‘Gambia’s Joking Relations Is A Pride’

It was a pleasure for me to grace the UK Jarra Association football tournament and luncheon sale on Saturday August 12th in Birmingham City.

The football competition was staged between regions with joking relationships: Jarra and Niumi, Badibou and Sarahulehs. Although some regions couldn’t field a team the event went very well. The Sarahuleh football team won the competition. Gone are tays when Sarahulehs do not concentrate on football as evidenced by the skillful display of their players.

On behalf of the High Commissioner and staff, I commend the UK Jarra Association for such a timely innovative initiative.

As a way of coexisting in peace and harmony, our ancestors designed treaties and joking relationships between last names, tribes and regions. They used existing treaties and joking relationships to diffuse tensions and maintain peace in communities. Typical joking relationships in the Gambia include treaties betwn Fulas and Jolas, Sarahulehs and Badibunkas, Kiang and Badibou, Jarra and Nuimi, Gunjur and Sukuta, Brufut and Brikama.

It was an honour for me to take kick off of the opening tournament. Though the smallest country on mainland Africa, it is obvious that the Gambia can teach the world a major lesson in honouring and improving community relations, peace building, conflict resolution and prevention which are major areas of study in universities across the world.

Seeing the jokes and jovial interaction between Gambians of different backgrounds, cultures and tribes feels one’s heart with joy. It is a National Treaure that forms part of our Gambia Pride and therefore needs to be jealously guarded.

The UK Jarra Association deserves commendation for putting organising this amazing event. The Gambia High Commission is with the association all the way. We therefore thank the Chairman f UK Jarra Association, Bamba Mass, Secretary General Sulayman Bah, Edi Touray and Ebou Wally for playing an integral role during the football matches. Hats off to everyone who made the event a success.

It’s worth knowing that Badibou and Kiang could not field in teams. Hopefully the two regions will play the first match next year. The Sarahuleh team was well prepared to trash the Badibou team hands down.

Alh. Suntou Touray


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