‘Extremists Soil Image Of Islam’

Imam CeesaySuicide Bomb Threat

Looms Over Everyone

Gambian cleric has advised Muslims to distance themselves from the so-called Islamic extremists who are only “good at soiling the image of Islam and true believers.”

“These bunch of ignorant extremists today leave threats hanging over innocent people everywhere,” Imam Momodou Ceesay tells a Detroit naming ceremony. “Because of suicide bombers people today live in endless fear; fear looms over them even when they board means of transportation or go to coffee drinking shops. They think of being attacked by a suicide bomber.”

The Chief Imam of Detroit Islamic Center advises people to appreciate, guard and protect their positive cultures. “We have reached a point in which we don’t learn anything from others, we should understand that Allah created different nations, tribes and communities so they learn from one another. However, the best among them are the ones who fear Allah,” Imam Ceesay adds, blaming Mashallah brothers of condemning almost everything our ancestors leave behind.

Imam Ceesay, an almuni of Egypt’s respected Al-Azhar University, doubts the source of such condemnation. “What they preach is far from what we learn in school and at home,” he adds. “Muslims must not listen to those who source knowledge from the internet.”

Imam Ceesay says terror groups like ISIS are not doing anything new. “They are following the footsteps of their transgressed forefathers. These people are using Islam to settle their old scores, which is a grave sin,” Imam Ceesay says. “Whose war are they fighting when Allah says in the Quran that Islam will prevail over all other religions though nonbelievers hate it?” Imam Ceesay asks.

“Like the Israelites, these Middle East people have a long history of causing bloodbath. They are continuing the hatred their forefathers’ harboured against one another. Their behavior differs from what the Quran and Sunnah taught us. These filth started with their forefathers who killed each other based on sectarianism. They argue just like the Jews and Christians who both have their scripture. Their forefathers killed Caliphs Ousman, Omar and even beheaded grandsons of Prophet Muhammad. These extremists are doing the same aggression today,” Imam Ceesay says, describing these “extremists as different species of people.”

Imam Ceesay wants Muslims to follow the perfect Islam handed down to them by Prophet Muhammad, listen to sermons by their religious scholars and desist from following “empty brains on the internet. Ask our religious leaders and not what you see online,” he says.

Imam Ceesay says 90 of the suicide bombers are empty lots who have been brainwashed by others to blow themselves up. “They are products of public school education who cannot read or understand the Quran. God does not want anyone to kill a fellow human being. If you kill one soul, it is like killing the entire humanity. In fact, anyone who kills a Muslim believer recklessly will go to hell fire. These suicide bombers are killing everyone including Muslims. Allah advises us to protect our own lives, which makes suicide mission forbidden.”



  1. It’s a strange old world Ya-Imam, where nothing is what it seems…

    May Allah (SWT) continue to expose the hypocrites and their backers and make His deen triumph over all else…

    May Allah (SWT) protect humanity from the evil of the evil doers… (Aamin)

  2. Thank you Imam Ceesay for once again widening our horizon. Knowledge is power. Understanding the root cause of any story is paramount. I agree with you that these terrorists are nonbelievers.

  3. شكرا جزيلا لك، وفقنا الله وبارك الله فيك