By Ebou Gaye

Many powerful voices have sounded a warning to your commander-in-chief but to no avail
He senselessly and shamelessly remains recalcitrant,
Turning deaf ears and blind eyes to the reality,
Believing erroneously that he can manoeuvre his way out of the awkward situation in which he has found himself,
And cling onto power with the aim of escaping justice,
As well as continuing his flamboyant, extravagant and lavish lifestyle,
While victimizing and brutalizing his compatriots

Many wise men and women have tried to talk sense to you with the hope that you will see reason unlike your unreasonable, immature and mischievous commander-in-chief,
And do what is expected of a sober, patriotic citizen
Nonetheless, I feel obliged to add my voice by addressing you accordingly
Your commander-in-chief and the members of his inner circle are treating you as a bunch of fools which I strongly believe you are not
They want to use you as cannot fodders by placing you on the front line to be bombed to tiny pieces in case of military intervention which is imminent,
While they hide in bunkers,
After evacuating their close family members to safe havens

I understand that the chief spin doctor of your commander-in-chief is instigating you to wreak havoc on our beloved country in case of military intervention,
By recklessly destroying valuable properties and killing your compatriots
Remember that the heartless, unscrupulous spin doctor and his close family members are currently living safely and comfortably in the US,
And that you and many of your family members and loved ones are living in our beloved country
Bear in mind that the wicked spin doctor has very little or nothing absolutely to lose whereas you have so much or everything to lose if you do as his wishes

You know better than I do that the proposed intervention forces are no match to you in terms of might
You, I and everyone else know very well that your chances of survival are very slim- or next to nil- if you dare to face the intervention forces
Woe betide you if you dare to do so!
You will certainly suffer a humiliating, miserable defeat if you do that,
As you will be reduced to rubble or dust
You will be living in a fool’s paradise if you believe otherwise
Fighting the intervention forces would be very absurd, illogical and imprudent of you,
As it would be tantamount to committing suicide
What purpose- if there is any- does it serve to fight a battle that you are sure you will lose woefully?
What will you gain by destroying your country, killing your compatriots and jeopardizing your lives and the lives of your family members and loved ones in the process?
Whose interest will you serve by doing that, as the chief spin doctor wants you to do?

I hope you now understand that your cruel, greedy and selfish commander-in-chief and the members of his inner circle are trying to outwit or outsmart you by using you in their malicious, monstrous scheme
Abhor and avoid that!
I hope you will do the right, rational thing
Jump ship and abandon your commander-in-chief for the sake of our dear nation, your personal good and the interest of your family members and loved ones
Let your commander-in-chief use his “supernatural/mystical powers” to defend himself
That way, you will avert war and help save precious lives and properties
The time is ripe!


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