped Jammeh to oppress citizens so that everyone will know what they did.
    Mr admiral , can you please do me a favor to write your story if you truly believe in what you are saying . Calling me a liar or hypocrite tell me a lot about you . You should be bold enough to write a good article about mr jobe . I am sure if you are reading the commentaries with an open mind , you will realize that it was only you and Yankuba who came to defend mr jobe . So do you think those who knew baba jobe personally and had first hand knowledge of his political thuggery are lying ? Admiral don’t be closed minded and refused to accept the truth .

  63. The attacks on the UDP convoys led to the death of e.g. the prominent Gambian Sewruba singer Butay Boy, the famous king drummer, misses Sarjo kunjang Sanneh, & others in the Denton bridge attack; somebody dies too, amongst the attackers in Basse, as nobody holds monopoly on violence, it’s detrimental to all involved; these are our relatives & human beings whose lives are equally to anyone of us; the random powers baba had, to arrest opinionated innocents who holds opposing views, & those who earned his wreath, the EVIL greenboys arrests, tortures & intimidations saw many Gambians molested in the name & sanctioning under the EVIL Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Fiefdom to instill fear on Gambians for subjugation of the populace…

    Lamin Gassama the security head at the airport escaped being gun down by baba jobe, by running away, hiding in the building while people appealed to baba for restraint, just for Lamin refusing to let baba through the presidential exit passage at the airport without authorization from the powers-by, as the protocol for use of the suite, etc, etc etc…

    Baba jobe as the chief strategist of EVIL Manipulative kanilai yaya DEVIL at the initial period, was appointed majority leader for APRC MPs for a reason, where, e.g., Hon Kebba Touray, the late Kombo East aprc MP was poisoned by the Murderous kanilai DEVIL & aid-abets for standing up for the truth & refusing to toe the oppressive bills being altered, introduced & adopted by distorting the newly appraised Constitution by Dr Peters & others, to entrench EVIL Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Dictatorship…

    I’m sure we all understand that the gun running in the blood diamond saga affected the whole of the subregion, Liberia, Sierra Leone in particular, where the innocents died & got maimed amass, with massive destruction of society, properties, implements, livestock, ruminants, etcetera, essential for livelihoods..

    Yankuba, I understand what you are going through being blood relative of baba; I had to give the above few citing because you generally asked for evidential proves; the enquiries in post dictatorship, will help establish the extent of the oppressive tyrannical misrule & murdering, & by whom, under the murderous kanilai tyrannical syndicate…

    As in the book of the oppressive dictatorship of eliminations for individualistic survival strategies, EVIL Manipulative Murderous kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL jammeh knows baba’s capabilities, that’s why it never trusted baba, & has to eliminate baba to feel comfortable in its Devilish quench for selfish aggrandizement at WHATEVER costs; nature, our Godly believes, & turn of events as always the case, came out that we ALL, including the VERY helpers for WHATSOEVER reasons, ALL get our various individual shares in effects of Murderous Oppression of a people…

    Our faiths teaches, we will all account for our deeds, in here & hereafter; may the Almighty bless us all…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen

  64. Dida, I think it is very funny for you to indicate that I am a dangerous man simply because I supported the no fly zone and also not to blame west for the failure of Arabs and Africans Dictators . It is unfair characterization to suggest that my reasons for UN to intervene to prevent massacre was based on my personal political ends. This is outlandish claim .I am not a politician and I have never run any for political office . What personal political benefits did I received or will I gain from support to create no fly zone and ultimate prevention of massacre ? What evidence do you have to suggest that my reasons to support UN to prevent massacre was based on my ” own political ends”?
    In terms of change of government in The Gambia, my most and best prefer method is through election which itself is not guarantee that it will be peaceful. Therefore I supported the idea that “all options are on the table “.
    As for black lives matter in USA , police brutality is real problem which is why protests and demonstrations are going to on. Blacks lives matters most in USA than anywhere else. This is why I and millions of other Africans were able to enjoy our fundamental human rights here in USA than our original countries . It is also the same reason that dictator Jammeh’s wife delivered two of her children in USA so that they would be USA citizens. It is also the same reason that Jammeh is spending $80,000 dollars per year for Mariam Jammeh to have her education in USA . In a country where black lives matter , Jammeh bought 3.5 millions dollar house . Off course black lives matter that is why federal government using department of justices to launch investigation into allegations of crimes involving police officers.

  65. And Max, don’t forget that these evil dictators always surround themselves with opportunistic lettered men like Luntango. Aiding, abetting, justifying, and rationalising their despotic hold on the population. Under the banner of various pseudo-revolutionary slogans, they seek to justify even the untenable. Remember, even Hitler had his intellectual backers, but in the end deception and fraud will be looser.

  66.  @Maxs….”So the indications that Libyans have better living conditions and they totally approved that standard is false….”

    Comment…Firstly Maxs, no sensible person would contradict the view that Libya today is far, far worse than it was under Gaddafi for much of his rule…That is just a plain fact not worth arguing about…

    Secondly, I have not stated anywhere that “Libyans totally approved living standards” (under Gaddafi )…What I stated was my view that the majority of Libyans, if asked, would prefer life under “repressive” Gaddafi than the chaos they have today…

    It is just a view but a sensible and logical one…A person would have to be an idiot to contradict that..

    Everything that you claimed happened under Gaddafi is happening today in Libya..probably even.more than ever…: corruption,murder,killings,racism,rape, beatings,terrorism…(you name)

    Thirdly, there is no country in the world where the people “totally approve” their manner of government….There will always be sections of the population, either in the majority or minority, who have grievances against the state or authorities..

    Every country has to grapple with these internal contradictions and differences and how these are handled, as well as, the internal and external influences (either artificial or natural) that impact on them is what determines the political, economic and social outcomes in each situation…

    Indeed, there were demonstrations against the state authorities in Benghazi for the arrest of a Human Rights Lawyer, just as there were demonstrations in Tottenham against the killing of Mark Duggan or the 99% demonstrations in Washington against Wall Street..


  67. The differences between these three scenarios, as time has shown,is that external forces ( influences) seized upon long harboured desires for regime change in Libya and grudges against Gaddafi, to support, fund and direct a rebellion to effect change…

    The aims may have been achieved but the result is there for all to see…And only you Maxs and your likes will see this situation as a better outcome than that under late Gaddafi…

    Maxs, I have no intention to defend the late Gaddafi but a lot of what you wrote about his rule need to be substantiated if you want people to take you seriously…It is one thing to express your opinion about issues, but it is quite another thing to present that opinion as a fact…

    Lastly, it is universally accepted by almost all nations, that the right to demonstrate and express grievances, is a Fundamental Human Right that should be guaranteed by all governments, but with a big “BUT”…and national laws are supposed to reflect this internationally guaranteed Right…

    Here is the big “BUT”, Maxs….When demonstrators seize weapons to confront authority,they loose all protection under the law…The USA,UK,France would all have dealt with armed “demonstrators” in the same manner that the Libyan authorities dealt with the Benghazi “demonstration”, which turned into an armed mob…

    Obviously,you have no criticism against governments that aggravated the Libyan internal contradictions that eventually lead to the fall of government and created a failed state…

  68. @Maxs….”Bax as a black Muslim will have more freedom in UK to practice his religion than Saudi where Islam started.” 

    Comment….This again shows how you sadly regurgitate misinformation you are fed on mainstream media as a “fact”….

    Can you tell this audience which of the fundamental tenets/pillars of Islam (enjoined upon Muslims) can be better practiced in.the UK by Muslims (Bax included) than in Saudi Arabia… ?

  69. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs: A Gambian Policeman is to my mind the most respectful and humane one I have ever experience. A Gambian Policeman will never shoot people dead like USA police do. That is a fact. The fact that you negroes march jabbering “Black Lives Mattet … yo yo yo” DOES NOT that Black Lives Matter it US police.

    Cut out the CRAP about we all being in the West for “freedom”. We are here for the money, pure and simple. If we can have the same money at home we will all be outa here pronto.

  70. Oops. ..I.meant Black Muslims (Bax included)

  71. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    I notice that during this long debate no one has been able to directly link Baba Jobe to the killing of a single person.

    Baba came by “Bivac office and was rude”, “he led a group on Party Militants in a UDP/APRC fight”, “he chased an airport worker with a gun but the airport worker was so fast he outran the bullet”, etc, etc.

    Look, Jomo Kenyatta once chased my school principle with a stick – but Mzee had no intention of beating my principle whatsoever. Equally, Baba had no intention of shooting Gassana.

  72. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Yes, indeed Bax, and the USA Military Tank OCCUPATION of Ferguson, Missouri, to scupper the Brown Killing Demonstrations last year.

    This is all WILLFUL blindness for political reasons my in-law.

  73. Bax, apart from mainstream media do you know where I get my information from ? Where do you get your information from. Do you think I just take anything I heard from the media without critical analysis of the news . Come on be sensible here , who takes everything you heard without critical thinking to arrive at conclusion , only an idiot does that . You have every rights to present your opinions but then why do you caution my information or opinions ? Are you trying to dictate where I should my news or information from or what to believe ? Off course whatever I presented here are evidences that majority are aware of because they are documented . Gaddaffie atrocities and crimes committed are well documented just like we are currently documenting dictator Jammeh’s crimes which I think you will soon come to defend here if I go by the standard you are using to defend Gaddafie . You must be kidding to imply that Libyans are better off under one man iron fist rule for 42 years . Current crisis or instability is as a result of one man iron fist rule without putting in place a proper mechanism for democratic society where power can be transfer in a civilized and peaceful manner . Gambia is heading to direction if we are not careful . So you blamed UN for providing protection to prevent massacre of civilians and claimed that external forces are responsible for this chaos .
    Before you blamed the west for current Libyan problem , did you sit down and find the root causes of their problems . The root cause is simply dictatorship and one man rule for 42 years . Get that . No amount of development can make people to like abusive and idiotic dictator . Don’t you understand that outcomes of repressive regime are chaos and destruction , this is why it is very bad to have such a system of governance . What you are seeing today in Libya is a consequences of repressive regime because such system is built on hate, intimidation , fear , control , subjugation and oppression of citizens rights . Remember , there are highly significant amount of grievances built over 42 years . The silenced majority did not approve or like the system of governance but they were oppressed and suppressed . This is what is currently happening in The Gambia .
    Bax, to answer my question about freedom of practising Islam in UK and Saudi , I would encourage you to embark on personal journey to Mecca and when you come back , I would like to know your personal experience and observations about the interactions of black people and Saudis or Arabs .

  74. Dida, of course we are in the west for freedom and economic interest. In free society , great ideas flourish which leads to better economic opportunities . But in our repressive and dictatorial countries , only the ideas of evil dictators matters . Dictators don’t like other people’s ideas. Freedom and human rights matters that is why you have investors not coming to invest in repressive regimes like The Gambia .
    In terms of policing in USA and gambia , I want to say overall USA police respect human rights Of citizens than overall Gambian police force who don’t know their own rights as human being much more to respect the rights of fellow citizens . This is the fundamental differences. Secondly USA culture which is gun culture is different from gambia where only repressive government has guns. I wish Gambians also have the same opportunity to own a gun for self defense, hunting and other leisure activities . USA founding fathers recognized the needs to have second amendment rights which is rights to Bear arms . A very smart move indeed . Second amendment rights was formulated to prevent tyrannical, oppressive and political Corrupt governments because they recognize that when government is the only one which is arm , it is can lead to oppressive and corrupt regime as is currently happening in The Gambia. So guns violent is consequences of that second amendment rights but it is just minimal compare to vast majority of law abiding Americans who own guns. In fact guns don’t kill , it is the people who kill people. You know Jammeh is a bad guy with guns, if we have good guys with guns they would have stop him .

  75. Dida, baba jobe’s actions, decisions & even utterances, EFFECTIVELY killed people in Gambia & the subregion…

    Lamin Gassama ran away from baba but he got detained, tortured, molested & fired on baba’s orders only for the truth to emerge to the kanilai Murderous DEVIL what actually transpired…

    Baba jobe could’ve used his influence instead, to harmonize, aspire to make Gambia & the world in general better place…

    What Yankuba should realise is baba jobe’s records alone will not determine the holistic image of their families; there are different sides to a family with Yankuba himself being said to be exemplary in deeds…

    There are children, widows & families struggling, without their loved ones & breadwinners who are affected variously by the misdeeds of careless people in positions of power; may God Almighty guide us all in our actions & endeavours, collectively & individually…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  76. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bajaw said:

    “There are children, widows & families struggling, without their loved ones & breadwinners who are affected variously by the misdeeds of careless people in positions of power; may God Almighty guide us all in our actions & endeavours, collectively & individually…”

    Luntango said: Amen.

  77. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs: USA Red-Necks had the “Right to Bear Arms” to:

    1. Kill off the original owners of America, the Native Indians – to create a Genocidal Holocaust;

    2. To keep their Black Slaves under control and quash the many rebellions and uprisings by the negroes.

    TODAY, all the serious weapons in the USA are in the hands of the White Civilians, White Militias, and the almost ALL White Police and Military. Dr MLK explains that to the Negroes in a BBC Panorama Programme in 1962 – and then asks “what weapons do you have to fight with, 1st World War rifles?”

    You Negroes have no rights to bear arms Maxs, you have a right to bear TOYS with which you can kill your black brothers and sisters in your Whiteman’s Drug-induced psychosis.

    God save Gambia from your USA-style gun-violence and madness.

  78. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs: MLK’s “My American Nightmare 1967” – utube – explains the MADNESS of the USA’s War and Gun psychology.

  79. Enough for Baba Jobe now. There are so many living heartless ruthless people like SANA B. SABALLY, MAJOR MOMODOU BOJANG OF MADISON WISCONSIN USA, SANA MANJANG, AND the rest who are more damn evil heartless and ruthless than Late Baba jobe. I don’t condone or support Baba k. Jobe but he is not alone. So I think we should expose the living ruthless people so that other Gambian can identify them and no their ruthless evil heartless histories before they died. I know so will read this and then draw a comparison with my previous comments and then start calling all sort of names: but I will accept all the criticism because we are in open freedom of expression forum. But I am not being hypocritical here. We cannot and we shouldn’t put all the blame on Baba k. Jobe only while we know or heard the most evil heartless ruthless living people still existing or flee their lives from their ruthless dictator boss Jammeh. Again, people like Sana B. SABALLY of germany, major MOMODOU BOJANG of Madison Wisconsin, Sana MANJANG, so called idiot Gambian deputy UN ambassador Samsideen Sarr, Kalifa Bajika and etc.

  80. Dida , Gun violent and its regulation is a constant debate in USA . It has been happening for generations and its part of the culture. The notion that black people are not allowed to bear arms is ridiculous and false . Your assertion that all the weapons are in the hands of only white people is completely false.
    Dida , I think you are still living in the past if you want to quotes what happened in 1960s to justify the present USA . Dr king was talking about the issues up to 1960s. USA has gone on cultural transformation in terms of politics , civil rights , race relations and other issues . Still there is more to be done. Don’t you understand that blacks and women were not allowed to vote before 1960s and USA governance systems and its culture promote segregation and racism at the time . This was why Dr king and others fought for freedom and equality of all especially for black people . Remember , you have 300 years of institutional racism and segregation and this was finally officially ended in 60s when the federal government began to legislate civil rights laws and discarded laws that promote racism. Still you have consequences of bad and racist laws but all over , the vast majority of Americans have move on from that ugly part of history. This was why in 2008 , president Obama became first black president who was elected by majority. Dr king and others civil rights leaders did tremendous job and sacrificed to achieve current situation . I can tell you where I live here in USA , my experience in terms of race relations would have been different some 30 years according to some Gambians who live here long.
    In terms of white hate groups like red neck or kkk militia , white supremacy and black hate groups like black panther movement , federal government and justice department did good job to curtail their influence in the country . Today kkk , white supremacy and other hate groups are less of threat to american lives ( black and white ) than lone wolf Muslim terrorist or Isis or crazy mentally disturb person . These hate groups are under watchful eye of justice department and federal government as well as state governments and its local law enforcement authorities . The good thing I learned here is that citizens , government and local organizations continue to expose such hate groups who advocate for intolerance , discrimination , bigotry and unfair treatment of others . This is very different from our Gambian society where there is silence about bigotry and hate speeches done by idiotic president towards specific group such as mandinkas. Even those who called out unfair treatment of others in the form of nepotism or tribal preferential treatment are called tribalists. Too much hypocrisy and double standard in gambian society and this is why we still have individuals who disappeared for years or detained without trial and every one acts as if nothing is happening . The current Gambian’s situation is creation of Gambians.

  81. Edi boy , I think you are very right to suggest that we should also focus on many living heartless and evil souls since we have done good job to expose political thuggery of mr Jobe, the architect of dictatorship . Anyone who helped Jammeh to oppress Gambians should be expose. We should all expose these people whether they are current NIAs officers who torture , former military heads , ministers , Vice President , and those who currently in Jammeh’s inner circle . Let’s us Make them famous about crimes they committed . We shouldn’t allow them to sit here comfortably when they committed crimes .

  82. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs, the USA-Blacks situation is WORSE today than it was in Dr MLK’s time. The Blacks in prison and in poverty are 10 times more – and your prison system has been called a Stalinist GULAG. Check out USA’s ANGOLA prison – Obama needs to learn about AMNESTY from Jammeh. Dr/Sis/Comrade/Prof Angela Davies still campaigns on that.

    Enough talking – I am gonna enjoy my last week of the school holidays Maxs.

  83. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Suntou, it would be an insult to the memory of Baba K Jobe for anyone to apologize for the life he lived. The man believed, right or wrong, that he was involved in a REVOLUTION to create a New Gambia. Generally, revolutionaries get only one opportunity (Castro unusually survived jail and unusually got a rare 2nd opportunity). Baba K Jobe grabbed that opportunity when it came and died creating what HE BELIEVED was a positive revolution in The Gambia. From Baba’s point of view, there is nothing to apologize for – and he apologized for nothing. RiP, Comrade Baba K Jobe.

  84. i have no time for this

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