The Reason Many People Fail

One of the youngest successful movie director cum actress in the Nolkywood movie industry has given an invaluable tip on why those who are determined to succeed must shut their ears off from complain masters.

In a social media post, Ruth Kadiri explained how he had made a billion Naira from YoyTube in few months. This phenomenal breakthrough came on the heels of prophets of dooming pulling her down left and right. She said sharing your project with others is the reason why so many people fail.

“When I decided to start dropping my movies on YouTube, people told me people will pirate it and I will make no money,” Ruth Kadiri posted. “When I decided to bring in new and fresh talents, people told me no one knows them and that they have no value. There is nothing that you will do in life that people will not complain. If I decided to listen to them, I could have not done anything. Sometimes sharing your projects with people is the reason you don’t make it. Humans can kill your vibe and discourage you. Today I’ve made more than a billion Naira from YouTube and the actors and actresses they called Unknown are now known everywhere.“

Ruth Kadiri drops movies on her YouTube channel every week. Each of the movies which attracts at least 5 million views, gets a new actor or actress. That’s how Ruth Kadiri introduces new talents to the world.

The take home here is that start with what you have with determination and never listen to people who will always stand to discourage you.


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