PDOIS Holds Convention


PDOIS is to hold a Convention on Saturday 19 March, 2016 at the Kairaba Beach Hotel commencing at 3pm.

The main purpose of the Convention is to formally declare Halifa Sallah’s candidature and receive his acceptance, pledges and policy statement as PDOIS’ Presidential Candidate for 2016.

PDOIS would appreciate the critical appraisal of the policy statement.

Halifa Sallah will convene a press conference for the national and international media immediately after the convention. He will also answer questions from the general public in the local languages at a rally to be held at the Bundung Six Junction behind Bitiki Yassin and adjacent to Nusrat Senior Secondary School on Sunday, 20 March, 2016 at 4pm.

Suwaibou Touray

Administrative Secretary



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    obviously pdois can’t do with any political party unless they have a free hand to dictate everything to the other parties. So this move is not a surprise.

    • Come on, now…coalition or not, parties will continue to be parties and carry with party activities…Halifa has touched on coalition in his address to Gambia University students…

      Apparently, the UDP is delaying the selection of a flag bearer because they are waiting to know “their faith” in a coalition, according to Lamin Dibba, UDP rep at the same venue…

      No disrespect to Mr Dibba, but I doubt his statement very much…I think many suspect why the UDP is delaying the selection of their flag bearer…

      We can only hope and wish the UDP a smooth succession process because anything else will be disastrous for the entire opposition.

      • Janjanbureh

        Bax, you cannot get your cake and eat too. What is disastrous is PDOIS going alone and getting their normal 3 percent. UDP will work with willingfil partners and win the elections while PDOIS will sink their head in the sand and regret their decision forever. The new boat is going with the peoples choice captain while PDOIS wants to be the captain without a captain license from the people. Let them swim on their own and drown in the sea.

  2. Lafia, just like you cannot join with any party unless you unconditionally lead that alliance bcus you are the bigger party.

    How does that sound?

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      super but mine is not a condition but a principle of legitimacy governing coalition politics the world over.

      • Legitimacy…! Based on what instruments, if I may ask..? Certainly, not past election results that are neither related, nor have any connections to alliance efforts….You got to be joking to call that a “Principle of legitimacy”…

        • Janjanbureh

          Bax, what other election results are we going to use other than the past? Please don’t be philosophical. We are tired of the Merry go round? Either you are in or out no bullshitting. Just be truthful that is all we are asking PDOIS to be.

  3. Janjanbureh

    Gambia, in a democracy the largest party with the most votes wins. Therefore, the person or the party that have the most support should lead or choose the presidential candidate. Elections are about numbers not a beauty contest. The option is that PDOIS has to shallow their pride and join the crowd to be led or do it alone and get the 3 percent votes as usually.

    • Sorry but that is a distorted understanding of democracy…The fact that the APRC is being challenged at every presidential election, despite their majority all the time, shows that you have a shallow understanding of democracy…

      Of course, majority choice is essential but it cannot stand by itself alone.Other factors must be present for that choice to have a democratic character…Yaya Jammeh CANNOT declare himself president in 2016, nor can.the IEC declare him president, based on results.of the last THREE presidential elections, though he won the majority in all three elections…

      So your claims are absurd, illogical and ignorant..In every case of coalitions, you will find other factors present, alongside the majority vote, in determining the manner, the form and duration of the coalition…

      • Janjanbureh

        Bax, I guess that is pseudo-Democracy when the minority party dictate the outcome of the selection of alliance candidate. Why did PDOIS add the word democracy in their name when they never want to accept the view of the majority? Simply they operate on three man poli-bureau. Please don’t try to schooled us again on democracy or anything because the PDOIS State University is not fully credited by anybody other than themselves.

      • Janjanbureh

        Bax, who said anything about APRC? Did you equate anything democractic in that party? It is completely a one man show at least PDOIS is a three men show. You need to stop finding excuses when everybody is watching.

  4. Janjang Bureh, just as in democracy, it is about numbers, it goes the same way that the numbers are about winning, not just count.

    In the same vain, when your numbers alone can never give you the win to state house, you should swallow your pride and compromise with all the key players you can’t win without. Otherwise, your so-called 17% will be as insignificant as ours.

    Unless you learn this basic tannnet of common ground n best workable compromise, you would be no less a dictator than Yahya Jammeh who equally believe in your same principle that its about numbers and he has that. He would therefore never entertain oppositions as Gambians gave him their mandate not them.

    By the way, you ple are always claiming that the results you quote are UDP’s. This is the most dishonest assertions and political insincerity. UDP had from inception been in one coalition or another. From PPP and NCP in 1996 and 2001 to NRP, GPDP and PPP in 2006 then with PPP and GMC in 2011. Unless you want to tell us that those parties had contributed nothing to your results when they joined you all these years.

    Why can’t we just stop being arrogant like the dictator we are trying to remove and act in good faith in the best interest of our crying nation?

    It is sad that while your party leadership is on the ground exposing the excesses of the Jammeh government, support like you are wasting valuable time blaming PDOIS as if that is the ruling party.

    We do not have time for that. We are busy selling our programs to the ple as alternatives to the current situation.

    On the other hand, pls tell Gambians what you are going to do with the leadership vacuum in your party. Until this very moment, you do not identify a flag bearer and a successor to Darboe who has expired constitutionally. You have not stated any position on coalition and unity other than let everyone forcefully and blindly join you without asking any questions. The same position that you had held the country at ransom for for 20 years. This is the very reason your so-called numbers had continuously been going down from 1996 to date. From 36% to just 17%.

    We on the other hand, had clearly stated our position as follows: “Let all parties engage the ple directly and broaden their base to win from the aprc and most importantly the silent majority. Once this is done, parties can come together to select the one who has the best chance of winning on a neutral banner on the basis of this”.

    What is your alternative????

    • Janjanbureh

      Did you say parties campaign to broaden their base? Gambia, you and PDOIS should stop playing games with the rest of us. For 30 good years, PDOIS as a party cannot hold on the existing supporters they have and bearly add few to their support base how the hell can they do it in 9 months or less. The best bet is working together inseption using the support base of the larger parties to win the undecided into the fold. It is a complete waste of time and resources and I see no hope in that strategic at all. Let the parties that can work together move on with their campaign because this time there is more hope than ever before. Keep hope alive.

  5. Janjang bureh, in your previous post you had claimed that there was no primary selection for Amat in 2011 amongst other things.

    This is the biggest lie I heard in this forum. A wise man says I don’t know. Rather than saying something he knows nothing about.

    I was at Atlantic hotel in Banjul at the signing ceremony which was followed by the convention the next week where Amat was selected. Other candidates were Henry Gomez and Assan Martin for your information. We still have their recorded speeches verbatim. If you need them, provide your contact details and well send them to you to enlighten yourself. Or you can reach out to Assan Martin and ask him as an independent candidate in that selection.

    In 2006, who were going to be voted for in that primary when those nominated, Darboe and OJ both left.

    For your information, Halifa never expressed interest nor was he nominated. In fact, the rule was that he as the coordinator was not going to stand nor was he going to support anyone. But when UDP n NRP unceremoniously left, there was a vacuum that compelled Halifa to stand as a presidential candidate for the first time in his career in politics. Pls learn.

    Thank you.

    • Gambia, stop misleading statement. where did you see or hear primary election in 2011? There was no primary election in The Gambia in 2011. Don’t confuse yourself. This is why I have been saying that pdois do not understand what a primary election is.
      Janjanbureh, please don’t waste your time. These people are only relevant online but on the ground, very few people knows they exist. Even in six junction or any where in Bundung, Halifa will not win again.

      • Janjanbureh

        Max, you are absolutely right. I have packed my bags and moving on. Even a concrete wall is far better to talk to than these indoctrine PDOIS disciples. They never accept reality even it is in front of their noses. No wonder.

  6. Wish PDOIS a successful convention and look forward to hearing the pledges and rally…

  7. Janjanbureh

    It is waste of time arguing with some of you PDOIS disciples because some of you are still in total denial of the truth. Gambians want a change of government but PDOIS is not their first option to vote for.
    Gambia, I have never said that Mr. Bah was not elected in your fake primary setup in which the man with one eye among the blind becomes the king. Why PDOIS never put a candidate in that primary? PDOIS needs to see what every patriotic Gambian is seeing which is the country needs to be rescue from this brutal maniac called Yaya Jammeh. Calling the color red as blue will not get us anyway but a stand still. Good luck Bax and Gambia, Continue your comparing and contrasting because the train is moving without you. Gambian people can decide their own faith come December 2016.

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