She Can’t Keep Your Life

A man once had a chat with his spiritual leader and bluffed about his unshakable trust for his wife.”My brother, just be extra cautious because a woman will always be a woman,” the spiritualist warned.
“Meaning?” the man asked.
“No matter how you trust your wife, it’s ideal for you to draw some benchmarks. In essence, you can put a limit to that trust.”
The man added, “but my wife is special, she is different from all the women in the world. I don’t question her loyalty, I trust her to the bone.”
“Do you mean you trust her so much that you she can store your life safely – even in bad times?”

“Yes, she can do something more than that.”

“Give her this egg and ask her to keep it safely for you. Tell her that you will die if she breaks it. This will allow you to measure her loyalty.”

The man did as advised and life went on as usual. The relationship between the man and his wife later soured when he brought in a second wife.

“Now that you betray me it’s time for you to die,” the jealous wife said, smashing the egg.

Her husband rushed to inform the spiritualist about what had happened. “When will do I die now that the egg is gone? I’m confused and not knowing what to do.”

The spiritualist said there was no need to worry. “You will not die, I’m testing your wife’s loyalty and trust.”


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