PDOIS Is An Agent Of Dictatorship



In this write up , My goal is to find out why people’s democratic organization for independence and socialism ( PDOIS) became an agent of military dictatorship for the past 22 years despite their rhetoric in Gambia’s political dispensation. Pdois as a political party portray itself as not been interested in leadership but they are genuinely interested in freedom and socioeconomic advancement of Gambian people. PDOIS has been in Gambia’s politics in the past three decades and their current support base in the country is less than four percent of the population . But such small percentage of the population continue to be obstacle to any unity among the opposition parties and they are not in line with majority of opposition parties in The Gambia and diaspora activists and citizens . This observation should be taken with great concern especially considering the need for political change . However such observations should be also taken from the historic tragedy of military in our political process.

This observation should be taken with great concern especially considering the need for political change . However such observations should be also taken from the historic tragedy of military in our political process.
Military dictatorship is an evil system of government which is established in our country through a military coup led by Yaya Jammeh. Yaya Jammeh and his fellow soldiers violated the constitution and trust of the Gambian people who paid their salaries and other benefits . After the coup , PPP was banned and NCP also took political holiday. It was during that period, pdois leadership became the prominent players in the country political dispensation and also were able to use foroyaa newspaper to spread the message of their party. Initially , the military junta mistakenly wanted to ban the foroyaa newspaper and that attempt resulted to the protest of the three key founders of pdois and foroyaa newspaper. Dictator Jammeh realized at the time in order to get legitimacy and to be recognized as someone who came to reform Sir Dawda Jawara’s government , he needed to leave foroyaa newspaper to continue its operation in The Gambia. This was strategic and tactical decision which favors Jammeh and also favor the business and political interest of pdois.

Since then foroyaa newspaper has not suffered any harassment, intimidation or threat from Yaya Jammeh and his terror machine. Gambians will recall that other newspapers such as daily observer newspaper, The Daily News, independent newspaper and point newspaper faced daily threats , harassment and intimidation in the early days of the regime . This state-sponsored terrorism has resulted to the closure of independent newspaper and exiled of many of it’s reporters such as Musa Saidykhan , Baba Galleh Jallow and other outstanding citizens. The subsequent killing of one of the founder of point newspaper , Mr Dedya Hydara also dealt big blow to credibility and the paper’s outstanding performance in our national development . Daily observer later became the mouthpiece of the regime . In the foroyaa newspaper , even those reporters who are not in line with PDOIS policies and are also against military dictatorship are not spared from Jammeh’s state-sponsored terrorism. Over the years , pdois political party and foroyaa newspaper are the two entities which enjoy basic freedom while all other opposition political parties and newspapers were denied their political freedom or their rights to do their journalistic work. In terms of

In terms of daily operation of foroyaa newspaper , they never asked hard question directed to the Dictator Jammeh himself . The usual practice of the newspaper is to quote the constitution and ask general questions. Their general questions can be directed to any country political leadership and this is usually done to prevent any direct confrontation with Dictator Jammeh. Foroyaa newspaper never made any headline which directly name Yaya Jammeh in many atrocities committed in the country instead they will mentioned phrases such as ” authorities ” and ” leadership ” in their reporting and editorial despite the fact that they knew Jammeh is totally behind the orders given in many of human rights violations . In any military dictatorship, there has to be room for legitimacy so that international community will recognize and accept the dictatorship as having allow some form of civility and divergent views. In most cases small opposition parties and newspapers becomes an legitimizing tools for dictatorship. I believe foroyaa newspaper and pdois falls under this group . This is simply based on foroyaa newspaper continue enjoyment of basic freedomn while all other newspapers which are deemed as anti-regime were either banned or its reporters face daily threats , intimidation , murder , illegal detention and harassment.
The same basic freedom that foroyaa newspaper experience and their pattern of operation is also the same freedom pdois party continue to benefit from this dictatorial regime. Pdois has never been denied any permit to conduct their political meetings or rallies . UDP , NRP and PPP were all denied permit by the police to conduct their political meetings. United Democratic Party in particular experience worst treatments from the Jammeh’s terror machine and his corrupt police force. UDP face daily intimidation , torture , harassment and murders from the hands of Jammeh and his terror machine. This is further evidence by countless court cases , imprisonments and illegal detention of UDP members in The Gambia .
In terms of pdois relationship with other political parties and diaspora, pdois continue to be an obstacle for call for unity both within the country and outside the country. This is evidence by the following political refusal and unwillingness of pdois to work with Gambians anywhere in the world :

  1. Within the country ,pdois leadership refused to attend meeting recently organized by concerned Gambians who are interested in coalition building and electoral reforms instead the party attended selection of Mr Sallah as their presidential candidate . They cited the timing of the meeting as an excuse for not been able to attend the meeting.

  2. Diaspora organization such as Corderg has invited pdois to a meeting in North Carolina , they failed to attend this conference and provided flimsy excuses, citing venue and the need for diaspora to go back to basis principle of democracy and put their house in order . They also refused to attend the conference held in New York under the auspice of international human rights organizations with partnership with CCG

  3. When Jammeh made his tribal vitriol aganist Mandinka , a joint press conference was organized and attended by all opposition leaders in the country except pdois leadership . At the time pdois promised to do further investigation before giving any opinion despite the fact that they have heard the same vitriol in the national TV.

  4. Cordeg invited all political parties to discuss way forward for 2016 elections, pdois refused to attend and cited that they were on provincial tour meeting their supporters .

Recently , Mr sallah made a direct attack on diaspora in an interview with the mouthpiece of their party on May 25th, 2016. Here is Mr Ssallah’s statement with foroyaa newspaper below:

” Gambians abroad who engage in war-mongeringg without combat preparedness only succeed in transforming those under their command into fodders for rifles , bayonets , tear gas and truncheons . They should know that it is not a sign of bravery to take warlike postures when they are not armed and psychologically prepared for war”.

The above statement is irresponsible and disgraceful statement and it is not expected from a man who pride himself as fighting for freedom and socioeconomic advancement of ordinary citizens. Such a irresponsible statement does not reflect the position of thousands of Gambians in diaspora who peacefully protested in various cities across the world to condemn Jammeh’s regime human rights violations of peaceful protesters and the regime dictatorial rule . Mr sallah’s suggestion that “diaspora’s engagement in war mongering and transforming those under their command into fodders for rifles , bayonets , tear gas and truncheons ” fit in the narrative of Dictator Jammeh’s play book of classifying diaspora as enemy of the country . It is such a direct attack on diaspora and pdois refusal to work with Gambian opposition parties especially UDP and diaspora that it can be concluded that mr Sallah and pdois are an agent of legitimization of dictatorship in The Gambia . Mr sallah’s eloquency doesn’t March with the actions of honest and decent citizens who truly care to liberate The Gambia from clutches of dictatorship . It is also aganist the patriotic moves done by peaceful protesters who called for electoral reforms which mr sallah’s party claimed to advocate for . Pdois and its leadership need to remind themselves that in the course of history we have heard about men and women who were classified as violent extremist or terrorists when they stood up against injustices in their countries. Nelson Mandela and Dr King are were classified under such category while their fellow blacks were used as as agents to sabotage and discourage their efforts . This is historic lesson mr sallah and pdois must take note of .
Mr sallah also failed to understand that diaspora is playing key role in our national development and their contributions amount to 90 million dollars a year more than direct foreign investment in the country . Such an amount is almost equal to foreign financial assistance rendered to the country by donor countries. Diaspora contribution is directly link to our national security. Without economic security which diaspora play huge role , thousands of Gambians families will be without food and other social needs . Therefore it is clear stupidity and dishonesty to suggest that Disapora is engage in war mongering which is further from the hard truth. The suggestion that peaceful protesters were used and sponsored and are in direct command of Disapora , is a kind of language we heard from the evil dictator and his various agents of military dictatorship.
From the above evidences and political conduct of pdois and its leadership , it can be concluded that pdois is better off with current political dispensation. It is left to Gambian people to see who they are as an agent of military dictatorship .

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  1. Maxs, your comment does not deserve to be a headline story. It is full of trash and you know it more than I do. PDOIS has been in existence sine the 1st republic. It has opposed the PPP regime up till its overthrow in 1994. When the military regime took over and wanted to ban political parties and all political thought, only PDOIS objected leading to their arrest. Many of you who considered yourselves as intellectuals at the time came and who are now in the diaspora also objected to PDOIS’ action which invited Newspaper captions such as ‘Egg On The Rocks’.
    Maxs, the PPP which was entrusted with the sovereignty of the country at a time had all its ministers called by the regime and who answered the call with immediacy and handed themselves to the regime’s. Why did they not stand up and say we are the legitimate leaders of the people and our government will not be overthrown because we are entrusted to defend the sovereignty of this land. That would attract the attention of the international community who would give solidarity to avert TODAY.
    Maxs, you have forgotten that when the regime called a rally at the stadium, Former minister Bakary Bunja Darboe accepted a ministerial position in the military establishment but the poor PDOIS refused any appointments even though they were offered two ministerial posts. This was the time the regime was consolidating itself, isn’t it?
    Has Darboe not mobilized all his supporters who filled the stadium at the rally thereby entrenching the military regime. Those are the agents of military dictatorship not PDOIS and Halifa. You have forgotten that all the ministers assured the regime at their detention center at the old GPMP depot and surrendered by assigning positions to each other such as alkalo, commissioner, etc meaning they had no qualms with the regime.
    Maxs, when Sidia and Halifa were arrested NCP leader told the people that this would happen to them because they think that they know more than everybody else instead of giving them solidarity and eventually allied with them in elections and became Speaker of the House. Those are the times when the regime was consolidating its grip and dictatorship.
    Your this negative observation above should not be taken seriously because it is motivated by hatred and self interest not the national interest. From 2006 to 2011, PDOIS has been committed to one type of coalition or another. So ta say that PDOIS does not want alliances is simply false and misleading.
    Halifa Sallah’s record is here for all to see and cannot be blemished by an idle script writer faking as political analyst. He was arrested and detained for almost a year in 1994 together with Sam Sarr and Amie Sillah who was detained with his small baby boy. He was arrested and detained four or five times during the 2nd republic for standing up for the ordinary man and woman of our land and never blamed anyone for his difficulties or tribulations. He has always maintained that NO ONE HAS FORCED HIM TO TAKE ANY DECISION AND THEREFORE WILL NOT BLAME ANYONE NOR WOULD HE ASK FOR SYMPATHY FROM ANYONE.
    The only paper in the Gambia that openly criticizes the Jammeh regime for everything including Human Rights is the FOROYAA NEWSPAPER since 1994 to date. Ask Amnesty and US government where they get their information regarding human rights abuses on Gambia. Have the regime not arrested Foroyaa’s Sam Sarr and Emil Touray and jailed them for fighting for Deyda? You must accept that you are just being apologetic to those like yourself who could not stand the test of our times and circumstances for one reason or the other and therefore apportion blame on the very heroes fighting the dictatorship all throughout their reign. And you are very economical with truth regarding PDOIS’ principle stand against the Jammeh regime because of your simmering anger against them for not allowing you and your kind to achieve your selfish interests.

    • Yerro Ba , history you narrated about those who supported the regime doesn’t make it right for pdois to be an agent of military dictatorship . Foroyaa is the only newspaper which is spared from Jammeh’s state-sponsored terrorism .
      Once again I will just let you know that I have never work for Jammeh’s regime or Jawara’s regime . I am citizen who has never been a member of any political party in any official capacity . So I am an independent citizen though I strongly support UDP party because their policies and programs are line with my interest and political view at the moment as far as Gambian politics is concern. So please stop talking to me about former ministers who might joined Aprc . Right now thousand of Gambians are Aprc supporters but majority used to be PPP supporters.
      This article is about pdois reluctant to work with any organization both within and outside the country . It is also about foroyaa newspaper as business and political entity for pdois . Pdois never protested aganist the ban of political parties in the early days of the regime . For the record Halifa and Seedia protested about the Jammeh’s regime attempt to ban foroyaa newspaper which at the time Yaya Jammeh and his gang believed it was an organ of pdois . The case was later brought to court which established that foroyaa was separate entity from pdois political party . That was the legal ramifications of the case . The case was partly between freedom of press vs political party . The business interest of pdois was at stake and court gave them the victory because the military degree was established to ban political party since the constitution was suspended and The Gambia was under the military degree . Get your facts straight . I am not a lawyer but this was the basis of the case .
      Of course foroyaa newspaper was the only paper in the country which can report on disappearance . Why did the independent newspaper was fired bomb when they reported on such human right violations ? why did Mr Hydara was killed when challenged the media bill ? But foroyaa can still operate freely in the last 22 years without being attack Or it’s founders are as free as bird flying in the sky ? Emil Touray was part of the press Union which was why he was arrested . If the point newspaper reported any disappearance , they will be attacked or harrass . Use your brain to connect the dots .
      Military dictatorship is an evil system of government which is never transparent and accountable , you will be surprise to see that dictator survive because of people like mr sallah who majority never suspected to be an agent . Those who are smart and understand dictatorship will quickly notice that mr sallah is very reluctant politician who is never interested to work with anyone to remove the dictator . He continue to admonish Jammeh by writing him a useless letters and also he refused to attend any conference or meeting within or outside the country .
      Serious individuals who are interested to remove the dictator are flexible and willing to work with decent citizens . I have listed at least four instances when Halifa refused to work with either diaspora or concerned citizens . Do you want to tell me he is always busy and do not have time to attend conference .
      Mr sallah’s last interview has finally revealed who he support and his statements are directly from Jammeh’s political play book . Blaming the diaspora for war mongering is the least important thing and worst political moves .,

  2. Thank you Max for helping in educating Gambians about the role of PDOIS over the last 22 years. Most Gambians have seem the role of PDOIS in supporting and prolonging the dictatorship in the Gambia. Anything that will bring unity and progress within Gambians to free themselves from one man rule, PDOIS will be against it and will find a way to sabotage the efforts. I am never impressed with their actions because they are always full of foolishness and arrogance.

  3. Acusing the Gambian in diaspora for war mongering in the Gambia is the most tired and most evasive claims any truely matured politician can make. The real war mongerer is the military in civilian clothes who are pretending to be leading a goverment and their enablers. The killings among other crimes committed by the despot are just enough for one to zip up his mouth if one is not ready to speak straight. It suffocates patience to be looking at these intellectual faces hiding cowardice, hypocrisy and opportunism in their contemptious leers.
    What they didn’t say out right is; we lack the guts to take part in any physical demonstrations and we are contempt with whosoever may loss his life, be tortured and incarcerated in the process. They think the diaspora can push over the already politicians of purpose. Peace is not as PDOIS sees it. The lifes that are subjected to suffering and murder in the process of restoring a civil society in the Gambia are part of the peace the PDOIS are searching for but will never find simply because they are always looking the other way round.
    -Fodders of rifles, bayonets, tear gas and truncheons. This is PDOIS’ menace on behalf of the Jammeh regime,to the opposition’s efforts in bringing about a civil democratic process in the Gambia.

  4. Max whether you like it or not Pdois is here to exist and exist till the cows come home. You can hang yourself if you so desire but it wouldn’t change anything as far as Pdois is concern. Pdois has a vision and mission and will execute it to it’s logical conclusion you are just a bigot and a laughing stock on this medium.

    • Lie , I will never hurt myself or anyone . I am a productive citizen who might one day go back to Gambia. I love my home country. I simply want basic freedom and rule of law which I am enjoying here in USA to be also in The Gambia . Please use your brain to think for yourself and do not allow mr sallah or dictator Jammeh to confuse you . Please tell me why Foroyaa newspaper is the only newspaper which can report freely in The Gambia when you have other newspaper founders or reporters being killed , exiled and tortured for the past 22 years . Just think about it . Why Halifa is always unwilling to attend any meeting both inside and outside the country . Why he hates diaspora and never work with them . Please answer these questions intelligently .,

      • What can Pdois say other than,’we are here to exist and exist till the cows come home’. The cows that should come home are definitely Pdois on it numbled knees. That Pdois mission and vision is represented and being executed now by the the Aprc. Both feel glory in bleeding people of the Gambia. Gambians still talk like, ‘you like it or not’ for matters as such’. This is the dumbest kind of attitude any idiot can write here. Very very very big hypocrites and crooks. I use to attent their political forums on the junctions, under the village big trees and sometimes near taxi stands and would then distance themselves from any sort of prodigality in their political campaigns only to end up on the list of chief-guest-of-honors of Atlantic hotel over the years. Woe! bloody smile on the faces of wayward politicians.

  5. Max, your continues sinister propaganda against PDOIS does not deserve a response. But for the benefit of readers who are interested in knowing the facts, this rejoinder is worth making.

    First of all, had you not been a little toddler in the early days of this military coup and it’s subsequent effects of today, you would not have accused PDOIS and its leadership of being their agent. Nothing is furthest from the truth than this allegation.

    PDOIS come to the Gambian political scene in 1986 with the sole objective of enlightening the Gambian citizenry to take charge of their own destiny and uproot political patronage and ignorance. They were not power hungry. That was why they established Foroyaa newspaper as an organ of the party but legally registered with the AG Chambers as a newspaper. They established nursery schools in the same light.

    When the ignorant soldiers came in July 1994, the PPP leadership abandoned the country and ran into the US warship leaving no one to defend the country. They left Chongan and his few men at the mercy of the mutineering soldiers.

    When they established themselves and made Decree no 4, banning all political parties and their organs, Halifa, Sedia and Sam defied and were arrested, detained and taken to court in Banjul. Far from your lies that Foroyaa was allowed by the junta in their strategic interest, they had actually forth and won their case in court. They stood their ground to the last moment.

    If you were not a baby then, you would have known that Halifa and Sedia had refused their ministerial offers on the bases that the junta had seized power without the consent of the people so they would therefore not join it. Haters like you then had accused them of arrogance and pride just as you are today accusing them. But who cares, PDOIS has come with a specific principle into politics so would not be distracted by people like you. Their emergence into politics was not accidental like others with no visions or insight.

    During the transition, their role was to continue to enhance the political awareness of the people not building our own base like AFPRC/APRC. They had used their time, resources knowledge to enlighten the people of the contents of the new constitution unlike most of you and your parties. Where were you then? Running after your own business!! PDOIS position was that whatever was wrong in the constitution could be changed once people have the right to participate in their affairs in a democracy.

    Since then, which politicians and party had been using their resources to defend the innocent Gambians? Foroyaa had been the key player in exposing the excesses of this regime from inception to date just as they had been doing in the first republic. Who do people turn to when their rights have been violated. In a country where there is no human right institution, Foroyaa newspaper had been playing that role without pay or benefit from the people. Does your party and its leaders also been doing that for the people? No Max. Not that I am aware of. The only time we hear you raise your voice is when your member is affected like the case of Kanyiba Kanyi, Jobarteh etc unlike PDOIS. You don’t stand up for every member of your party. We had seen your officials like Femi Peters, Waa Juwara, late Syngle, Amadou Sanneh etc arrested and jailed but you were never on the streets. The most you do was to represent them in court and call a press conference as in the case of Amadou. He is serving a 5 year sentence. Have you taken to the streets?? No Max. Foroyaa has continuously fought for and raised awareness of people detained, disappeared or even denied bail. Foroyaa’s famous column of “Disappearance Without Trace” is an example of this.

    Examples of people who were saved through this include Modou Sowe former protocol officer office of the president, Ousman Rambo Jatta UDP councillor Bakau. In fact, in case you care to know, PDOIS and Foroyaa had specially assigned one of it’s competent reporters Babucarr Massaneh Ceesay to investigate his case and trekked from police station to another and from detention center to another. He was finally found at Sara Ngai police station in URR. Refer to Amnesty International and US State Department reports about The Gambia Max.

    PDOIS and its leaders are not selfish nor are they discriminatory in the conduct of their political activities. They are a mature political party who provide alternatives and act as a government in waiting.

    That was why when the government engaged on the witchcraft saga, they attacked it head on. They didn’t wait for other parties to join them nor wait till their own are affected. While they assigned their investigative journalists like Babucarr Ceesay and Abubacarr Saidykhan to investigate and document evidence, Halifa and others challenged them directly. He was arrested, detained and taken to court. Where were your party and your leaders then. Instead of standing up against injustice against the over 1000 victims, your party was busy accusing Halifa of trying to build his political image through that incident.

    This are historical facts which cannot be twisted by your manipulative narrative aimed at suiting your hatred for Halifa.

    I will respond to your claims on Diaspora, unity and coalition in a subsequent response.

  6. Max, your reference to Halifa’s statement as irresponsible and disgraceful is stupid. No matter how much you try to twist the facts, they will always remain as facts. Halifa was referring to war mongers like you Max. You Max are on record here in this forum for continuously asking for only one thing. That is citizens get to the streets or other places and do whatever it takes to overthrow this government by all means. How can you so soon pretend not to know who he was referring to.

    Halifa was referring to people like Max in the diaspora who continue to call on others to take up arms and fight to change the government but will never come on the ground to do the job. Hence those who listen to then become “fodders for rifles , bayonets , tear gas and truncheons”. Halifa said the likes of Max “should know that it is not a sign of bravery to take warlike postures when they are not armed and psychologically prepared for war”.

    This has ever been the point of contention between you and sobber people like Bax in this forum. Why are you trying to play clean here and attempt to play the remittances card here. That is not the point here. What Halifa said is this:

    Halifa: “Many Gambians called for people to rise up in April and May and many were counselling peace. My position is that people have their aims and designs, but the material conditions will always dictate what course of action would prevail at any given moment.

    ” In short, war has two components, psychological warfare and active combat.

    ” Psychological warfare which is not linked to combat readiness is scarecrow tactics. Leaders who are driven to the extremities of vengeance against opponents in reaction to scarecrow tactics cannot be seen to be equal to the task of leadership.

    ” Reaction should always be proportionate to real and visible threat. Reaction to imagined threat is unsettling in effect.

    “On the other hand, Gambians abroad who engage in war mongering without combat preparedness only succeed in transforming those under their command into fodders for rifles, bayonets, tear gas and truncheons. They should know that it is not a sign of bravery to take warlike postures when they are not armed and psychologically prepared for war”.

    You are trying to play and portray that Halifa is against the diaspora, which is not the case. In fact, Halifa is the only politician on record who asks that the diaspora organise themselves and demand that they vote in the elections as it is their constitutional right.

    You Max and many like you have said over and over that you don’t have faith in elections that the only way to change the government is through massive uprising. Remember that I had challenged you here in this forum to go down on the ground and lead such riots rather than being a cyber warrior here.

    Halifa was referring to you and your likes Max not the politically mature citizens who believe in law and elections to effect changes.

    Despite calling for protests, what have you and your likes done or achieved for six weeks now that Darboe and his people had been in detention?

    • Dodou Jawneh

      In that case PDOIS is not taking their responsibility seriously. They are to take the lead in fighting for the diaspora’s voting rights. The diaspora are like any other citizen. The mandate to make the government comply with the laws of the country lies squarely with opposition leaders.

      • The diaspora must first show that they are willing to fight for their right to enfranchisement, otherwise, it is absolutely pointless for any party to fight for them. After all, it is our rights to vote that have been denied and it is our duty and responsibility to fight for that respect. Others can only help.

        • You should by now have kickstarted an internal Pdois intellectual deprogrammimg reprogramming program. Can you really believe in wahts going down in your country as a concerned citizen? Do you resent to what’s happen to women because the where out to demonstrate their constitutionally stipulated rights? Do you feel any guilt or shame for such inhumane crimes committed by those representing you as a state? Bax, start quoting and rallying round for nothing. That’s just what you are good at.
          I would like to know Mr. Halifa Sallah’s appreciation for Hon.Nelson Mandela…

          • Of course I believe what’s happening because I don’t dream and of course I recent it too. As a Gambian, I am ashamed of what’s been done in our name, and that is why I oppose the regime.

            But I, like more than 1million other Gambians, at home and abroad, don’t agree with your approach. Can you lot stop dreaming and accept that reality.

            Mandela’s South Africa accepted his approach and the world stood with them. Only fools will fail to put his struggle into its proper context in order to draw the right inspiration from his story.

      • Jawneh, an opposition political party cannot force a ruling party and government to do, what it clearly does not want to do.

        However, what an opposition political party can do is to build a strong support base, convince the people that the government does not serve their interest, build alliances with other opposition forces and undertake to change that government through a democratic process.

        We have argued in the past that political parties have roles and responsibility, and that there are certain things political parties can do, and there are other things political parties cannot do. What political parties can do and cannot do is stipulated in the constitutional framework that underpin our democratic process.

        Likewise we have argued that the people, the citizens of a sovereign republic, also have their roles and responsibilities. There are certain things that the citizens can do, and there are other things that the citizens cannot do.

        Our rights and responsibilities as individual citizens, and our rights and responsibilities as members of political organizations, are govern by the constitutional arrangements that uphold our sovereign republic.

        This is the reason why the Constitution is fundamental, and it is the document that can hold our country together or tear it apart.

        The diaspora should fight for their own enfranchisement. It is their fundamental constitutional right. The political parties can only fight with them. After all, they are the people, and power belongs to them. We only need to organize ourselves.

        • Dodou Jawneh

          Kumalo, My understanding of the role of political parties is that they undertake to pursue the total package that a country needs to achieve social and economic progress. In this sense, they differ from pressure groups whose mandate concerns particular issue/s of interest to a group. Secondly, they are required to be at the forefront in challenging national authorities into implementing policies that bring about improvements in the lives of citizens. They can also include these needs in their manifestos with a pledge to implement them if they are in office. For this reason, some have even referred to oppositions as governments in waiting. It follows therefore that considering the importance of the franchise in democratisation, political parties should take its extension to all groups as cardinal policy for implementation, unless of course if they are as backward as APRC. In the Gambia, the diaspora’s demand for extension of the franchise is clear. And in many cases they play an active part in the running of opposition parties. Therefore it is the responsibility of the political parties to realise that pursuing this is integral to the progress they aspire for the country and for its citizens. I remain baffled if the PDOIS or any other opposition party’s policy is to call on the diaspora to seek their own enfranchisement from a government whose antagonism to this section of our society is clear for all to see.

          • Jawneh, I vigorously want to participate in these discussions, but I am getting frustrated at the length of time it takes to respond to a comment. The time it takes for my comments, awaiting moderation, is too long.

            I had this post you have responded too, along with another post, since yesterday 11. am New England time. My respond to your post appeared toady, and the other one is still awaiting moderation.

            “Kumalo, My understanding of the role of political parties is that they undertake to pursue the total package that a country needs to achieve social and economic progress. In this sense, they differ from pressure groups whose mandate concerns particular issue/s of interest to a group.”

            Jawneh, we all belong to a country. However, as individuals and as groups we may have different interest persuasions. We may profess different belief systems. And we may also belong to different ethnic groupings.

            However, there is one thing that we all share in common; that which gives us a national identity, and establish our sovereignty as part of the nation-state.

            This sense of national identity, in which we transcend our individual and group interests, and also subordinate our rights to a constitutional arrangement, is the principal architect through which all our activities are governed.

            Hence our constitution is the arbiter between us as individuals, and between us and our government.

            This is the reason, why, when a govern violates the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state, and against the will and interest of the people, the people reserved the right to overthrow that government.

            The legitimacy of any government must be derived from the consent of the people.

            Political parties represent the consent of the people. A government in waiting. The people agree to what the political parties promise to do for them when in government and elect them into power. This is a matter of choice.

            Different political parties offer different promises and platforms, but the majority of the people decide which political party to elect into power. The majority of the people also decide when a political party is to be voted out of power.

            Thus: “the role of political parties is that they undertake to pursue the total package that a country needs to achieve social and economic progress.”

            However, the people also may not subscribe to, or want, that total package that a country needs to achieve social and economic progress. The reason why political parties have different platforms and different “packages.”

            Now that we have established the role of political parties, and that their fundamental objective is to take over the reins of power and constitute a government, the role of civil society is completing different.

            It is not to take over the reins of power and constitute a government. Unless, it is done outside our constitutional framework and outside the mandate of the people.

            Pressure groups are part of the role of a civil society, and when they transcend the group’s interest, and champion a national cause, it assumes a national character.

            The same likewise with all other civic societies or organizations. It is the organization of these civic groups, with a fundamental national objective and goal, that can be the engine, and spear head, that can influence, dictate and guide national policies.

            Political parties in government formulate national policies. Civil society groups influence, shape and guide these policies. I believe this can be the difference between the two.

            I will take your second part response separately.

          • “Secondly, they are required to be at the forefront in challenging national authorities into implementing policies that bring about improvements in the lives of citizens.”

            Jawneh, what you have described above is not the role of political parties.

            Political parties create an alternative platform to a ruling government, and not only that, they convince the people that they have a better program that can effectively respond to their needs and aspirations when elected into power.

            What you have described is the role of civil society groups, trade unions or professional organizations, that equally have a say in the way and manner a country is being governed.

            They can and should be in the forefront to challenge “national authorities into implementing policies that bring about improvements in the lives of the citizens.”

            Our diaspora civic society groups fall into this category.

            And with the protests, demonstrations against some of the policies of the government that doesn’t serve the interest of the people, they are living up to their rights and responsibilities.

            “They can also include these needs in their manifestos with a pledge to implement them if they are in office. For this reason, some have even referred to oppositions as governments in waiting. It follows therefore that considering the importance of the franchise in democratisation, political parties should take its extension to all groups as cardinal policy for implementation, unless of course if they are as backward as APRC.”

            Jawneh, the matter is very simple. The Gambian constitution says that the diaspora Gambians should be enfranchised and given the vote. The Gambian diaspora should hold the government to account and ensure that they have their franchise and the vote. The question then becomes: how can they do this?

            This is where the work and challenge of civil society groups become paramount. Instead of placing this responsibility squarely at the feet of political parties, civic society groups should bear the utmost responsibility. In fact, they can do it better. It is all about organization.

            “In the Gambia, the diaspora’s demand for extension of the franchise is clear. And in many cases they play an active part in the running of opposition parties. Therefore it is the responsibility of the political parties to realise that pursuing this is integral to the progress they aspire for the country and for its citizens.”

            The diaspora should make it much, much clearer to the government that they want an extension of the franchise to where they happen to be.

            The organization, the language of communication in this endeavor, is as fundamental as the recognition that the diaspora cannot change the government. They can always work with the Gambian opposition on this and other issues that “is integral to the progress they aspire for the country and for its citizens.”

            “I remain baffled if the PDOIS or any other opposition party’s policy is to call on the diaspora to seek their own enfranchisement from a government whose antagonism to this section of our society is clear for all to see.”

            Jawneh, the Gambian constitution says that the diaspora Gambians should be enfranchised. It is the responsibility of the government to fulfill this mandate, and equally the responsibility of the diaspora to hold them accountable.

            Political parties can tell the diaspora how to hold the government accountable to give them their franchise. And this is essentially what PDOIS as a political has done. Their position on this issue is a matter of public record.

            I do not underestimate the Gambian diaspora when they are properly organized. They have all the tools at their disposal, and regardless of the antagonism of the government, with a different approach and response they can carry the day.

  7. Gambia , mr sallah has attacked the diaspora and he called us war mongers . There is no single person in the diaspora who is calling for a war . That is fact . A war is not something that is advocated by anyone I know of including myself . When we said any means necessary , it doesn’t mean we are calling for a civil war , that is a very silly assumption. If that was the case , December statehouse attackers would have destroyed the statehouse in a heart beat. Halifa sallah was spinning for Jammeh and his language is directly from Jammeh’s playbook . In the course of history , dictatorship must have some means of legitimization in order to be accepted and recognized for it to survive . There should be some form of divergent views or civility just to fool the international community and the citizens in order for the dictator to maintain power . Halifa and pdois is playing that role in The Gambia . I don’t blame you because you are not open minded . Foroyaa is operational because of business and political interest of pdois as well as a means of legitimization of dictatorship in The Gambia . Why are other newspapers not given the same experience or why other newspapers have been attacked and completely banned when in the 22 years pdois is never firebombed for its reporting or editorial ? Why pdois never asked direct and hard questions to Jammeh specifically ? I hope you answer these important questions.
    Why Halifa refused to condemned Jammeh for his tribal vitriol ? This is simply because he wanted to appease and not to offend the dictator .
    You must be genius to know how old I am . It doesn’t matter to me if Halifa has been in politics the whole of his life . What matter is the honesty , decency and patriotism . I do not believe he truly want change because he has proven his unwillingness to work with anyone , both the opposition and the diaspora .

    • (1)…Nobody can convince a man who says “the sun is the moon”..It is quite evident that, even the language used, is clearly indicative that the statement is referring to a section of the diaspora, as engaging in “warmongering”, and not the entirety of the diapora….but hey, if a person calls the moon the sun, you just have to leave them for what they are.

      (2)…The fact that you are denying the label of.a warmonger shows that you do not fully understand the meanings of the word. Even the narrowest definition of warmonger: as someone who tries to agitate others to go to war, qualifies you as a warmonger, because war is defined as any conflict involving the use of arms, either between nations, groups or parties.

      So when you call for arms incursion into the country, you effectively become a warmonger.

      (3)…Foroyaa had to fight for the right to exist and regardless of how you want to explain that, it had to do it the hard way, at great expense and to the personal liberties of two of its founders, amongst others.

      The fire bombing, harassment and arbitrary closure of news papers is unfortunate, but why must that be used as an indicator to what Foroyaa is or isn’t..? Why do you continue asking a silly question because Gambian does not make those decisions. One thing the regime learnt early on in its life was that nothing would stop PDOIS from exercising their rights as citizens..So may be more people.need to be sending that message to the regime.

      There is absolutely no doubt that there is no paper in The Gambia that is more critical of government and government policy and exerts more scrutiny on government than Foroyaa. If you know one, tell this audience.

      The question that you should be asking is why are those who are dissatisfied with Foroyaa’s reporting not starting there own papers to satisfy their need.

      Foroyaa has been established for a particular purpose and it is carrying that out to the best of its ability, attested to by reputable, independent institutions and organisations. It is not a tabloid paper that engages in sensational journalism.

      (4)…There is something you miss when you talk about the diaspora’s economic power and it is, that not everyone in the diaspora is anti-Jammeh. So next time you present the $90 million remittances from the diaspora, as an economic tool, just remember that it is not all from the anti-Jammeh camp.

      Furthermore, PDOIS’ recognition of the economic power of the diaspora (both anti and pro Jammeh) is what is manifested in its manifesto, via-a-vis, the establishment of a stock exchange to facilitate partnership and collaboration between potential investors in the diaspora and businesses in The Gambia, in order to create avenues for raising investment capital within, which may answer the issue of investment capital scarcity..

      You cannot escape the facts of The Gambian situation today and the trauma that the families of the incarcerated are going through, a situation that you contributed in bringing about, as an agitator of confrontation. You concern, if you have any conscience, should be how to bring about an end to their predicament, rather than a piece of garbage that serves, yet again, as another unwanted distraction.

      • Bax , what PDOIS is advocating for is Eritrean type of government in which government control absolutely people’s life and investment. we cannot allow people who have ridged mentality to be in control of businesses or partnership and collaboration with diaspora.
        Pdois / foroyaa continue to have preferential treatment from the dictatorship because of its role as an agent of dictatorship. Are you telling us that other parties and newspapers did not fight their rights to stay operational in the Gambia? How about other papers which are banned or attacked ? If yaya jammeh really want to ban foroyaa , he will ban it but no he is not going to do that because he need legitimacy and admonition from Halifa . This is why Halifa constantly write to advise him . He is the chief political adviser on domestic political issues to the Dictator and this is done in the form of open- undercover opposition leader to confuse and deceive people. Throughout history , there is no political leader under military dictatorship who only rely on writing open letter to a dictator , halifa is the only one in the world who believe in such useless and deceiving practice to challenge the dictator. During Nigerian dictatorship, Moshood abiola fought for democracy in Nigeria and lost his life , just like Dr king and solo Sanderg all fought for freedom and democracy. In each of these examples , there were oppressive system and they were challenged . So nobody will listen to your sabotage and distraction. Maybe you are not proud of any of these people which is why you are still bad mouthing the peaceful protesters.
        oh i forgot , PDOIS and Halifa never considered jammeh , a dictator . for pdois , jammeh is a democrat.

      • Bax, please stop the foolishness and answer the question as it pertain to PDOIS lack of inaction in the present political dilemma. PDOIS as a party has failed many Gambians and nothing will change that. They can pack up and leave the political scene or act like nothing happened and the people will ignore them.

        • I have responded to Max’s “evidence”, but it takes time to pass moderation. How has PDOIS failed Gambians ? As far as I know, it has never been given the mandate to do anything, on our behalf, that it has not carried out well.

          What PDOIS does is PDOIS ‘ business but you should not pretend to speak for anyone other than yourself. Just bear that in mind when you make bold claims like “people will ignore them:”

  8. Dodou Jawneh

    Max, I hope and pray that what you have articulated in this article can be understood by my fellow citizens in Wuli so that we can turn our back on PDOIS and join the rest of the country in fighting for true liberation of The Gambia.

    • Dodou jawneh , Wuli is their stronghold thanks to Seedia Jatta who is the intellectual power house of their organization. Pdois appearance to Gambian politics is very similar to the concept of ” early semester syndrome ” in The Gambia . Some 30 years ago , few people have traveled and those who have travelled to Europe and USA when they come back to The Gambia , people look at them differently and think they are so special but today majority don’t care if you come from Europe or USA because they have seen many from those places . If Gambian people open up their minds Little bit they will see huge disconnect between the rhetoric and actions of pdois . How can they claimed to be fighting for freedom and socioeconomic advancement of people but they still refuse to work with anyone but only themselves ?

      • Dodou Jawneh

        Who does not know that we hate being disenfranchised? The state house holds the key to our enfranchisement and it is the opposition that must knock the door on our behalf. It is part of the electoral reform process for which Solo Sandeng died and the UDP leaders are incarcerated. The diaspora is not in the proper position to do so, that is why they are the ‘diaspora.’ The question is, will the other party leaders take their responsibility as Max asked.

      • Dodou Jawneh

        I have a fair knowledge of the the nascent stage of Sedia Jatta’s political activity at the time that I was growing up in Wuli, and the growth of PDOIS in the region over the years. I am also aware of its ramifications. They made no progress in the PPP era. My personal opinion is that many of the party’s success in the post-Jammeh era can be attributed to the ‘entente cordiale’ existing between them and Jammeh that Max elucidated in his article.

  9. Yerro and Gambia you have spoken for me and thanks a million. To respond to Max is to dignify his rubbish, but is worth the while. His types are the real Gambian problem associating themselves with a political party and throwing invectives at other party leaders. You live in the USA where Halifa had his studies it is an opportunity for you to find out what legacy he left behind.Telling you the History of Pdois and Halifa’s political struggle serve no purpose to your myopic view.

    • As zigzaggy Yerro and Gambia speak for you, so do Max speaks for many. That is not the point however. The point is that, it is no big deal if Max criticises the party itself that he supports. Party internal debates or disagreements, to resolve, are a wonderful way forward in countries’ democratic processes. Max is one who spoke for me here and there, is still liable to my criticism should that situation arise regardless of party designation. This is maturity in politics that owlish Pdois don’t even understand. They won’t attend meetings in democracy-super-power countries in the west because they are probably waiting for invitation from Russia, China or North Korea.

  10. Amadou J Ceesay.

    Max, dont waste your time responding to people like Yorro Ba, Lie, who has already stated who he/she is and other bunch of stupid fools.
    PDOISs role is very clear in the past 22 years. In fact it is Halifa who speaks in a way that we should vote yes in the referendum. You have stated the clear points and they are not making their attacks on that instead they are beating about the bush.
    To understand that PDOIS are not here fore the interest of this nation, for 30 years where are they?
    Any time they make a statement, you realize an act of a dictator in it. They believe no one but only them selves.
    Don’t waste your time max. Most of these people are agents of the dictator. They are always reading these papers and responding to people for the dictator and at the end of the day they go and receive their money. They are paid for it. When you look at it you thing they are bringing in their honest opinion instead they are paid for it.
    Long live the Gambia
    God bless you all.

  11. A phenomenon that strangles people’s determination to reinstall a lasting settlement in justice and peace, is the malicious joy that a section of the society’s elites knowingly crave to score in crisis like the present time.
    Sheriff Dibba (ncp) supposedly rejoices at jatta, sallah (pdois) detention. Today suppose to be a payback time albeit someone else woes. A noble one after all.

    Today, the inaction apart from a letter to the weapon welding tyranny, gives credence to many people’s conclusion that Pdois , are out for vendetta or NRP, PPP are just abjectly demoralised to present any serious resistance to the tyranny.
    Badly formulated is Sallah’s words that the diaspora is even to be blamed for the death of solo sandeng. What an outrageous sham? at a time when solidarity with the tortured and the killed, is the only acceptable addition to the discourse and endeavours to free and bring back the bodies of those killed.
    With such blatant association, Sallah has gravely undermined his credibility and any hope that he will be any different from the current dispensers if he would assume the presidency.
    As long as the Gambia is ruled through coercion, the UDP struggle is going to be seen as the only alternative on the ground to stand up to the brutality and the only formidable pioneer endeavour to reclaim our country.

    • Kinteh , in the nutshell mr sallah has blamed the diaspora for the death of solo Sanderg because he believe that solo and all the peaceful protesters were under the command of diaspora . Yaya Jammeh and his agents are spinning the same talking point. What a despicable statement . Halifa’s credibility and alliance with Jammeh has finally been exposed . All these years , he refused to have dialogue or meeting with diaspora because he is an agent of legitimization of dictatorship .

    • Please Kinteh, you are better than this…

      Halifa did not blame diaspora for anyone’s death, but the death of Solo Sandeng vindicates Halifa’s position (summarised in.my own.words) that if you nudge people towards confrontation, with (as you described), “a weapon wielding tyranny”, without the means to neutralise his weapons, you turn those you nudge forward into cannon fodder. And that is what happened on 14th April. It is a fact that we cannot continue to ignore because the consequences are grave.

      There is no problem, whatsoever, for people to hold the view that the UDP offers the best alternative to what obtains today, just as there should be no problem for.others to hold different views on that.

      Those people should simply join forces with the UDP and allow others to join forces with their parties of choice.

      But no one should blame another if you follow a course of action that they do not subscribe to, and have not consented to, because that would create problems. Avenues and.possibllities.of cooperation can be explored and entered into, but where that is not possible, individual parties should carry on, if they believe in the elections route.

      • Bax, seemingly I am swerving off from your ideal Gambian. I cherish rationality and appreciate every one’s effort in making the Gambia habitable for all.

        That goes for Solo Sandeng, Nogoi Njie, Fatou Jawara , who in my eyes, represent the countless people subjected to the gruesome cruelty of this regime.

        Their ordeal has dismissed my calculus that at some point common sense will prevail on this regime. Hence I cannot look into the eyes of my fellow Gambian and act as if all is carpe diem.

        I have no choice but to call on the conscience of Bah, Jallow and Sallah to realise what is at stake. At stake is whether we want to reinstate sanity so that all may live in justice and peace or do we want to create a situation that will perpetually be embroiled in revenge and counter reprisals.

        Today they have the weapons but that can tilt in favour of another group. I don’t want such a scenario. But such is the trajectory of gambias near future, if we don’t all close ranks and demand “enough is enough ” instead of taking offence from the diaspora for an assumed dishonouring one’s past efforts/achievements.

        • Kinteh…

          What is or isn’t my ideal Gambian is not the issue and has never been the subject of any discussion in which I took part in. The issue here (as I.see it), is whether a section of The Gambian population, albeit a very small section, has the justification, to not only wish to impose their preferred option for change (or one of those options) on all Gambians, but to also give itself the right and privilege to caricature, label, demonise, stereotype and even insult those who don’t subscribe and share their preferred option.

          That is the issue and my answer is an emphatic NO. Everyone has the right to their choice of/for change, but no one has the right to impose on another or to resort to name calling just because they don’t do your bidding.

          I concur with the idea of a rational approach to our problem, but I fail to see the rationale of asking others to act just for the sake of it. Lawyer Darboe is the most popular opposition politician, with the biggest following. 17% of electorate voted for him at the last elections and that translates into more than 100 thousand people. If Mr Darboe’s treatment and ordeal, at the hands of the regime, cannot bring Gambians enmass into the streets, why does anyone think that the arrest, detention and prosecution of the others can do. Calling on these people to go out into the streets would be just for that. Is this a rational approach to solving our problem ?

          Again, I will agree that our conscience as Gambians and human beings, should be pricked when we see the injustice meted out, not only to the demonstrators of 14th & 16th, but also to all other victims of the regime from 1994 to date, but any appeal to arouse conscience should not be limited to Bah, Jallow and Sallah but to all Gambians, irrespective of party affiliations.

          Bah, Jallow and Sallah, like Darboe, Peters and Sanneh are powerless individuals who can do nothing to change the status quo unless they have the people behind them, and so far, this support is lacking. How to win this support should be everyone’s preoccupation if we must end this rule of madness. This blame game will achieve very little for the opposition, if anything at all.

  12. Have you ever read a story and felt reminded about something ? That is what reading this garbage did to me. It reminded me about a documentary I watched on an animal channel, where a young pretending hippo bull decided to take on a dominant male bull, in order to depose him and access his harem of “girls”.

    Unfortunately for the young pretender, the old bull was too strong and he got beaten and chased out of the river, and in his hurry to escape with his life, he noticed a group of harmless tourists, in an open top truck on the river bank, and decided to take his frustrations and anger out on them, as if to say, “I lost this battle because of you guys”..

    Having battered the fortified truck with his massive head for a couple of minutes, without any effect, he had the good sense to just walk away and nurse his injuries and smashed ego.

    This pretender (Max) we are, once again, forced to respond to here, has no such senses and unlike the young bull, continues to “batter” his “small head” against a fortified, dedicated, well focused, well organised and above all, a highly mature political leadership, running a very desciplined and motivated organisation that consistently insists, not only on operating within the confines of the law, but also, on maintaining civilised standards on its political platforms, venues and statements to convey its political messages that focus on issues, rather than personalities, and thus, win the hearts (not the votes) of many truth loving people and deny even idiots like Yaya Jammeh, any justifiable explanation to focus his evil agenda against them. And this is what is often erroneously misconstrued as connivance with the regime by small minded people, as is evident here.

    Of course, since opposition is an anathema to Yaya Jammeh, even an organisation with a civilised approach to politics like PDOIS, does not escape his wrath and the pretender (Max) is forced to acknowledge this in his garbage of a write up, but in a very strange and bizarre way. He wrote :

    “In the foroyaa newspaper , even those reporters who are not in line with PDOIS policies and are also against military dictatorship are not spared from Jammeh’s state-sponsored terrorism. ”

    The questions that must logically be asked at this stage are these :

    (1)…who are these reporters, who are not in line with PDOIS policies but also oppose military dictatorship ? Have you got any names ?

    (2)…How does Jammeh’s state sponsored-terrorism manifest itself against these Foroyaa Reporters ? (Just for clarity, my query is not against the existence of state-sponsored and directed acts of terror against the regime’s opponents)

    (3)…Has these (acts of terrorism) affected any of the gentlemen you have issues with in PDOIS, especially Hon.Halifa Sallah, who has attracted the most severe criminal charge than any opposition leader of the 2nd Republic, having being once charged with the crime OF ESPIONAGE, which (I believe) is a treasonable crime because it is a crime against the state.


  13. Deyda Haidara

    Marx, sorry I did not bother to read the article and do not see the need to. The reason is that those of us on the ground see PDOIS not as politicians but a group of business people hiding behind politics to escape paying taxes. They have fleets of transports, real estate and schools, consultancies…etc.
    Let their disciples insult me anyhow they want but they cannot deny that this is the reality about PDOIS.
    PDOIS is the richest business party after APRC. They like the status quo and do not wish for change.

    • I can’t remember anyone on this side of the debate, hauling insults at anyone, but if anyone does, be rest assured that I will be among those who condemn it…So there is no need to be defensive.

      It is fine if you see PDOIS as a business entity hiding behind politics. Simply associate yourself with the real party/ parties and allow others who believe in PDOIS, to express that belief in their support.

      There should be no surprises if PDOIS owns assets that earn revenue for it. PDOIS is a party built on the concept of “self reliance”, to be entirely independent, and does not depend on donations to survive.

      It is therefore perfectly logical for it to devise revenue creation strategies to fund its activities. Depending on donations, especially from non party contributors, does leave a party vulnerable to outside interference and we have all seen this.

      The evidence though, six weeks after the demonstrations started, without it picking up to affect the regime, does seem to suggest that PDOIS and all say “NO” to demonstrations now, are more in touch with the Gambian People, than those who called for demonstrations.

      That is the fact because it is supported by the evidence but you guys can continue living in denial and making the same mistakes, over and over again. That is your prerogative.

      • Deyda Haidara

        OK you are clear, so you love money and not democracy and rule law.

        • No, it’s not “love of money” but you need money to run a political organisation and if you don’t accept open donations and have no state funding, then you got to devise ways to raise that money. Membership dues alone cannot be sufficient to run a political organisation like PDOIS.

          Others rely very heavily on donations and largesse from the well off (and we have seen evidence of that here and on.the ground) but that leaves them open to interference and manipulation. PDOIS wants independence and.that is why it is raising its own funds. You got to give them credit for that, at the least.

  14. The basic facts prolonging our collective predicaments as a people are always out in the plain for all to see; at the inception afprc bandits temporarily managed to fool all & every Gambians’ yearn for changes in our political affairs dispensation; with the infamous “Accountability transparency & probity” catchphrases….???

    Political parties including PDOiS, are always formed on leadership aspirations but (are) pursued in all sorts of various ways including moral & immoral manipulations; political parties including both incumbent-ruling & opposition all have codes of conduct as dictated to & defined by the Constitution which is the “Holy Book” of the country religion-wise…??

    Both ruling & opposition parties are the (ruling & opposing/shadow) custodians of the Constitution as incumbent (ruling) & shadow (opposition) governments in waiting; when a ruling party & one that illegally usurped power by illegitimate overthrow of a democratically elected government, & continued to commit murder & various humanity crimes, the Opposition parties & leaderships are the Constitutionally responsible to do anything within their powers individually & collectively to stand up for the masses represented; Ousainou Darboe & UDP have used their “decent” abilities to oppose in their peaceful natures just like us all, that’s why there were lot’s of murders & maltreatment for the past 22 years to no avail but things just gets worst by the minutes; so there comes time when a line must be drawn for the blatant murderous oppression must have to stop at all cost before too late….

    Halifa & PDOiS too have used all their utmost in refusing & exposing the murderous kanilai tyrant but it didn’t avail them their desired spot in the political standing, lest in their pecking order in the Opposition (as the oldest party) too; so it’s ideal for Halifa too to use all sorts of ways including the immoral, to ascend to the elusive-throne desired at all costs, by all & any means necessary; PDOIS complacently colluded & campaigned for the illegal 1997 toilet paper constitution but as Soviet-socialists they haven’t the ability to sell their ideas lucratively to the peasantry electorates except in Wuli which purely was on Sedia’s roots & tactical use of his imagery, & for few indoctrinated politically-oriented ad hoc follow-ship…..?

    There are no rigidity in convergent politics where the peasantry population are clearly the Masters, & are to always come first in any states world over; the Constitution no matter how distorted, have always given clarity as to who reigns supreme, even where the ruler abuses the servant-power invested in the government of the day; we have seen Halifa due to selfish tendencies attempted to distort this in manipulative campaigns to shroud his cowardice & abdication of his Constitutionally assigned responsibility; these are among selective manoeuvres to cozy favours in twisted attempts to grab advantage of the current fiasco in his favours; clearly the opposition contains of those who are genuinely interested in liberating & others bent on self-inclination sabotages or nothing; Genuine Gambians & friends are following who true liberators are at the material time, when it matters; & (we) will refuse to be held to ransom for any selfish inclinations without the collective paramount interests of the peasantry population above, first…..

    • Quote….”PDOIS complacently colluded & campaigned for the illegal 1997 toilet paper constitution ….”

      Observations : We obviously had a political situation in 1994 – 1996/97 that needed resolving, and I hope you will agree with the views that this was not possible without a Framework document, often called a “Constitution”.

      The 1970 or so constitution was suspended by the Junta, who showed no signs or willingness to reinstate it, but are ready to allow the process of transition into a new and different political dispensation, through a new republican constitution.

      The PDOIS Leadership, aware of the importance of this framework document, without which no further progress can be made on the transition, through the participatory, democratic process, campaigned for a “YES” vote, arguing that the constitution was good enough for the transition purpose and that it can be improved upon by elected representatives, who would be tasked and mandated with the power of enacting new laws and amending old ones.

      I think any sensible and impartial individual can see the sense and wisdom in this argument, given the political and economic situation of the country, at the time.

      Having said.that, here are a few questions for you for curiosity sake, if nothing else.

      (1)…What did the people you align with today, do in 1996/97 to stop the toilet constitution from being voted for ..?

      (2)…What did the people you align with today, propose as an aternative mechanism in.1996/97, to end the 2year transition period, had the nation voted, “NO” at the referandum..?

      (3)…What would you say about those who disagreed and presumably, campaigned for a “NO” vote but upon the adoption of the constitution, organised, formed,.registered political parties and partook in the democratic process, all based on the framework document which they rejected..?

      I know what to think of such people but it will be interesting to see your response or anyone in your team…

    • Bajaw, PDOIS’s campaign for a yes vote helped us get out of the military rule and thanks to it, UDP was created and is today seen as the biggest opposition party in the country. Had that yes not won, tell me how we could return the country to a democracy where citizens are free to choose their reps.

      PDOIS had said, that though the constitution may not be perfect, it was better than the military decrees at the time. Do you want to deny that fact.

      Whatever was bad in the constitution could be changed in a Democratic setting had we all genuinely empowered the people to vote for competent members of the national assembly.

      Instead of blaming PDOIS for our current situation, why not look at the other side of the coin and blame UDP for their 2002 national assembly election boycott which gave APRC an unhindered majority to change the constitution like this.

      Some of the changes that resulted include the removal of the 2nd round voting; giving Yahya right to engage in business etc.

      Why don’t you see that too.

  15. Continued…

    The pretender and his kind in this forum, like the young hippo pretender, having failed to realise their expectations of regime change from the genuine efforts of ordinary Gambians, for the respect of fundamental rights, have now turned their attention on the group they see as the reasons for their failure, to take out their frustrations and anger, and non is high on their list than PDOIS and Halifa, and hence, this foolish write up.

    I do not even know whether they realise this, but there is an inherent contradiction in the positions they take regarding the political realities and relevance of political parties, on the ground, vis-a-vis, PDOIS.

    Whilst on the one hand, they attempt to dismiss PDOIS as an insignificant, irrelevant political force of less than 4% popularity, on the other hand, they inadvertently admit, through their accusations and allegations, that it is so influencial that it alone can singlehandedly scupper any attempts to defeat Jammeh, and thus, is more responsible for all the political malaise of the country, than any opposition party. How anyone could continue this illogical line of argument, completely oblivious to the blatantly obvious contradictions is really beyond me, but I will leave that for now.

    My attention must now shift to evaluating the relevance of this very piece to its own stated goals, because like every piece of writing, its relevance or otherwise, must be gauged on whether it has achieved its stated goals or not.

    The pretender stated boldly, in his first paragraph, that his “goal was to find out why PDOIS is an agent of dictatorship”, and therefore, the relevance of his write up will depend on whether he has established this question of “WHY” . If he fails to meet this goal, then it will be fair to dismiss the whole piece as garbage, which I have already done, because it lacks relevance to its stated goal.

    To start with, let’s imagine an intruder in an . orchard. Suppose we want to establish all facts relating to his intrusion, then we must ask and answer specific questions.

    For example, if we want to know the manner of the intrusion, we ask the question, “HOW”: how did he get in ? The answer might be, “he scaled the fence or he cut through the barbed wire” and that would be relevant because it established the “how”, which is our goal..We cannot answer this question with, “because he wanted some fruits”. That would be irrelevant to our question and would fail to establish the manner of entry.

    Similarly, if we want to know the motives for the intrusion, then we must ask and answer the question, “WHY” and again, unless the answer is right, the response will be irrelevant for the same reasons, as above.

    Max, the pretender, has set out to answer the question, “WHY”, and though I have read and re-read his piece, I could not see where or how he established the “why” question he asked and set out to answer. Instead, he attempted to provide answers that unconvincingly and somewhat, foolishly, seemed to establish the “how” question.

    He charged: PDOIS did not attend this; PDOIS did not go there; Foroyaa enjoyed this; Halifa said that…this sort of charges cannot possibly be viewed as the answer to the question “why” and even the claim, towards the end, that PDOIS prefers the status quo, does not answer the “why” question.

    I would have loved to turn.my attention to some of the claims he raised but it seems our team of voluntary and dedicated defenders of truth is active. So I will be responding where appropriate.

    Bravo guys.Job well done.

    • Bax , I think you should agree that I presented my case with evidence . If you go through the article , you will notice that there are many evidences which directly implicated pdois as an agent of military dictatorship . From their refusal to work with any Gambian organization or diaspora , to foroyaa being the only newspaper which enjoy basic Freedom and is able to operate freely , to mr sallah attack on diaspora as war mongers ,are all indications that he support Jammeh and prefer the status quo .
      Why is foroyaa newspaper is the only newspaper which never has been attacked or its owners are not threaten or the office is never been attacked since 1994 ? Citizen fm , independent newspaper and all other media outlets were either banned , firebombed or face daily harrassment . Can you please answer ?

      • Max….The “evidence” you presented did not proof your claim that PDOIS is an agent of dictatorship. To start with, only the regime can provide the answers you seek about Foroyaa, but the absence of attacks against Foroyaa and its premises neither proves your claims, nor provides any evidence to establish the truth of your allegations.

        Any attempt to link the two is pure guesswork that is unsupportable by the “evidence” you presented. On the contrary, it is indisputable that Foroyaa is the fiercest critic of the regime, acknowledged by independent and reputable organisations and institutions. It or its parent body PDOIS, cannot therefore, be agents of dictatorship because that would be contradictory in every sense of the word.

        I am not familiar with the many meetings in the diaspora that you mentioned, which PDOIS failed to attend, but I am very familiar with the Raleigh story and if that is anything to go by, then the foresight of the PDOIS Leadership must be commended, because honest to God, Raleigh was a disaster; an absolute disaster, and it may not be wrong to identify the Raleigh Conference, as the beginning of the diaspora conundrum, because it set the tone.

        I remember very well the much publicised fracas between Hamat Bah and Lawyer Darboe, concerning the biased diaspora funding of political parties, and the publication and broadcasting of which, by the Freedom paper and Radio, became a contentious issue, resulting to the breakdown of relations between Pa Nderry and the UDP, that has still not been fully mended.

        The very institution that came out of Raleigh for the purpose of coordinating efforts, CODEG, became the object of so much criticisms, allegations and counter-allegations, leading to a distraction that could have been avoided, if the advice from PDOIS was listened to. So really, there isn’t much to shout about all these meetings you have alluded to, in terms of political gains for the struggle, which could have gone against PDOIS’s non participation.

        And that leads me to the question of whether PDOIS is against cooperation and collaboration, a charge you often make. One thing that is crystal clear to me about you is that you come across as a man who insist on calling the sun the moon, even when it is made manifestly clear to him.

        How many times were you shown instances where PDOIS has clearly collaborated with others and indicated its readiness to collaborate, if the right approaches are taken…? Is NADD not such an instance…? Is the United Front not another instance…? Is joint effort in Jarra/ king by-election, where a UDP candidate won, not yet another instance…?

        How about the alliance proposal from PDOIS: a document which clearly maps out, not only how a sensible and selfless alliance of parties can be built, but also a strategy that can attract voters from across the political divide and hence, improve the chances of the opposition to win the elections.

        So contrary to your never ending charges, there is irrefutable evidence to show that PDOIS is very much interested in cooperation and collaboration, as equal partners, rather than subordinate of any group, if the right approaches are followed.It (PDOIS) also does not seem to want to waste valuable time and resources on what are effectively, ends in themselves, rather than means to an end.

        The diaspora really do need to go back to the drawing board and adopt a common position or strategy because at the moment, it is all over the place, with what seems to be competition between groups for prominence, if not for recognition and legitimacy.

        I know you will see my views on the diaspora as criticism, and perhaps it is, but in a positive way. However, I have to say that the efforts of the various groups and individuals in the diaspora cannot be faulted and must be appreciated, but the question has to be asked : are the right approaches being adopted and my answer would be “NO”…?

        It’s more like a farmer who has a serious weed problem and accepted the voluntary offer of a farm hand, who came and put in a real hard day’s work and cleared the farm of all weed, but at the end of the day, the farmer realised that half his crops are gone with the weed. The farmer cannot fault the effort of the farm hand because the problem is gone, but he has to ask himself, whether the decision to accept the offer was the right one.

        One cannot fault the diaspora for the tremendous efforts that is being put into this struggle, but the questions have to be asked, because the effort, in my humble view, is not commensurate with the gains.

    • Another legitimate question that can be asked is: Why Now?

      It seems the attacks on PDOIS, and Halifa in particular, especially from people like Max, takes an almost obligatory mission to the point that he is being clueless and irrelevant.

      People just have to write about PDOIS and Halifa, especially at this material time, principally because PDOIS will not do what they want, and Halifa has the good sense to distance himself from all the rhetoric and hype.

      You see, PDOIS has thought long and hard before they embarked on this struggle. They involved themselves in this struggle out of their own volition, knowing what they are ready and willing to sacrifice, and asking that no one feel sorry for them.

      They are not committed to this struggle because they want to please Max, and all those who are trying to tell them that they should do this or do that; but, they are committed to the struggle because they want to do what is right for the Gambian people, and at the behest of their conscience.

      Therefore, they do not owe any apology to partisan political supporters like Max. They only want one thing. What can they get from PDOIS in general, and Halifa, in particular.

      Since the rhetoric is becoming too extreme, we can go back to the beginning to established the facts, and unravel the consistency and adherence to principles, that has been a fundamental factor in PDOIS’s journey up to this point. I bear witness to this because I watched its genesis at close range.

      I have argued that people like me are drawn to PDOIS, not because of Halifa, Seedia and Sam Sarr. But because of the idea PDOIS represent. The vision and mission it has articulated.

      In the absence of these people, there can always be people who can articulate the same mission and vision. People who can represent the same idea. Herein lies the strength of PDOIS.

      You see, the PDOIS leadership are students of history and politics. They are conversant with the politics of war and the war of politics. They are ingrained in the politics of art, which showcases the Max’s of this world, and the art of politics, which shows their genuine desire and commitment to live up to their promise.

      Deyda, PDOIS knew from the onset, that it is going to wage a protracted struggle. It understands the nature of the struggle, and was/is prepared for its response at every given circumstance and period.

      That is the reason why you can state that PDOIS has built the foundation whereby they will not rely on any interest group to dictate its agenda or guide its mission. That is the reason for more than thirty years they are still around.

      They have decided on that since the beginning. That they will build an independent and self reliant party. They have mortgaged their lives and their properties to make sure that the Party they built would be able to sustain itself and stand the test of time.

  16. Max, truly you are a patriot. Don’t worry yourself with these fruitless attacks from PDOIS disciples who have lost all credibility and nothing serious to say order than making empty noises.

  17. There will be rejoicing in some quarters and askings as to what comes out of the killings and incarceration of the UDP executive and other countless victims of this regime.
    The fact that they are singled out and persecuted , clearly and permanently demonstrate that they are the force these thugs seriously reckon with.
    Just like the ANC , the UDP will emerge and symbolise the resistance to tyranny. Regime pretending to be leaders can be manning the state house for the next years, but that will be only through coercion not consent.

    The demand for sanity will continue unabated until justice for all is achieved.

  18. Max, well done for your well articulated article. I have also just read that of Demba Bladeh and Mathew K. Jallow on Gainako website. What can I say or add to them? Nothing! Well said. For people like you who have the patience and energy to scrutinise PDOIS’ utterings have rare rigours as I at times find it difficult to follow their logic and arguments.

    When PDOIS asked the people of The Gambia to vote for the constitution which more or less institutionalised AFPRC, was when I know whatever they say against the regime can simply be described as deceptions.

    Well done Max, Demba and Mathew.


  19. Thanks Maxs

    It is the duty of all decent citizens to expose PDOIS. The more they are exposed the better for Gambia. I noticed many young activists are beginning to see the light.

    This fight is about Gambia and not one egomaniac

  20. Thanks to God for wisening the younger generation that they can figure out everything now. They tricked the young Gambians in voting a ‘yes’ in the referendum.

  21. I know Halifax from a close range and he knows that. He is very arrogant despite appearing in humble apparels. A subtle tribalist and infatuated with self glory to the extent that he sees himself as the brightest and forward thinking politician of the entire Gambian political spectrum.
    He sees himself as the reservoir of ideas and one who project the most practicable solutions for socio-economic development of the Gambia.
    My comments may be seen as malicious diatribe but any fair-minded person can read from the man’s posture, pronouncements, long tiresome letters and objections to every programme by diaspora and even fellow politicians.
    It’s time to call spade a spade.

    • Thanks Saibo and Max equally. This is truth unfolding democratically. The best way to grope for the ‘matter’ in a state of dilemma like of the Gambai’s, needs responsible citizens’ sincere exressions of observations, insights, opinions, view points and even presumptions etc., It is the spade being called a spade. Moves speak louder than letters.

    • Firstly, your claim of knowing Halifa from close, which is perhaps intended to give some kind of credibility to your allegations against him, is unverifiable and therefore, it cannot give your story anymore credibility, than it would otherwise have had. In other words, your allegation is completely devoid of any credibility whatsoever.

      Secondly, the evidence of this malicious labelling of Halifa that you claimed, can be seen in his political positions, writings and statements is obviously “derived” from your subjective reading of Halifa and therefore, lacks the impartiality that is required for a serious consideration of such a claim.

      Your claims about Halifa are therefore nothing, but malicious propaganda intended to soil the character of a decent man and should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

      Thirdly, your views about how Halifa sees himself (as being the brightest; the reservoir of ideas; having the best programme for socio-economic development ) is symptomatic of the chronic problems that we face in our country today.

      It is worth pointing out, for starters, that it is not a new allegation and originated from mainly his political opponents, but also others, who find their positions challenged in a way that they were unable to respond to.

      So in their attempts to stifle debate, they resorted to caricature, name calling, stigmatisation and steareo-typing, which is still prevalent today and can even be seen on this very forum.

      The problem that this attitude exposes is an innate desire in many Gambians, politicians or not, to curtain free flow of information and suppress the freedom of expression, through debate stifling tactics, when not in power.

      Once in power, many of these so called Democrats and supporters of free speech will not hesitate to use state machinery and local traditions, to curtail the unfettered free flow of information.

      Another fact that your view exposes, is the absence of belief and conviction in aspiring politicians, of the superiority of their ideas in nation building (if they have any) to that of the incumbent…

      So you have “opposition politicians” who oppose just for the sake of opposition and perhaps, rely on the unpopularity.of the incumbent to get into office, but have got nothing to offer that is significantly different from the incumbent. And this is a huge problem in Africa, especially, leading to numerous changes of governments, but with no discernable significant difference in the economic and political situations of these countries and people.

      Finally, it goes without saying that if the people you support or align yourself with are not convinced of the superiority of their ideas and policies, for the socio-economic development of the country, then why are they in opposition ?

      Common sense would dictate that politicians oppose each other because they are all convinced that they have the best ideas, policies (and what have you) for the country.

      If any politician is not convinced of the superiority of his/her ideas against his/her opponents, then it would be right to say that they in opposition just for the sake of it.

      Like you have acknowledged, Honourable Halifa Sallah and PDOIS, are in opposition because they are convinced (and they have demonstrated this) that they have, by far, the most superior economic and political ideas, within our Gambian context, than any on offer today in our country. If anybody disagrees, let them take PDOIS on a battle of ideas, on a public platform, on socio-economic issues confronting the nation. As the saying goes,”THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING”.

  22. Max’s claim that PDOIS is not interested in a united opposition is the worst lie ever said in this forum. Let Gambians with mature and sincere minds compare the parties in the country from 2005 to date and judge for themselves who is the real obstacle to opposition unity.

    Halifa and Sedia were members of the national Assembly in 2005 when NADD was being formed. Along with Hamat Bah, they sacrificed their seats in the interest of unity when they became part of NADD.

    Halifa was unanimously appointed the NADD coordinator, the role he carried to the satisfaction of all even though the MOU barred him from becoming a flag bearer at the next elections. The method of flag bearer selection agreed by all was 1. Unanimity, 2. Where unanimity fails, the flag bearer would be selected by a primary.

    Despite signing this MOU, your leader and your party walked out of the selection process at mid way accusing others of conspiracy against them. This led to dissatisfaction of voters and hence the apathy in 2006. They formed a marriage of convenience with Hamat that he will bring his supporters from the 2001 elections and would be his VP. But instead, they were not even about to get the 31% Darboe got in the previous election.

    Who in your narrow mind are you accusing of the lack of unity here Max?

    2011, following the experience of 2006, all parties realized that only unity can bring victory to the opposition in the light of a no second round and first pass the pole system. Hence efforts were made to make a coalition that would appeal to all. It was noted by all observers that apathy was the main factor affecting opposition votes due to lack of confidence by majority of voters. Hence a need was seen for all to come under a neutral banner.

    To ensure fairness, parties would bring in delegates in proportion to their votes in the last election. UDP would have brought the highest number of delegates followed by NRP, then PDOIS, gpdp. Even Assan Martin had agreed to participate without a single delegate. Guess what happened, UDP said no. They wanted an unconditional leadership position with no questions. When they couldn’t get this, they walked away. The rest of the parties except Mai’s GMC supported Hamat in the united front who sacrificed and resigned from his party for the sake of opposition unity and selflessly campaigned for him.

    Max, who was against an opposition unity in the Gambia, if you know the truth, UDP or PDOIS?

    Here again 2016 we are. PDOIS had said, hence the total opposition votes in the 2011 election was just 28%, there is not just a need for a mere united opposition but a winning strategy to get the majority non voters and those of APRC supporters.

    We say, let all parties identify their own flag bearers who would campaign to build their support base while they simultaneously work on the modalities of a coalition. All parties should express their desired mode of coalition and put it out in the public space for voter scrutiny.

    Until this moment, only PDOIS has come up with it’s plans and named it’s presidential candidate while the rest are mute. Today being the last possible day that electoral amendments could be made, what are we left with? The same blame game.

    Attendance of a 1000 meetings when you have failed to put forward your plans and ambitions only amount to a cosmetic show which yields no results.

    If your assertion that PDOIS is only a 4% party, then go ahead with your 17% to victory. You still have about 85% at your disposal including the 72% of the APRC votes. Go on Max and your party, as your leader said at your Basse Congress, fringe and insignificant parties should not be your obstacle. Focus on our opponent, that is APRC. Not opposition parties like you.

    Good luck!!!!!!

    • Hats off to you mate. Very well presented. Keep up the good job.

    • The snowball of the farm is Pdois, and the Napoleon is Jammeh. In a while to come, Mr. Sallah is likely to tell Gambians that mutton is good for Pdois and Jammeh’s brains and will convince the rest of the Gambians to turn vegetarians. No one should be surprised by now.

      • You dream on, comedian. That’s your unfettered right.

        • My dreams for this matter, will come true as it is a law of nature; the need for change that will import the goods stipulated in the Gambia’s constitution.
          My dreams are not that of rapists! tell us now that we shouldn’t believe in what they are saying.
          I am dreaming because I want to live in a civil society whose meaning and values became profoundly clear in my mind as I see it in being, in many places the world over.
          Comedians are a kind of artist that you have to watch in your owlish intellect. Watch how they will bring everything in ABC that even a toddler will understand.

  23. Gambia, hiding behind and taking offence at an assumed affront in the words “fringe and insignificant “, Cannot hide away the seemingly demoralised other parties on the ground watching the UDP resistance unfolding.

    If you fall to close ranks, take offence in a harmless political rhetoric, but shy away from the fundamentals like the abject killing of Solo Sandeng , is nothing other than cowardice and selfishness!

    You can bet that the march will go on.

    The parties on the ground have a choice to make. Join the resistance. Or stay in their comfort zone as usual and provide the the regime the pretence that they are democratic and rule of law abiding.

    • Excuse me, but how is the non demonstrating opposition providing the regime with the pretext to claim that they are “democratic and rule of law abiding..? ”

      I would have thought that such a charge is more appropriate on the demonstrating opposition, isn’t it..?

      Doesn’t it make sense to assume that the regime has actually decided to allow this small daily demonstrations, which seem to have an element of state management, to continue, with little hindrance, to showcase their “democratic and law abiding credentials..? “

      • It is very cynical to term the efforts on the ground as “small demonstrations” staged-managed by the regime. I respectfully refer you to amnesty international’s today report cataloguing the “brutal crackdown ” in the gambia. You may dismiss me as another dreamer , but it is clear that the crackdown is temporarily inhibiting massive show of resistance but luckily has not broken the will of the people to uproot this menace. Let them free the hostages and see what will happen.

        In the meantime, people are regrouping and the crackdown will not dent these efforts. They know that more than anyone else. Enough headache to warrant them parade socalled “cross carpeters” from the UDP in their Tanji meeting. It is the magnitude of the volatility of the situation that explains such desperate undertakings.

        • Sorry, if I sound cynical. I have no wish to be so, and if you look at my choice of words, you will realise that I did not say that there was state management going on for definite.

          What I stated is that it does seem to have elements of state management and my reasons are as follows :-

          (1)…We all know that the regime has stated its intolerance to demonstrations, peaceful or not, and has demonstrated this on several ocassions ;

          (2)…It is quite clear that the demonstrations are not so huge that they overwhelm the security and render them powerless, but instead, the security was able to break up the 14th & 16th incidents, as well as, the one that attempted to reach Mile 2, without even breaking sweat..(so to speak)..

          (3)… The regime is not only deciding who gets into Banjul to demonstrate ( because there are credible reports of people being stopped from entering Banjul) but it is also deciding where these demonstrations can take place (because these are only taking place around the court house and not anywhere else in Banjul).

          Now, given the fact :

          …that the regime is intolerant to demonstrations;

          …that it has the resources to break the demonstrations up (as it has done already) but chose not to;

          …that it controls who gets into Banjul and who doesn’t;

          …that it “allows” demonstrations only in one particular place (around the house);

          Isn’t it logical to assume that there is an element of state management going on here …? I certainly think so, but I may be wrong…. I may be reading too much into all these little indicators…

          Amnesty International’s Report is probably based on the early response of the regime, which was brutal, but there are video evidences to proof that demonstrators were left alone at other times, to give the impression that there is freedom of assembly..

          I think you are one of the most sensible and cultured contributors on that side, and you put your arguments forth very well, but if you are claiming that the demonstrations are massive, then I’m afraid, you are qualified to be called a “dreamer” (lol).

          Seriously, how can these demos be called “massive”, when only a contingent of the Police Force, the Paramilitary (actually a fraction of that continent) is containing it all. How many personnel arrive at each incident…? 200…? 300..?

          The military could also be seen on the streets but they have always been out. Their presence in the streets preceded these demos, so that cannot be a consequence of the demos.

          Finally, I hope the spirit of resistance and the resolve to end this “weapon wielding tyranny” is not dampened by anything because I too, like you, Max, Deyda, Bajaw, Gambia, Yero, etc, want to see the back of Yaya Jammeh and end to this madness, in as peaceful and democratic as possible.

          But if it must be done through popular uprising, then I want that uprising to be so huge that it will sweep Jammeh and his thugs out into sea. What I cannot support is token demonstrations that have no impact on the regime, but a devastating effect of demonstrators and their families.

          My conscience cannot permit me to call people to such a demonstration, especially when I am far away and.have no plans to be part of it, because I know the consequences. I will respect anybody who decides to be part of such demonstrations because it is their right and choice. I will, however, disagree with them if they start blaming others for not joining them in their chosen course of action.

          • Hon. Nelson Mandela, Dr. King, Malcom X, Rev. Desmond Tutu, Hon. Marcus Garvey, Patrice Lumumba, Steve Biko, to mention a few, will all be shaking in their graves to be reading Pdois’s crooked and flimsy political ideologies that they hope to make materialise in Gambia, on Gambians and in Africa. Bourgeoisie is an art of hypocrisy, and the demons are the energetic charge in hypocrites. I think the Pdois is literally a prominent stakeholder in the status quo in Banjul.
            May God guide and protect Gambia and Africa from the demons in the night and also daylight.

  24. The same tricks are being repeatedly deployed in pretenses; the (Halifa’s) so-called sacrifices were halfhearted pretentious insincere manoeuvres; the true colours are what are being manifested when faced with realities; Halifa & disciple enablers can’t fool no one anymore; the repeated use of the kanilai Murderer’s falsified kangaroo election figures & the mere dismissal of the diaspora efforts are all attempts to detract for manipulations only; those NADD gimmicks were all Halifa’s dominated insincere manipulations; in PDOiS & wherever Halifa is at liberty in his own delusional-world, none are entitled to their independent opinions; all can remember Modou “Modou Njie & Malick Leigh were vibrant PDOiS members, supporters or sympathisers who all earned Halifa’s wrath for owning an independent opinion at one point or another contradicting the “supreme Leader’s”….?

    In any realistic sense anywhere world over, the smaller potions & minorities are always added to the majority; the same goes in political collations world over where numerical strenght counts purposely; the majority influential dominant party assumes the lead in all collations; In Kenya sometime back for example, Moi Kibaki & Uhuru Kenyatta despite sworn-enemies at some point, had same union where tactically both Kibaki & Kenyatta all became presidents subsequently, despite Kenyatta’s party being the older in formation dating from his father Jomo Kenyatta’s era; Halifa’s aura of self-pomposity has consumed him up; most of us might have misconstrued Deyda Haidara when he opined “only God determines a president” but can’t we all picture a president in Halifa were he honest enough, humble in humility & genuinely contribute to our liberation struggle as Constitutionally incumbent, required & demanded upon him just like in the above cited Kenyan scenario….??

    But instead Halifa defied & resisted all genuine Gambian efforts to assume his responsibility in the collective opposition endeavours on the pecking orders based on individual party numerical strenghts; Halifa & disciples continue to dismiss all collective efforts which didn’t manipulatively emanate from him as nonsensical, went ahead to present himself in either ‘chose me or nothing’ defiance stance…???

    Halifa’s so-called “sacrifices” & indoctrinated disciples only opposes both yaya jammeh & sabotages the collective opposition efforts purposely for selfish individualistic & partisan ends (for PDOiS to become wealthy); & not based or geared towards the genuine truthful liberation of the enslaved Gambian masses being butchered daily; to them their desired targeted point is the December kangaroo-elections where Halifa is seen tentatively as last-man standing amongst the rest of them, with UDP executive criminally captured to incapacitate; who truly are the genuine government in waiting whenever we successfully liberate our country….

    The genuine Gambians are going all the way with UDP to the end no matter how it takes; let’s see how Halifa & tyranny aid abetting cohorts can win the coming elections….

    • Basiru Gassama

      Bajaw, what a response. I wholly agreed with you. I Wulli for instance, Sedia has deployed a treacherous tactic by propagating that since Darboe is mile 2, all hopes are on them and their candidate. These people are sad to say the least. Don’t they know the UDP leaders being court doesn’t mean they can have any upper-hand on it even in the difficult moment of our political history. It is now taking ordinary people asking UDP official such sentiments and the matters being clarified.

      • Basiru Gassama , it is not a surprise to see pdois embark on such sinister propaganda . These people hate UDP and its leadership . Halifa sallah has recently attended a conference in Dakar when UDP leadership is in mile two . He has never attended any conference or meeting organized by diaspora before this protest , so it is clear to everyone that Halifa sallah is an opportunist who always like to position him as key player and he would never be part of any efforts where he will be led by others . For him to show up in Dakar conference is to position himself as the leading politician in The Gambia . He refused to attend a New York meeting as well as North Carolina and Corderg various meetings .
        Wuli is their stronghold thanks to local connection of mr Jatta who brainwashed so many people in that area . For Halifa he wasn’t able to do that in serekunda because people in serekunda knows who he is .

        • Max, i think you are the one propagating the lie that Halifa refused to cooperate with the diaspora to effect regime change. Now that he has attended the CCG one in Dakar, you again jumped the gun and saying he is opportunist in doing so.
          PDOIS has already made clear why they were not attending those meetings but now that they have done their home work, select their candidate, sent proposals to their colleagues regarding coalition, they can now have time to engage all others regardless of frontiers so long its about the Gambia’s political change. Any effort which is not workable in PDOIS’ view will earn the support of it no matter the corner it emanates.
          You are just a malicious being who no one can satisfy. Why dont you now attack UDP, PPP and NRP for not attending the Dakar Conference?

    • Halifa has not made any claims about “winning any elections”, so don’t waste your time waiting for that. He has NEVER ever made such a claim and I don’t think he will ever do so….He is a honest and principled man, who will never make such a claim.

  25. On the Fatunetwork pages, Ebrima Keita, Musa Fofana & Alasana Jallow were kidnapped, detained & being molested in the mercenary kangaroo courts for saying “Ebrima Solo Sandeng was kidnapped to threaten citizens to stay away from the protest”; & were also quoted in prosecuted court for opining that “all members of opposition parties should come together & organise a big protest” to make it difficult for the Murderous Kanilai DEVIL & criminal enablers; certainly these young men are diverse Gambians who are all affected by the same Murderous status quo living locally; which refutes & debunks any lies assuming & being spewed that the “diaspora are the war mongers”; surely the Jallow among them isn’t Mandinka as being suggested that Mandinkas are the strife-mongers; all genuine aware Gambians know & will all continue to demand for the Constitutionally mandated selfish so-called opposition politicians to assumed their rightful responsibilities unconditionally & stop lies & manipulative sabotages of the collective efforts bent on selfish ends only above decent innocent human lives being butchered unending if not for any other thing else…

    Surely all genuine human beings & Gambians of decent moral conscience can differentiate the true selfless UDP politicians genuinely leading & fighting for the honest liberation of the oppressed peasantry population….

    We all must close ranks & continuously rally behind UDP at all costs until total liberation which isn’t faraway; Insha Allah…..

    Long live the Gambia

  26. Motafeh Mankajang

    Max, bro get a life. Why do you have so much hatred towards Halifa and PDOIS? Halifa is a true son of the land, a patriot to many. If you can’t give him the respect he deserves, please let him be.
    Halifa very well knows the diaspora contribution towards the economy. Where did you get that $90m figure from. I can bet it was Foroyaa.
    How many times have some of you in the diaspora asked the masses to go on the street and confront Jammeh? That is the war he’s talking about. For anyone who dares confront Yahya, will surely receive battering, if not bullets. Is that not what Darboe, his executive and supporters went through?
    Kudus to the diaspora for raising funds for the families of the victims, but the truth is, what their families need most is their freedom, which the diaspora can’t give them at this material time. If you truly need that freedom you yearning for, buy your air tickets, leave your comfort zones and head to Banjul. Then we can confront Jammeh head on. Until then, some of you in the diaspora will remain to be seen as war mongers, not only by Halifa but most of us in The Gambia. If there’s going to be change, it will be the efforts of the masses on the ground, and not cyber warriors or those on radios.
    Respect to Halifa, Seedia, Ousainou, Hamat, O.J and all Gambians who are speaking out against the dictatorship.

    • Absolutely right bro…

    • Motafeh , clearly you need to go back to school and read your rights as citizen . So you are saying that asking people to protest for their rights simply mean we are asking for a war , what an ignorance statement . It is constitutional right of every citizen to peacefully protest aganist grievances or human rights violations in the country . On one hand you are blaming the diaspora for the protest and on the other hand , you are praising the diaspora for fund raising . What a hypocritical position . Diaspora is advocating for basic freedom and democracy in The Gambia .

  27. Thank you all . I think majority of Gambians particularly the diaspora now know that pdois has no interest in regime change. Their role in legitimizing dictatorship in The Gambia has been evidently proven for all to see .

    • Max, Yow Tam. How can you say that your write up makes the majority of Gambians know that PDOIS has no interest in regime change. You are insulting our intelligence.

  28. kamalo said “hence our constitution is the arbiter between us as individuals, and between us and our government.This is the reason, why, when a government violates the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state, and against the will and interest of the people, the people reserved the right to overthrow that government”.

    From the above statements , you have essentially endorsed coup or extra-constitutional means to get rid of Jammeh’s regime because the regime has violated every fundamental principles and objectives that anchored nation-state and the constitution of the Gambia. You have categorically stated why the option , “all means necessary” should be used to overthrow the regime based on above statements.. If this is your belief and PDOIS policy then why mr sallah is calling us “war mongers ” since according to you , citizens reserved the right to overthrow the government when a government violated the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state , and against the will and interest of the people? Or is PDOIS not yet convinced that jammeh’s regime has violated the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state, or against the will and interest of the people? Is PDOIS not aware of numerous or countless constitutional violations such as human rights violations , corruptions , exploitation of state resources and mismanagement which are directly against the will and interest of the people? Is it because PDOIS Leadership is in bed with the Dictator which is why they did not support any previous coup attempt , protest , political coalition with UDP or refusal to work with diaspora for any meaningful working solution to lasting peaceful change of regime despite the fact PDOIS belief that citizens reserved the right to overthrow the government when it has violated the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored nation-state and the constitution , Despite your eloquence, you refused to admit your very own political principle which is “people reserved the right to overthrow government” if that government violates every fundamental principles and objectives that hold the nation together. I have been saying that Gambians needs to use any means necessary to overthrow or remove the government because of the same reasons you have beautifully articulated above. please stop your double standard and come out clean to support our cause. If your party is not following your business and political interest then why
    you and your leadership refused to support peaceful protesters and still claimed that diaspora are the war mongers.. please respond . thanks

    • Max, you are desperately trying to put words in my mouth. The quote you have cited adequately speak for itself, unless you do not understand the central thesis of the statement.

      What are the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state? In essence, what are the fundamental principles and objectives that establish our republic?

      I refer you to Chapter 1, article 1 of the Gambian Constitution;

      “The Gambia is a Sovereign Secular Republic.”

      Article 2, establishes the fact that the Sovereignty of the Gambia resides in the people of the Gambia, from whom all organs of government derive their authority….

      Chapter 1, and article 1 and 2, are the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state. That established our republic.

      When you change these two articles you change the character of the Nation-State . You change the character of the republic.

      In a constitution you have entrenched clauses. Clauses that cannot be changed without a referendum.

      When a government change an entrenched clause without a referendum, that also changes the nature and character of a Republic, that government in essences violates the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state. That establish the Republic.

      That government has overthrown its constitution and thereby looses all legitimacy to govern.

      Since power belongs to the people, it also behoves on the people to take back their country, and re-establish the republic. Try to understand that quote within the context of what I have just explained.

      • “From the above statements , you have essentially endorsed coup or extra-constitutional means to get rid of Jammeh’s regime because the regime has violated every fundamental principles and objectives that anchored nation-state and the constitution of the Gambia.”

        Max, your above statement has grossly misconstrued the quotation you have cited, and make you to assert this erroneous conclusion.

        I hope my previous post to this subject, explaining the central thesis of the quote and what anchors the nation-state, will refute any attempt to align me to your provocative posture.

        It seems you are yet to understand the basic treatise of government, and what constitute act within the confines of a constitution, and what constitute act outside the confines of a constitution.

        You should familiarized yourself with the treatise of Government, and the political theories of the 17th and 18th centuries, notably that of John Locke and Montesquieu.

        The constitution is the fundamental law of the land. It guides all activities of the state, in terms of making laws and in terms of respecting and abiding by its fundamental principles and objectives.

        The executive and the legislative have the power to make laws. The executive and the legislative can pass bills in the National Assembly, and the President can assent to those bills to make them law.

        Any member of the National Assembly can sponsor a bill, and if the bill passes the house and assented to by the President, that bill will become law.

        The judiciary interpret and execute the laws. It also has the power of Judicial Review, to determine if the bills passed by the National Assembly and assented to by the President and has become law, are constitutional or not.

        The arguments I have gleaned from your comment, that you infer as violating the fundamental principles and objectives that anchor the Nation-state, are Human Rights violations, Corruption, Exploitation of State Resources and Mismanagement.

        Those are you arguments. And with all due respect, it has little or nothing to do with my argument that when the state violates the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the Nation-state, the people reserve the right to overthrow that government.

        I have explained to you in my previous post, the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the nation-state. That establish our republic.

        When the state violates Chapter 1, article 1 and 2 of the Constitution then it looses all legitimacy to govern.

        It will also interest you that when the state wants to violate your human rights, all it does is prepare a bill and send it to the state controlled legislature, the rubber stamp National Assembly, that will pass the bill and send it to the President to assent to it so that it becomes law.

        Now, if you go out into the streets to protest and demonstrate which is your human rights, the state will turn around and pick you up and charge you under those laws it has promulgated, and which evidently violates your human rights and your constitutional rights.

        It is then the duty of the courts to determine if the state is right in picking you up under the laws it has promulgated, or whether the laws promulgated has violated your human and constitutional rights. You know as well as I do the nature of the judiciary and the outcome of those litigations.

        What I am trying to impress upon you, is the fact that all your arguments about PDOIS this and PDOIS that, especially within the context of my statement you have quoted is irrelevant, frivolous and quite frankly dishonest.

      • Kamalo , I want to remind you that chapter 1, article 1 of The Gambia’s constitution which stated that ” The Gambia is a sovereign secular republic ” has been violated by Dictator Jammeh when he declared Gambia as ” Islamic state ” without any referendum from Gambian people . That is point number one which qualify your call for ” people reserved the right to overthrow the government “.
        Therefore the first chapter , article 1 has already been violated last time I check . So don’t tell me I am putting words in your mouth .
        Secondly , since the first chapter , article 1 has been violated then let us move to article 2 which deals with sovereignity of The Gambia resides in the people of The Gambia whom all organs of the government derive their authority . Now since article 1 has been violated without the authority of the people then we can conclude that article 2 is also violated because soveringnity or people’s power has been taken from them , therefore people reserved the right to overthrow the government . In essence chapter 1 , article 1 and 2 has all been violated unless you want to tell me that Jammeh didn’t declare ” Gambia an Islamic state ” or have derived such name change from the people of The Gambia . As I said declaration of The Gambia as Islamic state violated the secularity of our republic as well as sovereignity of our country and her people .
        My friend just admit that you put your foot in your mouth . I expected my learned disciple to know this basis thing but you have once again proven that you are indoctrinated . Please tell the readership whether chapter 1, article 1 and article 2 you mentioned have been violated or not . I like to hear your respond . Thanks

        • “Kamalo , I want to remind you that chapter 1, article 1 of The Gambia’s constitution which stated that ” The Gambia is a sovereign secular republic ” has been violated by Dictator Jammeh when he declared Gambia as ” Islamic state ” without any referendum from Gambian people . That is point number one which qualify your call for ” people reserved the right to overthrow the government “.

          Max, is there a change in the Constitution? The last time I checked, as recently as this morning, Chapter 1, article 1 AND 2, is still entrenched in the Constitution.

          May be you are citing a different constitution, one that replaced the Constitution I am talking about, with an “Islamic State.”

          In that case we are not in the same page.

          And mind you the statement you are citing is contingent on the phrase “against the will and interest of the people” which infers having a referendum. To get the consent of the people.

          I know very well what I am talking about. And like I said, if you want someone to fight your battle go look somewhere else.

          • Kamalo , are you telling us that Jammeh has to change the constitution before he can violate the provisions or laws? Wow , clearly you are indeed indocrinated. Any changes in the constitution through referendum of yes vote automatically makes the proposal of any issue the law of the land. Therefore your suggestion that Jammeh didn’t violate the constitution because there is no referendum to physically change the constitution is very unintelligent and uninformed reasoning .
            As I engage you disciples , I realize that you guys very confused and indocrinated people . I am absolutely right to refer you as indoctrinated disciples .
            President Jammeh’s executive directive to change the name of The Gambia from “the republic of The Gambia ” to an ” Islamic state ” is a violation of article 1 of the 1997 constitution. It is also further violation of the article 2 because he failed to seek the consent of Gambian people .
            Can you please tell me whether the constitution has been violated due to change of the secularity status in the constitution and why such changes without people’s consent ?
            Dictator Jammeh’s pronouncement of Gambia as an Islamic state has completely change how country is call and view at the international stage and this is why it is officially refer to as an Islamic republic by any country which deals with Gambia .
            Stop intellectual dishonesty and state the truth but I am not surprise because this is how pdois behaves and operate .

    • Thanks for your pinpoint Max. @Kamalo has entered a cul de sac but he will surely fly the block rather than follow driving rules to back out. They just need to show their true political identity.

      • Ggapm, and what exactly is the cul de sac? I express a political opinion and Max deliberately misconstrued my statement.

        He creates his own argument, bring PDOIS into the mix, and then expect me to argue with him.

        If he wants to argue with me he should create the basis of that argument. Let him challenge the statement and tell me that I am wrong. He cannot create his own argument and expect me to argue with him. What does he expect me to say?

        • Kamalo, you are not only wrong but you are not making any sense in your argument. How can you defend the actions of dictator Jammeh for violating the articles of the constitution by declaring The Gambia as an Islamic Republic. When the constitution categorically stated that a referendum needed to be held before any changes are made but this foolish president of ours unitarily declared The Gambia an Islamic Republic without any involvement of its citizens.

          Please why don’t you all admit that PDOIS is an enabler of the barbaric regime of dictator Yaya Jammeh because most of the Gambians are seeing the light at end of the tunnel now.

      • Ggapm . Kamalo is cornered and he has put his foot in his mouth and he blamed me for misinterpreting his statement . Even Bax knows that he has put his foot in his mouth . Maybe he didn’t send his comments to be approved before posting it . Let us wait for his explanation .

        • Max, try to have an intelligent discussion and stop all these diatribe. It is unfortunate, but it is becoming very unproductive to have exchanges with you.

          You have reduced the level of discussion with you to an idle banter. At some point we will be obliged not to respond to you.

          • You cannot turn black into white in broad day light . You have clearly endorsed coup or all means necessary to remove Jammeh. what is frustrating about you disciples is your level of dishonesty and failure to take responsibility when you make mistake . You either accuse people of misinterpreting you or people are dumb to understand your writing . for the second time , admit you are wrong . Remember the first time when you finally admitted you were wrong about PDOIS has send some one in usa as a “heir ” to the leadership in case something happen to current leaders. please once again admit you put your foot in your mouth or you make another case.

    • Max….Kamalo expressed his personal views, so why can’t you accept them as such…?

      Kamalo doesn’t treat your views as UDP official position, though it is clear that you align yourself with them.

      • Bax , kamalo is keeping quite because he knows that what he said is the official position of pdois . It is double standard .please Don’t try to defend him here .

        • Max, I express a political opinion. You misconstrued by statement. I came back and explain to you what the statement meant, and even give you context by citing relevant provisions of the Constitution to provide a logical basis for my argument.

          As you always do, you misconstrued and misinterpreted the statement, create your own argument and expect me to argue with, what is arguably your own fabrication, and you call that double standard.

          All I can do is to explain and clarify. If you have other motives I seriously cannot help you. Learn to fight your own battle.

          • Opinion related with the status quo in Banjul matters here and not political party affliation. Kamalo, you have just endorsed military coups but you won’t take part or even endorse a constitutional rights demonstrations for electoral reforms in the Gambia. Let’s watch magic as you turn ‘black’ into ‘white’ with writing again.
            You can see that its clear what you wrote? or as you said, we’ll have to wait for your own translations. How can any one put the words in your mouth?

  29. Max, you are a war monger and you know it. Why are you refusing the label when you and your likes are daily drumming for chaos and anarchy while you cowardly sit in your comfort zones millions of miles away from home. Halifa is just calling a spade a spade.

  30. Folks the key question is, politically, what has PDOIS achieved since inception? It’s is still a small party tarred in old fashion communist propaganda, enigmatic, dodgy political theorists and still as incomprehensible as they were in the beginning.
    Many times one left is scratching your head, where does Halifax & Co stand on most pressing and existential issues. When Gambian were being massacre for demanding electoral and wider political reform, PDOIS withdraw into their dodgy shell offering enigmatic and demoralising excuses for not standing up when it’s support is best needed.
    Halifa when challenged, conveniently excused himself by saying PDOIS was not consulted. Standing for truth, freedom and human rights should provoke every courageous and truthful persons’ conscience to stand up to defend without prior notification. It’s was like he was alluding that Sandeng and his courageous band did not know what they were doing and they should have consulted him before proceeding, what novice utterance.
    I am right when I stated the fact that I know him from a close range. Bro i was stydent of of Sam Sarr and used to sit in Halifa family house with his youngest brother who is currently in US. Among the whole bunch his sister Nabou(nickname) is most conscientious and humble.
    Halifax will always a dresses me in condescending Mandina greeting which can sometimes be humiliating.
    My first impression of him in early 80s was that he could be a great politicians but later realise some subtle tribalist tendencies in his comments, gestures and in some political stances he took at the embryonic stages of the military regime. Perhaps he was a political novice at that time but we are all witnessing the same novice exuberance time and time again. I wasn’t impressed with him putting forward Seedia in the beginning as party leader, it was just a game plan to Marshall himself for perpetual leadership for he surreptitiously pull the string behind curtain.

    • Saibo< You have misconstrued what has been said by all PDOIS supporters in this forum. Let me reiterate it for you in this way. Warmongers who have infiltrated the UDP and used Sandeng and his courageous band to take to the streets when they themselves are not ready for combat are the very cowards to blame not Halifa Sallah and PDOIS. The UDP leadership was just reacting to unpleasant news that their party members have died which compelled them to want to walk to the police station to request for the bodies. Again they were misinformed by the same warmongers who infiltrated them unbeknowing to them culminating to their arrest. The warmongers should have paid their tickets and come to lead the demo but cowards as they always are now want PDOIS to do their cowardly duty, thus the reason for all these rancor and attempts to tarnish the good name of this rare patriot.
      Saibo, it is not PDOIS’ agenda to cause regime change by demos or chaos, so it is futile to look to them to carry out your miscalculated agenda which failure you refused to acknowledge.
      Thank you Kaironews and all of your futile efforts which culminates in popularising this great Gambian leader, exposing your hatred for what is good for the Gambia.

      • Yerro Ba , it is sickening to hear you said that diaspora have used solo Sanderg to protest for electrol reform . It is such sickening and disheartening Message from mr sallah and pdois disciples that is why I wrote this article to showcase your party alliance with Aprc and dictator Jammeh . It is the same silly and stupid argument put forward by Sam Sarr and many other agents of dictatorship . Tell us which diaspora used and sponsored solo Sanderg and his group . What a despicable statement you made .

  31. Yero, you are damn fool. These guys have the right to demonstrate peaceful to show their grievances guarantee by the constitution of the country. The electoral reform is all they are asking for and I believed the party of six was asking for the same thing from the Independent Election Commission without any reply yet. Please if you are out of ideas to defend your backward party why not just keep quiet.PDOIS has lost all credibility and trust of most Gambians and they can act like everything is ok or apologize for their mistakes.

    • Janjanbureh , it is not a surprise to see yero Ba blaming the diaspora for the peaceful protest because his party leader did the same thing which was why Halifa called us war mongers . They are all agents of dictatorship . They are better off when the Dictator remain in power .

      • Gambia’s Islamic State status is only in name…So really, there is no violation of.the fundamental principles that established the state as a Republic..

        We all saw how quickly the decision to impose head covering on female Civil Servants was rescinded.

        Therefore, Kamalo’s arguments stand firm and unchallenged…

        • Bax, please go back to school and stop acting that most Gambians are fools. The action of the dictator is what betters when he went on the Gambia TV and stated clearly for everybody to hear that now The Gambia is an Islamic Republic whether the people like it or not. Even other countries are told to address the country as The Islamic Republic of The Gambia. What else is left to ask Bax? Let us call a spade a spade and stop the foolishness. In any court of law, what matter is the action of the individual which was done in this case.

  32. Kamalo said “…the fundamental principles & objectives that anchored the nation-state?…the fundamental principles & objectives that establish our republic?…Chapter 1, article 1…Gambian Constitution;… (established) Sovereign Secular Republic.,,Article 2…the Sovereignty of…Gambia resides in the people…from whom all organs of government derive their authority….Chapter 1, article 1 & 2, are the fundamental principles & objectives that anchored the nation-state. That established our republic.When…change these two articles you change the character of the Nation-State . You change the character of the republic.In a constitution you have entrenched clauses…that cannot be changed without a referendum.When a government change an entrenched clause without a referendum, that …changes the nature & character of a Republic, that government in essences violates the fundamental principles & objectives that anchored the nation-state. That establish the Republic. That government has overthrown its constitution and thereby looses all legitimacy to govern.Since power belongs to the people, it also behoves on the people to take back their country, & re-establish the republic. Try to understand that quote within the context of what I have just explained”

    Now then. Both the most important Constitutional established articles (1 & 2) all have already been violated by the murderous kanilai criminal when the Gambia has been illegitimately removed from “secularist state” into “Islamic republic” without any referendum…?

    What & how has the second most important article, “sovereignty residence in people whom all government organs derive authority from” reconcile with Halifa’s dubious explanations of “two powers of the state & people”; hasn’t this contradicted, faked distorted the constitution as you’ve rightly quoted …??

    Why must anybody of honest conscience, genuinely interested in truthful liberation take Halifa & the indoctrinated disciple following seriously; when your attempts to corrupt the truth dubiously, whilst your very mouths & consciences say the other contrarily, beyond your very own controls, despite your persistent, refusals & instances in denials…???

    Gambians must come to grips with reality & accept that for the liberation to yield successfully to fruition, all aspects confronting, impeding & derailing our collective match to freedom must be ironed out & thoroughly dealt with; such as yaya DEVIL & active elements on one hand, as well as the passive manipulative selfish pretentious politicians actively engaged within the opposition on the other hand, manipulating all efforts either for selfish ends &/ sabotaging in favours for the prolong continuity of the collective predicaments; this is what Halifa & disciples actively participates, contributes & engages in.

  33. “You cannot turn black into white in broad day light . You have clearly endorsed coup or all means necessary to remove Jammeh. what is frustrating about you disciples is your level of dishonesty and failure to take responsibility when you make mistake .”

    Max, I definitely can’t help you if you cannot understand what I wrote. I have provided you with background and context to remove any doubt as to what I meant. If you choose to interpret it otherwise because it suits your political desire and expectations, please yourself.

    “You either accuse people of misinterpreting you or people are dumb to understand your writing .”

    This is exactly the point. You wouldn’t accept my explanation and interpretation of what I wrote. But you so adamantly and provocatively wants me to accept your explanation and interpretation of what I wrote. Isn’t this something?

    You are always looking for straws to draw one into your political fight. We choose our own fight. You do not choose the fight we own.

    ” for the second time , admit you are wrong . Remember the first time when you finally admitted you were wrong about PDOIS has send some one in usa as a “heir ” to the leadership in case something happen to current leaders. please once again admit you put your foot in your mouth or you make another case.”

    How can you be right and I am wrong? You haven’t given me anything to the contrary that I am wrong. Until then, I will take it that you have misinterpreted by statement and you do not understand what I wrote.

  34. Max….

    The unfortunate death of Mr Sandeng does restrict the scope and extent of this debate, but serious questions need to be asked about the events of 14th April because, not only was the phenomenon of acting outside established rules manifested by the group ( the very reason we are all in this situation), there are indicators that forces outside of the political leaderships, with tremendous influence, either on individuals within the group or the whole group, may have been behind the actions of the 14th April group.

    It is unfortunate that Sam Sarr, of all people, is saying the same thing or something similar but that doesn’t change the fact of the indicators.

    From Lawyer Darboe’s statement, to Fatu Camara’s interview with Mr Sandeng’s daughter, as well as information on Freedom Radio talk 3/4 weeks prior to the event, there are indicators to support the view expressed by Yero Ba… You only have to objective to see the picture…

    • Bax , can you please name the group or individuals who may have influenced solo Sanderg and his group ?
      Please stop making things up in your head . Lawyer Darboe or solo Sanderg’s daughter never said the protesters were influenced by groups or individuals outside The Gambia . In fact lawyer Darboe was not aware of their protest because he was not notified prior to the protest which you have early on indicated here unless you want to change your mind again to support Yero Ba .
      Solo Sanderg and his group took it upon themselves to protest for electoral reform which is their constitutional rights as citizens . Even if they are influenced by some one which is not the case here , it is still their constitutional right to protest . Do you want to say it is not their rights to protest ? The issue here is about their constitutional rights to protest which is why all the honest and decent individuals and organizations condemned Jammeh’s regime human right violations of the right of peaceful protesters except pdois and its disciples . Instead of talking about that you brought in a very silly argument about who influenced them as if it is not their right to stage peaceful protest . Focus on the right thing . You always amaze me how you are willing to distort truth to fit your narrow indocrinated mind . In U.K. Where you live , don’t you see citizens protesting every day for their rights ? Your political hypocritical behavior is the reason why you continue to bad mouth the peaceful protesters and you will also continue to say anything to justify the illegal torture , rape and murder of these peaceful protesters .

  35. “Kamalo , are you telling us that Jammeh has to change the constitution before he can violate the provisions or laws? Wow , clearly you are indeed indocrinated. Any changes in the constitution through referendum of yes vote automatically makes the proposal of any issue the law of the land. Therefore your suggestion that Jammeh didn’t violate the constitution because there is no referendum to physically change the constitution is very unintelligent and uninformed reasoning .”

    Max, what was the premise of my whole argument? To change the character of our republic without a referendum to seek the consent of the people.

    And as far as I can tell the character of the republic has not changed. In our constitution, chapter 1, article I, the last time I checked as recently as this morning, states that the Gambian is a Sovereign Secular Republic.

    Secondly, as recently as three days ago, a pastor that I know opened a church. And as far as I know Christians are still going to church on Sundays.

    Alcohol is freely available for sale without any restrictions. Night Clubs, Beach Bars, Jokor (a popular bar at the Westfield Junction) crowded every night with young adults, and prostitutes discreetly and not so discreetly soliciting clients, is operating freely without any hindrance.

    A little further down the street, on the Banjul-Serrekunda Highway, there is another popular Bar and you should see how young men and women are wasted consuming too much alcohol. Behind this bar is a Born Again Church.

    What is my point? The Gambia is still the same. “kana ” is still being brewed. “Chomcome”, the freshly tapped palm wine, dubbed from God to man by those who enjoy drinking it, is still available . People are still rearing pigs in their homes. In essence, nothing has changed as compared to life in the first republic. If anything, the country has become more sophisticated.

    This is why I stated that you either did not understand what I wrote or you misinterpreted it.

    I said, if a government violates the fundamental principles and objectives that anchored the Nation-state. That establish a republic, “against the will and interest of the people” which implies consent, then the people reserved the right to overthrow that government.

    This statement is not only true but is also part of the general lexicon in political thought.

    Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of Independence, while cataloging the train of abuses of the British Monarchy, established the basis upon which the colonies can seek their independence from Great Britain.

    Furthermore, I impress upon you the fact that the Constitution is the arbiter between us as individuals and between us and our Government. It is generally referred to as a Social Contract. An agreement among citizens as to how they want their country to be governed.

    I also emphasized the point that in a Constitution there are entrenched clauses. Clauses that cannot be changed without a referendum. Among these clauses are the ones that established the republic.

    And the reason for a referendum to change these clauses, is that in most instances when you change the clause, you change the character of the republic. And when the character of the republic change it change to something else.

    Although there is a declaration of an “Islamic State” there is no referendum. There is no change in the character of our republic. The Gambia is the same yesterday as it is today. I bet the only time you hear “Islamic Republic” is within government circles.

    “As I engage you disciples , I realize that you guys very confused and indocrinated people . I am absolutely right to refer you as indoctrinated disciples .”

    Thanks Max, this has become our second badge of honors. Or is it the first?

    “President Jammeh’s executive directive to change the name of The Gambia from “the republic of The Gambia ” to an ” Islamic state ” is a violation of article 1 of the 1997 constitution. It is also further violation of the article 2 because he failed to seek the consent of Gambian people .”

    Now we have a case between a declaration and the spirit and letter of the Constitution. I will go with the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Unless you show me another Constitution that is different.

    I am not bothered, like so many Gambians with a declaration, because it did not take anything from us. We are still protected under the constitution. The Constitution is still the fundamental law of the land.

    All the organs of Government are operating within the confines of the law and the Constitution. We are having an election in December. It is under the provisions of the Constitution.

    As a Gambian citizen I only see one Constitution. That is why I refer you to Chapter 1, article 1 and 2.

    “Can you please tell me whether the constitution has been violated due to change of the secularity status in the constitution and why such changes without people’s consent ?”

    Max, I have cited and I referred you to Chapter 1, article 1 and 2. It says the Gambia is a Secular Republic. That agreement between the people still stands. Unless you want to show me another agreement that is different. That is the agreement I see. Remember, it is a social contract.

    And I have not seen anything in the way the Gambian people live their lives, going to clubs and bars, going to the churches and mosques, drinking alcohol and eating pork, and the many social activities that they are engaged in, that their rights as enshrined in the Constitution has been violated.

    ” Dictator Jammeh’s pronouncement of Gambia as an Islamic state has completely change how country is call and view at the international stage and this is why it is officially refer to as an Islamic republic by any country which deals with Gambia .”

    Does that change the character of the republic? Does that change what is stipulated in Chapter 1, article 1 and 2.?

    I read an interesting comment on face book when the question was asked why the international community and other countries addressed the Gambia as an Islamic State. It was mentioned that it was part of a diplomatic agreement between countries, or something to that effect. That when a country communicates a name change the protocol is to call that country by that name. I stand to be corrected. Anyone who has the correct information can enlighten us.

    “Stop intellectual dishonesty and state the truth but I am not surprise because this is how pdois behaves and operate .”

    I hope I have explained myself thoroughly this time around.

  36. Kamalo “….I am not bothered, like so many Gambians with a declaration…”

    Night clubbing, alcohol & discreet prostitute accesses, &/ church openings are natural responses of the people which no tyrannical manipulations can change the fact from; however mere access to such amenity services doesn’t equate the fact there’s peace & justice in the Gambia as tend to portray herein; there’s no freedom of movements to some extend deliberate killings of out-goers at times; if mere declaration hasn’t breached the constitution why are the secularism being breached by country being referred to as “Islamic” from the “Republic” in pronouncements & in writings on state documents & correspondences; hasn’t this declaration given our nationality another dimension costing Gambians hostilities world over, as well as it’s already threatened the rights of other non-Islamic believers & Gambians locally by this kanilai pharaoh declarations…?

    Bax “…unfortunate…Sam Sarr, of all people, is saying the same…similar but…doesn’t change…fact of…indicators…”

    How can any genuine liberation committed Gambian ever quote &/ reference “Samsedeen Sarr of all” as source for (Diaspora instigation) fabrications validations….??

    Unless both of you above want to tell Gambians that both Samsedeen & Halifa, & the handful of you disciple lot,all are working in tandem aid abetting Devil yaya jammeh if you can’t exploit for your selfish ends against genuine liberation…???

    Why & what was he trying his hand at; & how does Halifa’s attempted distortions of pronouncing the Constitution into “two powers” reconcile with article No.2 in Gambian Constitution? (in response) you can twist to as “Halifa stating own personal view” & not (official PDOIS) party statement; like you always do when ran out of gimmicks….

    Whilst Killer Devil yaya & aid abetting enablers are all interested & entangled into selfish manipulations & inclinations for devilish short term gains, genuine Gambians & friends will continuously pursue total liberation in long-term communal interests & NOTHING less, UNTIL successful; anything standing between Gambians & liberation are the obstacles to be tackled & overcome…..

  37. If Hon. Halifa Sallah of PDOIS cannot accept his colleague Hon. Sidia Jatta as his Party Leader he will not accept anybody as his leader even the President of The Republic of the Gambia. President Adama Barrow is no exception.
    If Gambians in the diaspora are contributing so much to the economy of the Gambia why is it difficult for Hon. Halifa Sallah to accept them as development partners​ especially when his party manifesto have on top of its agenda to revamp the Gambian economy, i totally agree with Max that Hon. Halifa Sallah is not genuine to the greater majority of Gambian and in becoming the next President Of the Gambia after Pesident Adama Barrow but this is impossible because he is self centred.