Why Jammeh Must Be Sent To Hell


By Unbiased Prince

Mr Ebrima Solo Sendeng (RIP) or Mr Ousainou Darboe & Co are not the first in Yaya Jammeh’s Depredational Maladministration.

Therefore, the less reveal of any sustainability in planning for the inevitable on sending the same Yaya Jammeh to the very depth of hell where he came from in the first place, means a better surprise package for the disheartened Gambians and friends of the Gambia. And that is not a gotten discrimination but a fair and the unquestionable reality.

Being aware of the endings in trench disclosure, is also as good to know that Yaya Jammeh is just bluffing with the little power entrusted to him by God, the Almighty (Ya-Allah). And that have only kept on going anyway only due to God letting the failed APRC leadership feel at server and selfishly in control of nothing while with no self-regards to anybody whatsoever, in spite of people’s positive positions in society until his day is found in your post fellows.

Yaya Jammeh would pay the hardest way possible (of which is not in any imaginative of what any person could predict for now) for what he is still heaping on Gambians. Which have still meant that time is the best in regards and yet, the only major factor or player in every given circumstance of today while Yaya Jammeh’s victim are to keep steady fast in patients and knowingly well that (Insa-Allah) it won’t be for long.

The best way to describe the severity and the amount of suffering and agony that Yaya Jammeh is going to face but would be receiving once within the very grips of reality and true powers of the Most-High. Which are stiffer than any muscly gripping of any kind, and not limber by any means of course, is by letting your understanding lead the way for you that, Yaya Jammeh would undergo worse than any dreading cinereous of anybody might have been wishing for him hence your being traumatised by the Kanilai Punk and Maniac only ends within this World, while his punishment from God-Almighty would be prolong beyond his grave and that is nought facts fellows.

The APRC failed leadership of commonly call Yaya Brute Jammeh, as seen in many recent cases have and way maintained the cold-blooded operation and of him enjoying his menacing acts of pure brutality display. Yet cruelty of beyond the unthinkable on people and by any mean of held bend in totality and reality of deforming tolerance and humbly within his actual acting fatal as a leader. Hence in his creative of more orphanage and so as he keeps putting Gambians through enough of real roughness already. Yaya Jammeh is also witnessed to have intensely provoke, yet proving to have challenge the rough of the ONE (Ya-Allah Who would not punish every crime without the equal of the offence in measure and well fittingly clarity in horror) to befall on him and his wives.

Well, the rough of Allah to befall Yaya and his baloney wives and his ill-fate organisation (the so-called APRC Government) and all those ungodly people working for him, are not in our powers of anticipation within instant effects of it to happen. But what I would only therefore be advising is for more maturity, more virtue, understanding and fortitude before God-Almighty Allah in the intervening time hence time cannot be rush to soar therefore.

Those villainous people carrying out Yaya Jammeh’s daily orders of dreads on the weak citizens have relatives even within Europe and America. They also have parents of religious or clear conscience of what is right or wrong. They have siblings of proper educational standard of goodwill for the least of already known. If they are still failing to tolerate reflection within their understanding and for the shake of heedfulness and humility, their such close intimate people can reflect in preference to at least, see but also give them the self-command of understanding real sense in order to value what had been ordain to them by God-Almighty (Allah). As the very ONE, whose command must not be compromise for a mere place in the ailing and so call Government of Yaya Jammeh) ‘the Mad-Dog’.

Yaya Jammeh knows too well that his time would no longer exceed this present days. As for that being the case fellow Gambians, Jammeh is now on the verges of working overtime to destroy his defiant opponents and those outspoken citizens of the Gambia like Mr Ebrima Solo Sandeng (who dares challenge his madness) before his last breath in power is extracted off him and taken away. So that people won’t able to laugh behind his back once he is folded and put in the dismay and disaster of like Saddam Hussain and many others like Gaddafie.

Mr E Solo Sandeng (RIP), but also Mr Ousainou Darboe and Co are not the first in Yaya Jammeh’s system of depredational creativity and predatory attacks. Nor and not to those who dare speak their minds in defending the truth and they won’t be the last in such unruly regards by Yaya Jammeh either fellows if people could but also see what is awaiting to befall on Gambians within the very little time that they barely have to act positively together and now. While still granted to happen therefore, but to do the right thing right here and for all deserving realities for Gambians own goodness, many would realise that talking tough alone is not and longer enough whereas moving actions are badly required.

Those Gambians of whom are still supporting Yaya Jammeh’s madness, I must say to you again that, you must stop the biasness of all kinds hence they are not eventful in difference whatsoever. Be aware of Yaya Jammeh’s undeclared agendas of perfidy while destine for our already weak Gambian Nation. They are nought indeed but pure harming to the very fabrics of the Gambia’s socialism (of tendered within the instances of civilisation caring for Gambians) and of already offended badly.

Like of all democratically indicted and at conviction or convention of all decent people and whereas should acts in terms of responsiveness to outcries for liberalism (intellectually independent, broad-minded, magnanimous, frank, open, and genial) to dominate the affairs without fail, people are obligatory to do more than just being at the presence of the awful cases like the ones in the Gambia without making difference accounts for something.

Please do the right things fellow Gambians but of deservedly in reality and in every intellectual realisation. But of instinct within all beings and understanding decency while you can but before all you could see in your feature is just a grave misfortunes. Or worse than the kind as could follow once you are presented before our LORD (Allah) in no doubt and as cannot be avoided.

Yaya Jammeh and his madness (I believe as far as your sense of correctness should be worthy of your approach like mine and opposing his oppression are), does not worth the least of a split second for burning in hell fire. No and nor should it worth much more of being therein forever. Please do not let your sense of judgement be too small with your wickedness of being stubborn in any case as burning in hell could be at your prospects if you should keep, but also failing to reflect ASAP for your self-esteems.

Your rewards would be of big delights for doing the right things and greater in hopes for your everlasting well-being surely. While your compensation for acting unselfishly would be over rewardingly possible for you and to the extent that, you would be wondering if such experience aren’t just in your merely of fantasies or only deep dreams.

May I urge you therefore fellow Gambian citizens, to keep in your self-discipline of expectancy by Allah in whose mercies you are still considered to be within the very spheres of HIS creation. Work with that of which is far giving in difference, of foremost and to broaden the sovereignty of our very Loved Nation (The Gambia). Keep to the freshening of such expectations at all cost while the love we are in with peace and stability should also remain vital and apparent. Let’s not only share the importance of what should bring us together as one normal citizens of the world, but must continue to prolonged such for our subsistence needs and also, as one people of moulded within the same practical and brolly of our Golden Gambianism.

Many thanks for your time.




  1. Can u please for God’s sake simplify and rectify your comments by yourself before ever sending it to kairo.without offending you,its realy difficult to decipher what u want to put across for even an intellectual to fully understand.thank you.

  2. Unbiased prince , no disrespect to you but I also find it very difficult to understand what you are trying to put across . As I start to read your article , I do not bother myself to finish reading. Please I would encourage you to visit public library or college writing center or get a friend to proof read your article before publication. I must say I am proud of you to present your view in the best way you can . We are all learning to be better writers . You are on the right track to improve your writing skills and I would encourage you to continue to write. Please consider my recommendations above . Thank you for your contribution .