President Jammeh Must Go!!!

President Jammeh must go!!!

By Alagie Yorro Jallow

Under a dictatorship, a nation ceases to exist. All that remains is a fiefdom, a planet of slaves regimented by aliens from outer space. A nation whose citizens lack national consciousness and patriotism is a nation that has lost its soul. Such a nation falls easy prey to both internal and external violations. This is what Gambian state under Yahya Jammeh and its leadership find themselves trapped.

An election adjudged to be freest and fairest in Africa with Adama Barrow as the winner; Adama, this new child of hope, the midwife of the beginning of sustaining democracy and democratic institutions in Gambia has been strangulated by the Machiavellian nature of Yahya.

With intrigues unknown to majority of Gambians going on within and outside the confines of State house, Yahya clearly dribbled till he scored “an own goal”. His sly Machiavellian nature and a very tiny but powerful cabal is toying with the future of our nation and any further attempts to block the transition could plunge the country into anarchy. Yahya’s excuse for canceling of the election is a duplicitous attempt to wrap in effect, an indefinite extension of his rule. For one thing, the general critics, to believe, the military authorities tight controlled virtually every aspect of planned transition to Adama Barrow.The annulment of the election snowballed into the biggest political instability and may certainly cause public disobedience in Gambia and the diaspora protesting and demonstrating on major streets in various major cities in all over the world.

Gambians both home and in Diaspora must mobilized the international Communities to impose sanctions on Gambian Military and government officials, because of what is perceived as brazen subversion of democratic principles by dictator Yahya Jammeh. The public patience should be spent on biggest public disobedience to urge international community to impose the most comprehensive sanctions on Yahya Jammeh and his regime because of the subversion of democratic principles. These demonstrations demanding the government of Jammeh to recognize the mandate of the people and its refusal to honor the mandate of Adama Barrow.

This election reputed to be one the most peaceful in Gambian’s political history only to be annulled. The annulment had unleashed overwhelming centrifugal forces which has to a considerable extent ,impaired efforts at national integration in Gambia. This December 1 election, which was supposed to be the ultimate of broad based transition program designed to give birth to a viable and enduring socio-political order became the very anti-thesis of this deal.

Obsessed with power, Jammeh’s Machiavellian nature, therefore came to light in manipulating every opportunity to remain in power. The failure of many committed members of his government to understand his reluctance to relinquish power is attributable to his subterfuge, which made him successfully annulled the election.

This election crises have always tended to revolve around Yahya Jammeh and members of his military and civilian elites class who manipulates the masses to fight the elite causes as if it were  their own cause. The implications on Gambian foreign policy and challenges of public opinion will be tested in the aftermath of this crisis.


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  1. Let the Gambian people know that there is no turning back yaya must go and nothing can stop that.
    His five star (mile2)hotel has prepared his VIP room already he has to get a taste of his own menu.