Where’s My Change?

Three starving men – an Afro-America, a West Indian and a Nigeria – lived together in London. They devised a plan to beat starvation. The plan was to eat at a nearby restaurant without paying a dime.  The Afro-American volunteered to go first. He ordered three food and drinks.

“Here is the bill on the table?” the waiter said.

“Listen, I’ve already paid you. Am I supposed to pay twice,” the Afro-Amerian shout.

“I’m confused because I don’t remember being paid,” the waiter said. For fear of causing trouble, he gave up and allowed the man to leave quietly.

The West Indian also entered the restaurant and placed an order.

“The bill is waiting for you when you’re done,” the waiter said.

“Hey! Is that supposed to be a joke? What an expensive one! I’ve already paid,” the West Indian yelled.

The manager of the restaurant intervened. He let the penniless guy leave without qualms to avoid upsetting other customers.

But another drama was waiting to happen. A Nigerian entered the restaurant and soon ordered the most expensive food and alcohol.

“Sir, I’ve been mired in confusion today,” the waiter told the penniless Nigerian.

“Go on, I’m listening with all ears,” ordered the Nigerian.

“I had earlier served two guys with food and drinks but they insisted paying the bills. But I couldn’t remember them paying.”

Before the waiter wrapped up complaints, the Nigerian interrupted saying, “I’m sorry to hear about your problem. That’s your own funeral, all I want is my change.”


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