GDF Disburses Funds Again


Gambia Democracy Fund – GDF, would like to inform the public that on Monday, 6/13/16, the organization disbursed $1,000 to each of the families of those sentenced in Minnesota during the week of May 10th, 2016 (totaling $4,000.00). This amount is a direct donation from GDF.

As you are aware of the legal ramifications 12/30/14 comrades are facing, Gambians in the Diaspora reached out and collectively agreed that GDF should organize a fundraising drive to support the young families they will be leaving behind. GDF must make it clear that under no circumstance did these families request help. Gambians saw a need and decided to fill that void. Therefore, after Ramadan, GDF will be conducting a fundraising simulcast on the online radios – details will be posted on our social media pages. In the interim, we urge you to please donate to this worthy cause through the Gofundme attached to this press release. You may also contact GDF for other means of making a donation.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation.


One Comment

  1. A noble effort. An umbrella association like the GDF is crucial in channeling financial help to the efforts under to uproot impunity in our country.

    Let’s let ourselves galvanised in every kind and take part in the fundraising in the interest of our fellow citizens risking their lives for our collective salvation.