GDF Disburses Funds To Protest Victims

Press Release – Gambia Democracy Fund (GDF)


April 25th 2016

GDF Released $5500 to the victims of the Political Crisis in Gambia

When members of United Democratic Party and others took to the streets a week ago, the brutal regime of Yahya Jammeh responded with a callous wickedness, that even some of his toughest critics didn’t expect.

The Gambian people responded with overwhelming generosity to show their support for the gallant efforts being made by our brothers and sisters on the ground.

That fight still continues as the wrongfully detained citizens got dragged into court earlier today. We all have no faith in the legal system under Yahya Jammeh’s government, but we still have to let these events play themselves out.

Due to overwhelming need for financial and moral support for the victims and their families, the Gambia Democracy Fund is authorizing the release of $5,500, (D220,000) out of the generous support of Gambians to the United Democratic Party and other victims to help offset legal fees; direct support for victims’ families and other logistics to help our citizens continue to fight for the freedom and justice for all those detained and or killed.

These events are still unfolding and the fundraising activities are still ongoing. Your continuous support during this national crisis is gratefully appreciated. Please click on the link: GDF Gofundme @ to donate towards this crisis. You can also check our Facebook page for more information on how you can continue to help and share with others.

Together we can see our country through these crisis and secure the freedom and dignity of our fellow citizens.

Thank You
Gambia Democracy Fund


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