NPP Disowns Sweden Congress

The governing National People’s Party has disown ed the recent diaspora congress held in Sweden.

In a press release published below, the party’s diaspora wing described holders of the Sweden Congress as disgruntled members who boycotted the NPP’s legitimate Diaspora Congress on December 18th, 2022. 

NPP Diaspora Executives Press release

The National People’s Party (NPP) Diaspora Chapter would like to register its utmost concern around the purported NPP Diaspora Congress in Sweden in which some Diaspora NPP supporters claim to have selected another Diaspora Executive Member

It could be recalled that the Umbrella NPP Diaspora conducted their Congress back in December 2022. This was done virtually under the auspices of the outgoing NPP Diaspora Chairman, Mr Lamin S. Demba. In that said Congress, the entire NPP Diaspora chapters participated across the globe and elected a decentralised Congress across all the regions of the NPP Diaspora. Mr Lamin Fadera was elected as the chairman of the NPP Diaspora.

It was disappointing that few Diaspora members decided to boycott that Congress on the grounds that they wanted the congress done in Sweden and a form of Musical Jamboree. Putting into account the African delegates might be disadvantaged due to visa restrictions and financial constraint reason, the outgoing Chairman outlined those potential restrictions to the members who are in Africa and indicated that there is a possibility the African delegates will be denied the chance to participate in the Congress. Upon consultations with the outgoing Executive, it was then unanimously agreed that Congress be done virtually. To everyone’s dismay, a few individuals who have not been cooperating with the outgoing Diaspora Executive Decisions decided to boycott the Congress.

Considering the above stated, it is not a surprise that the purported congress done in the name of the NPP Diaspora was confined to these very few people who boycotted the NPP Umbrella Diaspora Congress back in December 2022. We have confirmed that Demba SABALLY who attended the so-called congress was neither sent  by the President as claimed by him, nor by the party to attend this so-called Congress in Sweden. Therefore the NPP  Diaspora Umbrella will like to call on Demba Sally to desist from interfering into the NPP Diaspora matters, as it is NOT under his purview neither his responsibility at the NPP Executive level.

The National People’s Party (NPP) Diaspora Chapter would like all and sundry to know that this purported Congress in Sweden does not represent the NPP Diaspora Chapter but rather few individuals who are out to gain self-relevance in the name of NPP Diaspora. We therefore condemn this group hell bent on showing seeds of separation and discord within the NPP Diaspora. The umbrella NPP Diaspora Executives Elected back in December are tabled below.

NamePosition Country of ResidenceCountry/chapterChairman/Chairperson
Mr. Lamin FaderaDiasporaChairmanUnited KingdomNyima Kinteh Vice Chairperson
Mr. Ebrima Sillah Diaspora Vice ChairmanAngolaMr. Ebrima Sillah 
Ms Nyima KintehSecretaryUnited Kingdom(Vice Chairperson)UK Chapter
Mr. Dawda Nasso1st Deputy SecretaryMauritaniaModou Kanteh
Mrs. Ya Ida Jallow 2nd Deputy secretaryItalySalihu K Barrow
Ms Assa SillahMobiliserFranceAssa Sillah
Mr. Alhagie Kijera 1st Deputy MobiliserSpainKitim Ceesay
Mr. Ebrima Suso2nd Deputy MobiliserLibyaEbrima Sillah
Mr. Alagie Camara TreasurerUnited KingdomNyima Vice Chairperson
Mr. Banumou Sillah1st Deputy TreasurerNigeriaBanumou Sillah
Mr Basillah Ceesay 2nd Deputy TreasurerAngola Ebrima Sillah
Mrs Fatou Jambo FundraiserSenegalFatou Jambo
Mrs Fanta KantehDeputy FundraiserItalySalihu K Barrow
Mr Kitim CeesayPROItalyKitim Ceesay
Mr. AmadouSankareh Deputy PROHollandAmadou Sankareh
Mr. Foday ManjangAuditorFranceAssa Sillah
Mr. Ousman Bojang1st Deputy AuditorUnited KingdomNyima Vice chairperson
Mr. Bawore Kalonga 2nd Deputy AuditorSiere LeoneBawore Kalonga 
Mr. Yaya Dampha Media & Com.Sweden
Mr. Amadou Sankareh1st Deputy Media & Com.HollandAmadou Sankareh
Mr. Alagie Barrow2nd Deputy Media & Com.ItalySalihu K Barrow
Mr. Muhammed Jafuneh 3rd Deputy Media & Com.ItalySalihu K Barrow
Mr. Salihu K Barrow Head of OperationsItalySalihu K Barrow
Mr. Musa Drammeh1st Deputy Head of Operations ManagerSenegalFatou Jambo
Mr. Lamin Demba 2nd Deputy Operations Manager 
Ebou Bah A.K.A Sering ThiapathiolYouth Co-ordinatorUnited States
Mr. Jimmeh MagaragaCo-ordinator For AsiaSouth KoreaJimmeh Magaraga
Mr. Abdoulie K JawaraCampaign ManagerGermany
Mr. Modou Kanteh1st Deputy Campaign ManagerMauritaniaModou Kanteh
Mr. Alkali Jawla 2nd Deputy Campaign ManagerFranceAssa Sillah
Baba Fatty AdvisoryItalySalihu K Barrow
Mr. Yusupha Samura AdvisoryGuinea BissauOusman Sonko
Mrs. Mariama Jammeh AdvisorySwedenMariama Jammeh
Mrs. Mariama CeesayAdvisorySweden
Mr. Abdul Karim SineraAdvisoryMozambiqueAbdul Karim Sinera 
Mr. Amadou DrammehAdvisoryTogoAmadou Drammeh
Mrs. Bakoto JannehAdvisoryUnited States
Mr. Solomon Demba Barrister & Legal AdviserUnited Kingdom

By Mr Kitim Ceesay PRO NPP DIASPORA 

Mr. Yaya Dampha Head of Media and Communications.


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