GDF Salutes Generous Donors


Gambia Democracy Fund – GDF, would like to thank all our donors who dug deep into their pockets to donate towards events that have been ongoing since 4/14/16. With every movement, it is the will of the people that makes it successful. During this fundraising marathon, we have seen people donate multiple times! GDF in collaboration with Gambians, sought your help to stand up against the murder, beating and maiming of our INNOCENT brothers and sisters because PEACEFUL protesting is a fundamental human right.

Thus far, GDF has disbursed funds as follows:

• On 4/18/2016, GDF donated $500 to UDP. This amount was an urgent disbursement that came out of funds not associated with the current fundraising drive.

• On 4/18/2016 GDF disbursed $5000 to UDP

• 4/25/16, GDF disbursed $5,500 to UDP

• 5/11/16, GDF disbursed $5000 to UDP

• 7/1/16, GDF disbursed $3,470.02 to UDP

• The funds were used to mobilize protesters, help support innocent victims and their families. We are quite confident our donors felt the same sentiment.

Those who made this fundraising campaign successful should know that families of detainees received help with food and other basic necessities in The Gambia. Thanks for helping your fellow Gambians!

Every time UDP submits requests for disbursement of funds, GDF convenes emergency meetings to debate and vote for the release of funds. Our methodology includes asking UDP what the funds being requested will be expended towards. The reason behind this strategy is simply because GDF DOES NOT AND WILL NOT support raising funds for activities that involve violence. Thus, be rest assured that your funds will be used towards peaceful events like those happening in the Gambia right now. Although the Yahya Jammeh government is not democratic and has instilled violence on Gambian protesters, GDF strongly believes that the methods used in our fight through peace will prevail at the end. Your continuous help with donations will make our goal of restoring democracy in The Gambia come to fruition.

We pray for a Gambia where our people will live without fear. We hope for a Gambia where our people will live peacefully.


Gambia Democracy Fund – GDF


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