Yahya Jammeh, A Rebel Criminal

He’s not like an ordinary Gambian!

Jammeh is a rebel and criminal. He and his tribal militia forces will be defeated by the Gambian people and international community including Senegal which has Supreme interest in this regional crisis. Jammeh is not only a threat to national and subregional security, peace and democracy.

Yaya Jammeh never has the interest and love for our country. His plan grand design has always been about his desire for Jola tribal hegemony as far as geopolitical situation is concerned as well as his supreme personal interest at the forefront of his evil plan. Our country and her citizens are controlled by this maniac who has successfully infiltrated our national army with rebel forces from cassamance who are tribal in their evil conceived rebellion to secede from Senegal. Hence they have failed in this efforts.

Our country becomes a victim of Jola evil rebellion thanks to Jammeh’s historically and biologically linked to cassamance. Today, Yaya jammeh has more interest in Cassamance than the Gambian people who have given him every opportunity in life. After 22 years of military dictatorship, Jammeh is now on the verge of destroying the fragile peace in the subregion.

We the indigenous citizens stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Senegal who are ready to help us salvage our country from military dictatorship. I believe that Jammeh has planned to extend tribal insurgency he supported in Cassamance into our country as a result of this election results rejection. I also believe that his erratic behavior of rejecting this election results is a way of seeking negotiations for his personal security because he is scared to face the consequences of his post presidency.

Another reason is that he wants to exterminate Mandinkas in The Gambia by instructing his tribal militia forces to commit tribal genocide against Mandinkas. As we approach his end, all Mandinkas in the military must be vigilant and be on high alert for their personal security and that of wider Mandinka population in The Gambia. Jammeh is up to national conflict or civil war.



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