French Journalists Ground Jammeh

Gambian president Yahya Jammeh who behaves like a fearless and brutal tyrant is reduced to a pussycat abroad, dependable sources within the corridors of power confirmed.

“President Jammeh is scared of French journalists who are launching investigation into his dictatorial affairs,” a close source told Kairo News.

Mr. Jammeh had earlier requested diplomatic cover from French authorities before he arrived in France for medical treatment. “That is why French government provided him secret landing and exit,” a confidential source reported.

Kairo News also heard that President Jammeh preferred to be treated in his hotel instead of the military hospital while in Paris. “Doctors visited him in his hotel,” our sources confirmed, adding that sickness prevented the Gambian leader from attending the just concluded African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Gambian leader is yet to recover from the bruising humiliations he had endured in the United States and France. While protesters holed him in his hotel for days in New York last year, Jammeh was also booed in Paris.


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